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[movie 2008] Crush & Blush / Miss Carrot 미쓰 홍당무

Guest huangsy

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Guest huangsy

Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Jong Hyuk, Suh Woo, Hwang Woo Seul Hye
Debuts 16 Oct 2008.

Comedy drama genre.

Director : Lee Kyung Mi

Cast : Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Jong Hyuk, Suh Woo, Pang Eun Jin, Hwang Woo Seul Hye

Official site : http://www.misshong2008.co.kr/index.htm

Related movie sites :


Link to photo gallery :


Link to trailers :




Won BEST NEW DIRECTOR and BEST SCREENPLAY at the 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards 2008

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Guest huangsy
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Thanks Huang for the thread! Appreciate it very much!

GHJ is so cute, just wanna pinch her blushing cheeks! Good for her, the poster is really eye-catching! :lol:


August 12, 2008

Crush & Blush (Misseu Hongdangmoo) starring Hyo-jin Kong opens October 16th

Posted by luna6


One of the best young Korean actresses working today not named Du-na Bae or Na-yeong Lee is Hyo-jin Kong. She’s already set to appear in the upcoming summer blockbuster “Dachiwama Lee” and will have one more film coming out this autumn titled “Crush & Blush” (Korean title “Misseu Hongdangmoo”).

The principle cast for “Crush & Blush” includes Hyo-jin Kong, Jong-hyeok Lee, Seo Yu, newcomer Seul-hye Hwangwoo, and Eun-jin Bang. The film is directed by first time feature-length film director Kyoung-mi Lee. There’s also a strong Chan-wook Park connection with “Crush & Blush” as well. Chan-wook Park worked as the film’s producer and the film was produced by Moho Films (company that also produced Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance).

In “Crush & Blush” Hyo-jin Kong will play Me-sook Yang a former high school Russian language teacher, but now middle school English teacher (a language she doesn’t even understand). Furthermore Me-sook has a a blushing problem that turns her face crimson red. Me-sook is also in love with Mr. Seo, another teacher at her school. She is crushed when she discovers that Mr. Seo is having an affair with the Russian women who took her original high school job. Even with her disappointed feelings she still doesn’t give up hope on Mr. Seo. In fact she enlists the aid of his teenage daughter Jong-hee, a student at their middle school, to help break up their affair. More problems then occur for the ladies.

Source: lunapark6.com

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August 15, 2008 [ChanMi's movie news]

Kong Hyo-jin, ugly picture brings out the true actress!


Kong Hyo-jin is a true actress.

Many actresses would like to come out pretty and fashionable all the time. They would hate to ruin their perfect image with an ugly picture. However, Kong Hyo-jin is not afraid! Because she is an actress who imitates different people from different worlds!

Her new movie "Miss Carrot" has released their poster. Kong has a red face and a frown without any makeup. She has transformed into an unattractive character.

However, despite the 'ugly picture', fans applauded her for her acting and boldness.

Her character is a 29 year old teacher of Russian language who thinks that she is not attractive so she doesn't care of herself. Although she may be unattractive, she seeks to be loved and is unafraid to fall in love.

This movie will be released this October 16th.

Source: cynews.cyworld.com via hancinema.net

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Guest vkkkim

Guess that Mr. Seo is Lee Jong Hyuk. And Kong Hyo-jin . . . Two of my favourite actors. Hope the movie is going to do well, and look forward to the release of its DVD.

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Thanks for starting the thread, huangsy :)

Looks like the official international title is Crush & Blush though, not just the latter word. And I think 'carrot' is a mistranslation; apparently 홍당무=hongdangmu means 'blush' (so I guess maybe it should be "Miss Blush"?--which makes more sense in the context of the film). (ETA: Mianhae, huangsy was right, I was wrong. :sweatingbullets: Carrots are all over the website lol)



CRUSH AND BLUSH. ("Hongdangmu") Director Lee Kyeong-mi graduated from Seoul Foreign University with a degree in Russian and later entered the Korean Academy of Fine Arts where she created several respected short films (including the wonderful Feel Good Story) before graduating in early 2004. Afterwards, she worked on the set of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance in addition to continuing to direct her own films. She is now working on her first feature film starring Kong Hyo-jin (Family Ties, M). Kong plays a girl who has a crush on an older man played by Lee Jong-hyeok (Radio Dayz, Mr. Socrates). In order to get into his favor she befriends the man's daughter who is an outcast among her peers. Suh Woo (My Son) plays the daughter and Bang Eun-jin (301/302, Road Movie) also takes a prominent role. This drama is being produced by Park Chan-wook's production company Moho Films.


