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[non★clubbox Links] Read The Rules!

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hi mika,

just wanted to let you know that i have a sendspace account so the links provided will not expire after seven days. hope its alright with you ..here's ep 12 of IRRLY :

Ep 12 LQ ( thanks to chacha03 and creidesca for the links)


flyfany89, thanks you so much for Fireworks link since i have been looking for it like a lunatic and waiting for ep 2...welcome to the team....

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Mika, sorry for being so late w/ the latest episode of Sang Sang Plus.

here it is ~

Sang Sang Plus LQ 060509 : http://www.sendspace.com/file/h88rep

i just read your post about Sendspace links...thanks for the heads up...i'll upload onto MU from now on. ^_^

also, is no one uploading Come to Play? if no one is uploading that i can upload it. ^_^

bbasya! :lol:

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Bad Family

english hardsubbed,

eps 01-07, MQ








credit to WITH-S2 and me :)

sorry, the above links are not available anymore since my FF account has been blocked. Bad family english hardsubbed version, MQ

eps01-09 are available at



but, they are @Clubbox. I have no plan to upload to other direct link place, so i don't know whether i should delete this post or not

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omo! Mika, i totally forgot to switch over to MU for uploads...lol, here's another Sendspace link...it'll be my last uploaded onto this server for now. lol

Soulmate EP09 LQ: http://www.sendspace.com/file/iz8klh

such a good sitcom...i'll be uploading this every week since i'm now following it too. :lol:

and i'll be uploading Come to Play too. seems you don't have the past two week's episodes as well...i'll try to upload and catch up to this week.


p.s. are we supposed to advertise the links in the main k-drama forums in their respective threads? i'll be happy to do that just so people know that these links are available. but if not, that's okay too. ^_^

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hehe just to fulfill the request, i put this list together of the episodes i've uploaded. mikaney330, maybe it will just be easier if you put a link to this post and i can update it every few days? it's probably too much of a hassle for you to update into the 1st post...


EPISODE 107 megaupload.com

EPISODE 108 megaupload.com

EPISODE 109 megaupload.com

EPISODE 110 megaupload.com

EPISODE 111 megaupload.com

EPISODE 112 megaupload.com

EPISODE 113 megaupload.com

EPISODE 114 megaupload.com

EPISODE 115 megaupload.com

EPISODE 116 megaupload.com

EPISODE 117 megaupload.com

EPISODE 118 megaupload.com

EPISODE 119 megaupload.com

EPISODE 120 megaupload.com

EPISODE 121 megaupload.com

EPISODE 122 megaupload.com

EPISODE 123 megaupload.com

EPISODE 124 megaupload.com

EPISODE 125 megaupload.com

EPISODE 126 megaupload.com

EPISODE 127 megaupload.com

EPISODE 128 megaupload.com

EPISODE 129 megaupload.com

EPISODE 130 megaupload.com

EPISODE 131 megaupload.com

EPISODE 132 megaupload.com

EPISODE 133 megaupload.com

EPISODE 134 megaupload.com

EPISODE 135 megaupload.com

EPISODE 136 megaupload.com

EPISODE 137 megaupload.com

EPISODE 138 megaupload.com

EPISODE 139 megaupload.com

EPISODE 140 megaupload.com

EPISODE 141 megaupload.com

EPISODE 142 megaupload.com // sendspace.com

EPISODE 143 megaupload.com // sendspace.com

EPISODE 144 megaupload.com // sendspace.com

EPISODE 145 megaupload.com // sendspace.com // f-forge.com

EPISODE 146 megaupload.com // sendspace.com

EPISODE 147 megaupload.com // sendspace.com // f-forge.com

megaupload uploaded by me, dled from creidesca or sylver's CB

sendspace & fileforge links uploaded by jina_bing_bang

some of these were uploaded a while ago...i hope they're still active...

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lol no problem mikaney330! yes, i will be updating with new episodes. :)

Sunday Sunday Night Geomsaekdaewang 060507


(it's not on the list but i saw the thread for this and it looked interesting so i upped it ^_^)

i tired one of the new uploading sites cause mu didn't work for me yesterday. it seems to work pretty well but it took a while to upload.

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