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Vampire Knight Pairings


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Guest amydien

KANAME x YUUKI all the waaaaay! XDDDDD :wub:

oh, and LOL at the Zero x Kaname pairing...that would be lovely though! :lol:

Seems like VK is getting popular in this forum....haha..


Haha, on a second thought....I could have voted for Zero x Kaname....who needs Yuuki when you can have 2 hotties as a couple?! :lol:

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I generally don't post much in this section but I had to show my support for...

Zero x Yuuki <333 Chyeah, hahaha. Zuuki -- that's cute ~ ^^*

And the Zero x Kaname pairing, xD That one's not bad either, lol.

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Guest loosuhh4life


but I keep having thoughts that Yuki will end up with Kaname..

It's killing me waiting for the next season in October...

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Guest DreaminG24se7en

i kno aye!! the next season is in oct. NOOOOOOOO its too far away!!! TT_____TT

ahaha DANG its a hard decision between kaname&yuki AND zerO&yuki!!

i dont kno huu i wan yuki to be with...so my final desicion is.........

**drumrolls** ZERO AND KANAME!!! woo that would b a :crazy: pairing!! ahahha joking joking

i hOpe she ends up with zero!! <--- theyre a cute couple...but so is kaname&yuki...OMG im going in circles!!

arrr watever I DONT CARE!! as long as she's with one of them im fine ><!!

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Guest Nightmare

I've only watched the anime.... But I have a feeling that in the long run, Kaname & Yuki will end up together. If Kaname doesn't end up with Yuki, then I sense total chaos: He's going to start a war with humanity. Zero is more interesting right now, but he's filled with too much angst. Zero will end up pushing and hurting those close around him, if he never sovles his issues. Personally, Yuki is too selfish, weak, and naive to be with anybody. She needs to grow up. Hopefully, in the 2nd season she finally does.

So my votes goes for Kaname & Zero! :lol:

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Guest Mirae-chan

Yuuki and Zero for me. Kaname is creepy imho. =X And I don't care if it's "normal" for siblings to be like that if they're pureblood vampires, I just find it wrong.. even if Kaname's not really her brother but is? I'm so confused @_@;;

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Guest ~fantasygurl~

i really love the pairing couples: zeroXyuki because to me they belong together (yes, i'm singing the song)

i root 4 them all the way!

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Guest severus

Zero X Kaname would be HEAVEN to watch,

but I still wanna see Zero win the girl, so Zero X Yuuki >_>.

though i really do want to keep Zero to myself

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