Expect the unexpected from Park Chan Wook

January 8th, 2008 // by javabeans

Stylistically forward director Park Chan Wook has made a name for himself both domestically and internationally with such films as Oldboy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Cyborg Girl, and JSA (Joint Security Area). Gong Hyo Jin was most recently in the acclaimed 2007 drama Thank You and won a Korean Film Award for her supporting role in the film Happiness, and her resume is full of noteworthy roles, including but not limited to Ruler of Your Own World, Sangdoo Let's Go To School, Taekwon Girl, and A Good Day to Have an Affair.

And now they join together in Park's newest film: "an unconventional comedy film made by unconventional people," Hongdangmu, or loosely, Scarlet Blush (Gong Hyo Jin's character is an unpleasant sort whose face is always flushed red). Gong's character tries to deter the attentions of a man who harbors a one-sided affection toward her (actor Lee Jong Hyuk of A Dirty Carnival, Green Rose, Crazy in Love), and enters into a wary alliance full of ulterior motives with his loner daughter in order to ward him off.

Billed as a provocative screwball comedy, the film began filming on the 6th and is based on a multi-award-winning short film, How Is It, Whatever It Is, by director Lee Kyung Mi in her debut directorial project.


Poster shoot --> v.cute

Streaming | DL | DL | mms://media1.maxmovie.com/movieinfo/image/av/Maxhongdangmu_0812.wmv

YTN Star news (8.18.08): Streaming | Download --> GHJ cracks up when she has to say 'Nice to meet you.' :lol: Although she studied high school in Australia, it seems she never really became fluent in English. In "Guns & Talks" her English pretty much sucked too (and I say that with a great deal of affection :P because it made her crying scene with Won Bin wayyy funnier).

ETN news (8.29.08): Streaming | Download

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^ Thanks for the highlight, melusine. :wub: Crush and Blush sounds groovy cool! :blush:

Whoops.. I'm truly fooled by the image above. Thought that we could just click on the VOD and see it streams. *now rubes the one blushing*


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Main poster [via CNBNews]


Teaser trailer:







--> Love how the teaser uses Sympathy for Lady Vengeance music (inside joke maybe? Lee KyungMi worked on SfLV and its director Park ChanWook produced this film). I hope GHJ goes GeumJa on their asses bwahahahahahaha

<Stills moved to page 5>

OMG I had no idea Bong JoonHo (acclaimed director of The Host/Memories of Murder/Barking Dogs Never Bite) would have a cameo in this! Hell, I didn't know Bong JoonHo could ACT. :lol:

Whoops.. I'm truly fooled by the image above. Thought that we could just click on the VOD and see it streams. *now rubes the one blushing*


LOL, too! Sorry bout that, rubie. It happens to the best of us. ;)(I've removed the img tags now so as not to confuse anyone else) At least I'm sure you blush much prettier than our poor Miss Hongdangmu.

And much thanks to Amaryllis for the Ent Relay clip *yay, something in English~*

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Gosh.. I sure want to see Dir. Bong Joon Ho act, too! :P Cool guy!

Thanks Amaryllis for the clip and melusine for the website update, Miss Carrot is going to be awesome! :lol:


August 25, 2008

Joon-ho Bong debuts as an actor in “Crush and Blush”


We’ve already reported on the upcoming comedy “Crush and Blush,” but we didn’t tell you about the cameo appearance featured in the movie by Joon-ho Bong. In case you haven’t watched a Korean film in a longgg time, Joon-ho Bong is the director responsible for such films like “Barking Dogs Never Bite,” “Memories of Murder,” and the highest grossing Korean film of all time .. “The Host.” Bong also directed Yu Aoi and Teruyuki Kagawa in the anthology film “Tokyo!” that just hit Japanese theatres two weeks ago.

