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Rockin' Heaven Aka Rokkin Hebun

Guest puls707

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Guest puls707

hott bishies+cute girls = cutest storyline!RockinHeavenfull1355790.jpg

Rockin' Heaven is a story about a first year high school girl named Sawa Konishi who applied to Amawa Gakuen, an elevator school, only because it had cute uniforms. On her first day of school, she doesn't see any girls around, which confused her. Sawa then meets Akira Nagashima, a girl in her class who strives to be a mangaka. Sawa talks to her about how Akira was the first girl she met today, and Akira explains to Sawa that Amawa Gakuen use to be an all boys school and they had just started accepting girls this year! Sawa then meets Ran Matsuyuki, who gives her a kiss on her forehead. At first, Ran seems like a kind gentleman, but as Sawa's first day progresses, she realizes that her class is full of boys who don't listen to teachers and just wise off. She wants to make everyday of school fun, but can she with the now not-so-nice-Ran 'the leader' giving her trouble? At first, adjusting to life at the academy is tough. Sawa is bullied and teased, the boys in the class even throw her shoes in the water. While attempting to retrieve her shoes, she falls into the water and is unexpectedly saved by Ran, who up until this point has made her life hell. The newfound gentleness in Ran intrigues her-and she finds herself falling for him.

credits: wikipedia

Volumes: 8 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=3103



check out the hottness that is discoverable in this manga!!!!!!! muhahaha!!!!!!! ^^

check this series out online here:

OR download it here:

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ohh another manga i like.

i acutally enjoy every single of it. especially when Ran gradually realizes his feelings for Sawa

then again im hating Kido's sister. she has to stop putting words into Kido's mind.

he acted so scary on the cliffhanger.

and his sister too. augh... annoying. i hate antagonists.. LMAO.

oh well im still waiting for new releases <3

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i love this manga ^^ its so cute and the artwork is really good!

Ran is soo hot haha and my favourite couple is akira and that one guy with the glasses xD they're so perfect for each other lol

kido is seriously a wimp : P can't believe he let his little sister control him >_> no wonder ran got sawa first

his sister makes me laugh :lol: i can't believe she actually pushed him on the bed...wow...does she actually think he'll make her (a middle schooler lol) "a woman" hahaha

oh well...its a shoujo manga lol it'll work out in the end anyways xD

i really can't wait for the next release ><


for those of you who understand chinese/japanese...you guys can read the raws here -> http://mewteam2.altervista.org/rockinheaven.htm

its completed already ^^

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Guest Demllequ

thanks! i bought one of the ribbon manga magazines (not sure if it was ribbon) and this story was in it, though it was in japanese.

i'll take a look at these and read the ones in english

thanks for creating this thread!

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Guest supErnova1114

I'm currently reading this, I got to chapter 16, but then OneManga only had 16 chapters.

I heard that the actual manga has already been completed! =O

Does anyone know where to read this?

I really like it---the Ran guy is really, really hot. LOL.

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Guest x_Abbey-chu

i love rockin' heaven! <3 sawa is strange, joining a high school just for the cute uniform :lol: lol, and ran is so hot ;) this manga was so cute and funny, it definitely made me smile (: too bad it's not finished yet D: well, in mangafox anyway.

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

the plot sounds very very typical and average. head strong girl + tsundere guy + school setting...

but yeah, i don't read shoujo anymore because of this reason. oh well... i'll read this when i can find it >.<

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