Bong’s appearance in “Crush and Blush” will be a brief cameo appearance having only one spoken line. Interesting enough his one line will be spoken in English. The scenario works like this: In “Crush and Blush” Hyo-jin Kong plays Me-sook Yang, a former high school Russian language teacher now relegated to teaching English to middle school children. Making things more difficult for Me-sook Yang is that she can’t speak a lick of English herself! Thus, Me-sook must attend English language classes herself at a private institute. In the private institute Me-sook runs across Joon-ho Bong’s character, a normal salaryman type of guy, who asks in English “What subjects are you teaching in school, now?”

There’s also a fellow by the name of “Chan-wook Park” listed as the movie’s producer. “Crush and Blush” should be good. Look out for it in October.

Source: lunapark6.com, image from yonhap via empas.com

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August 27, 2008

PARK Chan-wook and BONG Joon-ho support KONG Hyo-jin


Celebrated director PARK Chan-wook's first effort as a producer is the comedy-drama Crush and Blush. KONG Hyo-jin plays the titular character, a marginalised woman whose head easily turns red. Her love for a man played by LEE Jong-hyuk is unrequited. But the teacher doesn't give up that easily.

First time feature film director LEE Kyeong-mi is at the helm of the project. She has experience directing short films. Crush and Blush is scheduled for a October 16 release.

The film gained more publicity when a cameo of director BONG Joon-ho (The Host) became known. BONG appears as an office worker who takes English classes at a language institute together with KONG's character.

KONG Hyo-jin is currently in cinemas with RYU Seung-wan's parody Dachiwama Lee. She broke through with supporting roles in the youngster films Volcano High and Conduct Zero. She also starred in LEE Myung-se's M.

Credits: Yi Ch'ang-ho (KOFIC)


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September 4, 2008

Park makes debut as producer



Filmmaker Park Chan-wook has made a debut as a producer for the forthcoming film "Miss Hongdangmu," raising expectations about his versatility.

The movie, directed by Lee Kyung-mi, portrays a 29-year-old Korean woman who teaches Russian in school, but confronts a slew of obstacles in her life, partly due to a frequently blushing face.

The title, "Hongdangmu," means a red radish in Korean, and it refers to a Korean expression linking the color of the vegetable with a person who blushes scarlet.

"This is not a movie about great action or massive sets. What the movie can show, though, is people, and my confidence in the movie lies in the talent of the actors," Park told reporters at a news conference held in Seoul on Wednesday.

In the movie, Gong Hyo-jin plays Yang Mi-suk, the central character who stumbles into one frustrating situation after another. Gong said when she first saw the movie's promotional poster, she was surprised at her own face.

"I was worried about the character's initial image that is far from attractive, but I later realized my character is strangely appealing," Gong said.

Gong, a leading Korean actress, is widely regarded as a fashionable star. But the movie portrays her as not-so-fashionable, which might intrigue her fans.

The movie involves the trouble-laden life of Yang Mi-suk, especially her fruitless searches for true love. Director Lee said the character of Yang Mi-suk suffers a variety of complexes, including her red-colored face, obsession about her health and the serious lack of confidence in herself.

"The character represents a person who can be found everywhere in Korea, and I believe audiences will sympathize with her struggle," she said.

Park Chan-wook, who is now working on his next film, "Thirst," said he experienced the difficulties of financing movie.

"There is a big difference between producers and directors. When my position was director, I was thankful about all the money, big and small, coming from producers and investors, but when I became a producer, I felt sorry about the insufficient funding for the project," Park said.

Park said the movie's central character is highly unique.

"I think Yang Mi-suk in this movie is unprecedented in the Korean movie history, and Gong Hyo-jin's acting shows a lot of subtle emotional variations, which are deeply entertaining," Park said. He also makes a cameo in the movie.

Lee Jong-hyeok, who plays opposite Gong in the movie, said Korean men in their 30s might find the movie particularly interesting, without elaborating on the plot twist.

Director Lee attracted media spotlight in 2004 for winning awards at the country's major short film festivals, and her first feature-length film, to be released on Oct. 16, is expected to showcase her talent.

By Yang Sung-jin (insight@heraldm.com), images from empas.com


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9/3/08 - "Crush & Blush" production meeting/press conference (제작보고회) held at 11am in Artsonje Center, Jongno-gu, Seoul. Producer/co-writer Park ChanWook, writer/director Lee KyungMi, Gong HyoJin and Lee JongHyuk presented their film to the media via trailers and a special video which included interviews with the cast and crew, behind-the-scenes footage, and a few scenes from the movie.







mms://jmedia.joins.com/jmedia/jtv/movie/2008/09/20080905175525703.wmv [Movieweek]

[YTN Star|DL] / [Joy News|DL] / [SPN Chosun|DL] / [dailian.co.kr] / [Yonhap] / [Go News]




<More pics+news here>


[Chuseok Greetings] c/o Yonhap

in order of appearance: "Kingdom of the Wind" cast (Song IlGook, Jung JinYoung, Choi JungWon, Park GeonHyung), So JiSub, Jung JaeYong of DJ DOC, Lee SooYoung, Solbi, Kim SooRo, "Tazza" cast (Kang SungYeon, Han YeSeul, Jang Hyuk), "Modern Boy" cast (Kim HyeSoo, Park HaeIl), "Crush & Blush" cast (Gong HyoJin, Lee JongHyuk), Park ShiYeon, Kim DongHo (PIFF festival director), "Happiness" cast (Im SooJung, Hwang JungMin).

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About Movie - Synopsis





About Movie - Hot Issue






About Movie - Production Note




About Movie - People















#1 Wallpaper 1024x768 / 1280x960 / 1600x1200

#2 Wallpaper 1024x768 / 1280x960 / 1600x1200

#3 Wallpaper 1024x768 / 1280x960 / 1600x1200








Pls credit me for the screenshots above^ when taking out of Soompi, and DO NOT hotlink

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Theatrical trailer:


mms://media1.maxmovie.com/movieinfo/image/av/Maxmisscarrot_trailer.wmv [MegaUpload]




Belly dancing rehearsals:






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Music Video "나도 공주가 되고 싶어" lit. I Want to Be a Princess (a.k.a. 공주송 Gongju Song lit. Princess Song)

[News / News]






It sounds like a mariachi band. :lol: And it's cute that there are lyrics onscreen ala karaoke. :lol:


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[Movieweek] <미쓰 홍당무> 촬영 현장 삼매경-‘양미숙의 험난한 하루하루’

지금껏 이런 여자 캐릭터는 없었다. 시도 때도 없이 빨개지는 얼굴에 텁수룩한 머리, 촌스러운 옷까지. 거기다 매일 화만 내고 신경질을 부린다. 제대로 비호감인 양미숙의 활약을 담기까지의 과정도 순탄치 않았다는데, 이경미 감독과 공효진이 전하는 엽기발랄 폭소만발 촬영기를 들어보자.


1. 얼굴 빨개졌던 크랭크 인

왕따인 양미숙은 어떻게 해서든 수학여행 단체사진에 나오고 싶은 마음에 점프를 감행하는데 결국 우스꽝스런 모습으로 찍히게 된다.

이경미 감독 says 영화 속 빨간 분장은 심한 정도에 따라 1부터 5단계가 있었는데 이날은 단연 5단계 분장이었다. 크랭크 인 첫날부터 최고조로 빨갛게 분장해서 효진 씨가 많이 속상했을 거다.

공효진 says 이 사진을 보니 도망가고 싶다. ㅜㅜ 그런데 이날 스태프들이 나한테 너무 미안해했다. 내 눈도 못 마주쳤다. 혹시 너무 흉해서 쳐다보기도 싫었던 건가?

2. 박찬욱 감독, 지나가는 행인 되다

수학여행 단체사진 촬영 전, 셔터를 누르는 순간 지나가는 행인 하나가 카메라 시야로 불쑥 나타났다가 사라진다.

이경미 감독 says 첫 촬영 구경 나오셨다가 나한테 발목 잡히셨다. 계속 안 한다고 하셨는데, 효진 씨 연기 보시고 완전 좋아하시길래 분위기 틈타 다시 한 번 부탁드렸더니 깜짝 출연해 주셨다.

공효진 says 아주 잠깐 출연하시지만 역시 포스가 남다르시더라.


3. 한겨울, 삽질의 추억

짝사랑하는 서 선생과의 만남을 학생들이 의심할 것이라 착각, 죽어라 삽질을 하면서 대화를 이어나가는 양미숙. ‘삽질의 여왕’다운 면모를 여실히 보여준다.

공효진 says 땅이 얼어서 삽질을 하려니 정말 죽을 맛이었다. 잘 파지지도 않고 또 내가 평소에 삽질을 해봤어야지…. 감독님이 직접 시범을 보이셨는데 안 힘드셨나 몰라.

이경미 감독 says 내가 원래 힘이 좀 세다.^^;

4. 사심 가득한 동맹, 추위도 이기다

예쁘다는 이유로 사랑받는 이유리에게 서 선생을 빼앗기자 분노한 양미숙은 서 선생의 딸인 종희를 꾀어내어 구덩이 앞에서 이상한(?) 동맹을 맺는다.

공효진 says 이날 진짜 너무너무 추웠다. 빨간 얼굴은 분장이 아니라 추워서 얼굴이 빨개진 거였다.


5. 회사원 봉준호?

인기가 없다는 이유로 고등학교 러시아어 선생에서 중학교 영어 선생으로 좌천된 양미숙. 생전 영어를 모르고 살았던 그녀는 수업을 위해 새벽반 영어 학원에 다닌다.

이경미 감독 says 한 줄 대사지만 너무나 열심히 연기해 주신 봉준호 감독님의 모습에 감동했다.

공효진 says 조는 연기를 하는데 고개를 뒤로 젖히는 모습이 스스로도 너무 웃겼다. 그래서 NG를 많이 냈는데, 정말 미안했다.

6. 피부과에서 정신과 상담하기

얼굴이 빨개지는 안면홍조증을 가지고 있는 양미숙. 치료를 위해 피부과를 찾았는데, 정신과에서 늘어놓을 법한 잡다한 이야기들로 ‘박찬욱’ 선생을 괴롭힌다.

이경미 감독 says 제작자, 지나가는 행인, 그리고 비록 명찰로만 등장하지만 피부과 의사 이름까지 1인 3역을 해주신 박 감독님께 다시 한 번 감사드린다.

공효진 says 피부과 박찬욱 선생 역의 배성우 씨 얼굴만 봐도 왜 그리 웃기던지. 지금 봐도 웃음이 나는 장면 중 하나다.


7. 빵과의 사투

서 선생의 일거수일투족을 감시하느라 눈코 뜰 새 없이 바쁜 양미숙은 점심을 간식으로 해결한다. 빵을 쟁취하기 위해 선생이라는 위상 따위 무시하고 학생들과 경쟁을 벌인다.

공효진 says 아, 이날 진짜 힘들었다. 우리 영화는 액션 영화도 아닌데 왜 이리 힘들었는지 몰라. 웬만한 액션 영화 못지않았다.

8. 양호실에서 잠자기

학교에서 무전취식하는 양미숙은 양호실에서 잠깐 눈을 붙이는 것으로 수면을 해결한다.

이경미 감독 says 이때 효진 씨 진짜 잠든 걸로 기억하는데, 촬영이 많이 힘들었나 보다.^^;

공효진 says 눕자마자 정말 스르르 잠들었다. 24시간 계속 촬영했으니 힘들지 않을 수가 없었다.


9. 뛰고 또 뛰고! 추격자 양미숙

이유리와 서 선생이 만나는 장소에 대한 결정적인 증거를 포착한 양미숙은 무슨 일이 있어도 이것만은 막아야 한다는 마음에 급하게 달려간다. 그리고 이날 밤 모두에게 잊지 못할 사건이 벌어지고 만다.

공효진 says 이날 열 번은 넘게 뛰었다. 발목도 삐고 여러모로 힘든 촬영이었다.

10. 닭발이 너무해~

양미숙은 건강염려증이 있어서 몸에 좋다는 음식을 유달리 챙겨먹는다. 특히 피부에 좋다는 콜라겐이 가득하다는 닭발은 최고의 애호 음식.

이경미 감독 says 이날 효진 씨가 정말 고생했다. 닭발을 못 먹는지도 모르고 다른 건 준비도 안 했었기 때문이다. 그런데 진짜 좋아하는 것처럼 맛있게 잘 먹어줘서 고마웠다.

공효진 says 태어나서 닭발을 처음 먹어본 거였다. 진짜 닭발을 주실 줄이야...


11. 머리 감을 시간도 없었어요!

양미숙의 적수 이유리는 서 선생 앞에서 양미숙이 자신의 집에 침입해 수도세도 안 내고 살았다며 망신을 준다. 이에 발끈한 양미숙은 씻을 시간이 없어서 머리도 학교에서 감았다며 항의한다.

공효진 says 생각하면 생각할수록 웃긴 장면이다. 상대방을 공격하는 내용이 너무 유치하고 치사해서 대사를 할 때마다 얼마나 웃었는지 모른다.

12. 애들아~ 첫사랑 얘기 해줄까?

중학교 영어 교사로 좌천된 첫날, 학생들이 제일 좋아한다는 첫사랑 이야기를 꺼내는 양미숙. 학생들이 일제히 “아니요”라고 대답하자 당황하여 얼굴이 홍당무가 된다.

이경미 감독 says 아마 저때 효진 씨 얼굴이 진짜로 빨개졌던 게 아닐까?

공효진 says “애들아~ 첫사랑 얘기 해줄까?”라는 내 대사가 끝나자마자 학생들이 “아니요”라고 말하고 일제히 고개를 숙이는데, 연기지만 정말 너무 창피하더라.


13. 촬영장의 귀염둥이, 서우

장난기 가득한 표정으로 슬레이트를 들고 있는 서우. 촬영장의 활력소로 불린 그녀는 살인 애교로 스태프들의 인기를 독차지했다고 한다.

이경미 감독 says 평상시에는 저렇게 천진난만한데 슛 들어가면 놀라운 집중력을 보여줘서 깜짝깜짝 놀랐다.

공효진 says 이번 영화를 하면서 서우랑 정말 많이 친해졌다. 촬영 끝나고도 계속 생각나고 보고 싶더라. 정말 내 친동생 같다.

14. 박찬욱 감독이 뽑은 명장면

단 한 순간이라도 사랑받고 싶고, 사랑해 보고 싶었던 양미숙이 아름다운 미소를 드러내는 이 장면은 제작자인 박찬욱 감독이 관객들에게 ‘강추’하는 장면이다.

이경미 감독 says 이 장면 찍을 때 정말 마음이 찡했다. 효진 씨 최고!

공효진 says 나도 가장 마음에 드는 장면 중 하나다.


15. 장난꾸러기 청일점

양미숙의 지독한 구애 때문에 괴로운 서 선생 역의 이종혁. 그는 특유의 쾌활한 성격과 유쾌한 입담으로 분위기 메이커 역할을 톡톡히 했다고 한다.

이경미 감독 says 처음 봤을 때 종혁 씨는 굉장히 댄디한 분인 줄 알았는데, 소탈하고 유머러스하더라. 청일점으로서 인기를 한몸에 받았다.

공효진 says 종혁 오빠는 틈만 나면 저렇게 장난을 치더라. 그런데 아무리 소품이라지만 여자 팬티를 갖고 저런 포즈를 취하다니! 극 중에서 양미숙한테 받은 스트레스를 저렇게 풀었던 게 아닐까.^^;

16. 양미숙의 휴대폰

왕따인 양미숙은 어떻게 해서든 수학여행 단체사진에 나오고 싶은 마음에 점프를 감행하는데 결국 우스꽝스런 모습으로 찍히게 된다.

이경미 감독 says 짝사랑하는 서 선생에게서 문자라도 오지 않을까 싶어 양미숙이 한 번도 손에서 놓지 않던 휴대폰이다. 나름 여성스럽고 싶어 화려한 꽃무늬를 넣은 것이 양미숙스럽다.

공효진 says 나는 이 휴대폰만 보고 있어도 양미숙의 마음고생이 느껴져서 슬퍼진다.

2008-10-06 윤서현 기자

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[Chosun Ilbo] Low Budget Films Gaining Popularity

With a growing number of big productions struggling to make a hit at the box office, the trend in Korean movies is to make quality films on low budgets.

The horror film "Death Bell" released this summer was made at a low cost but managed to attract 1.5 million viewers, twice more than the 700,000 it needed to break even.

Another low-budget film "Rough Cut" featuring two A-list actors debuted just last week and has already been seen by over 1 million people.

And some highly anticipated films made on a tight budget are about to hit theaters. Starring Jeon Do-yeon, who won the Best Actress Award at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, and well-known actor Ha Jeong-woo, "My Dear Enemy" was made for just W2 billion ( US$1=W1,149).

Up next are "Truck," a thriller that cost W1.8 billion, and "Miss Carrot," made on a budget of a mere W1 billion.

Industry analysts say although these movies are made on a low budget, their strong storylines are earning rave reviews.

Korea's movie industry has been stuck in a rut lately. But with the continued success of low budget films it could be ready for a comeback.

Arirang News

[Twitch] Low Budget the New Answer for Chungmuro?

It’s pretty nice hearing expensive films like 놈놈놈 (The Good, The Bad, and The Weird)—17 Billion won for production only—manage to break even while maintaining quality, but the future for Chungmuro and its horrible 2008 might actually be on the horizon: low budget films with acclaimed stars.

We talked a little about Jang Hoon’s quite promising 영화는 영화다 (Rough Cut) starring So Ji-Seop and Kang Ji-Hwan, and this is perhaps the best recent example. Critics liked it a lot (think like a “Kim Ki-Duk meets Ryu Seung-Wan” vibe and you’re just about there), and despite not enjoying the ridiculously wide release of the aforementioned kimchi western, it did open over 450 screens, and already sold 1 million tickets. Now that would be nothing particularly special, if not for the fact the film cost a mere 650 million won (the two stars invested their fee back into the film). This, in layman’s terms, means in a mere fortnight the film made 10 times its initial budget, passing its break even point in the process—which obviously includes the very expensive marketing fee, usually around 1.5-2 billion per film, but considering the 700,000 tickets needed, probably closer to 1 billion here.

Think that’s over? No way. Lee Yoon-Gi’s upcoming 멋진 하루 (My Dear Enemy) has Jeon Do-Yeon and Ha Jung-Woo, but merely cost 2 billion; the next film by Kim Ki-Duk with Lee Na-Young and Odagiri Jo, 비몽 (Sad Dream), not surprisingly cost 500 million won; the maligned thriller 트럭 (The Truck) with Yoo Hae-Jin was under the 2 billion, and the (based on trailers, and perhaps the fact Park Chan-Wook helped writing it) insane 미쓰 홍당무 (Crush and Blush) just one billion. Won’t be good news for those looking for bombastic blockbusters and their inflated budgets, but it might just be the future for Korean cinema.

[Daum] [NewsEn]

[sBS News] '저예산영화'들의 성공…한국영화계 희망 봤다

[Movieweek] 하반기 한국 영화 20 지식 IN①-10월 개봉 영화 Q & A

- 미쓰 홍당무

감독 이경미 | 주연 공효진 이종혁 서우 황우슬혜 | 개봉 10월 16일

Q 왜 제목이 <미쓰 홍당무>인가요?

A 시도 때도 없이 얼굴이 빨개지는 안면 홍조증을 가진 29세 노처녀 러시아어 선생 양미숙(공효진)을 은유적으로 표현한 것이다. 또한 같은 학교에서 제일 인기가 많은 이유리(황우슬혜) 선생에 대한 피해의식, 무조건 몸만 챙기는 건강 염려증, 첫사랑이 자신을 쳐다만 봐도 자기를 사랑한다고 믿는 과대망상까지 ‘미쓰’(Miss)의 연속인 양미숙의 인생을 뜻하기도 한다.

Q 양미숙은 왜 자꾸 삽질을 하나요?

A 삽질은 크게 ‘땅을 파는 행위’와 ‘어처구니없는 행동’이라는 두 가지 의미를 지닌다. 양미숙은 고등학교 때 선생님이자 첫사랑인 서종철(이종혁)과 대화하기 위한 위장술로 삽질을 이용한다. 둘이 대화를 하고 있는 모습이 혹 의심을 받을 것을 염려한 그녀는 운동장 한가운데를 삽질하면서 그에게 다가가는데, 그 모습이 더 눈에 띄어 말 그대로 ‘삽질’을 한다. 뭔가 잘하려고 열심히 하는데 하는 일마다 삽질을 일삼는 그녀의 성격을 여실히 드러낸다고 볼 수 있다.

Q 대단한 카메오들이 숨어 있다는데, 누군가요?

A 봉준호 감독과 <미쓰 홍당무>의 제작자이기도 한 박찬욱 감독이 등장한다. 이경미 감독의 끊임없는 러브콜에도 불구하고 연기를 못한다는 이유로 출연을 고사했던 박찬욱 감독은 현장을 방문했다가 양미숙이 고등학교 시절 수학여행 사진을 찍는 장면에서 지나가는 행인으로 깜짝 출연한다. 반면 봉준호 감독은 시나리오를 읽고 굉장한 호감을 보이며 출연을 자처, 양미숙과 같은 영어학원의 직장인 수강생으로 출연해 단역치고 꽤 많은 양의 대사를 소화한다. 또 <올드보이> <친절한 금자씨> 등을 촬영한 정정훈 촬영감독도 카메오로 등장한다.

Q 이번 영화에서 공효진은 얼마나 망가지나요?

A ‘패셔니스타 공효진’은 잊어라. 양미숙이 되기 위해 얼굴은 화상을 입은 것처럼 빨갛게 분장하고 촌스러운 옷과 부스스한 머리, 신경질적인 말투로 완전 무장했다. 제작보고회에서 공효진 스스로 “24시간 내내 화를 내고 신경질을 내야 해서 몸이 많이 힘들었다. 그러다 보니 주름살도 늘고, 친구들도 내가 이상해졌다고 하더라”고 말했을 정도다.

[indieWIRE] DISPATCH FROM KOREA | Pusan Festival Opens Huge Event, but Sees the Sky Falling too

Far more commercial, but still as divisive, is Lee Kyoung-mi's buzzed-about comedy "Crush and Blush," about a woman whose high school crush on a teacher develops years later into near obsession and her efforts to entangle herself into the lives of the man's wife, his daughter, and his lover. With an "Ugly Betty"-esque lead performance by Kong Hyo-jin, the film wears its comedic sensibilities on its sleeve, reveling in the neurotic behavior of its anti-heroine while flying the flag high for put-upon outsiders everywhere. Not everyone is in on the joke though; for every admirer of the film, there seems to be a detractor. It has gotten people's attention however, and, at an event as massive as Pusan, there's something to be said for that.

--Doug Jones, indieWIRE

Meanwhile, I must confess to being a huge fan of the film Crush and Blush, though I guess most viewers will hate it. Filled with shrieking and hysterics, it is nonetheless the most original film Korea has produced in years. --Darcy Paquet, Koreanfilm.org


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