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[drama 2006] Mr. Goodbye 미스터 굿바이

Guest tjadl6386

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Guest tjadl6386
[KBS] Ahn Jae Wook, Lee Bo Young
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0031.489.th.jpg KBS2 Drama: Mr. Goodbye (미스터 굿바이)

AKA: Wild Beast and the Witch or The Beast and the Witch (야수와 마녀) Replaces: Spring Waltz (봄의 왈츠) Airing Data: May 22, 2006, Monday-Tuesday Drama Genre: Romance/Comedy Official Site: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/goodbye/index.html Olive9 Site: http://goodbye.olive9.com/main/main.asp 0008.37d.th.jpg Story: Yoon Hyun Suh (played by Ahn Jae Wook) is an adoptee who grows up in the United States. He becomes successful as a top manager of a hotel chain. He is assigned to do business in Korea. He falls in love with Choi Young In (played by Lee Bo Young), a sassy concierge from the hotel he is assigned to. There is trouble still looming because Kang Soo Jin (played by Oh Yoon Ah) who is Hyun Suh's close friend. She is a single-mother to a young boy. The three become entagled in this love triangle. Main Cast: 0010.1e1.th.jpg Ahn Jae Wook (안재욱) as Yoon Hyun Suh (윤현서) 0011.74a.th.jpg Lee Bo Young (이보영) as Choi Young In (최영인) 0009.bff.th.jpg Oh Yoon Ah (오윤아) as Kang Soo Jin (강수진) 0032.514.th.jpg Jo Dong Hyuk (조동혁) as Ka Il/Kyle (카일) Supporting Cast: Kim Gi Hyun (김기현) as Park Yang Soo (박양수) Jung Sung Mo (정성모) as Kang Chul Goo (강철구) Kim Gwang Gyoo (김광규) as Kwon Bok Haeng (권복행) Ahn Sun Young (안선영) as Wang Chan Song (왕찬성) Kim San Ho (김산호) as Kim Dong Rae (김동래) Lee Won Hee (이원희) as Oh Joo Eun (오주은) Lee Hee Do (이희도) as Young Gyoo (영규) Lee Hye Sook (이혜숙) as Mi Hee (미희) Jo Dal Hwan (조달환) as Jae Dong (재동) Jo Young Shik (조영식) as Jung Goo (정구) Ro Ni/Ronnie(로니) as Huh Jung Min (허정민) Kang Yi Suk (강이석) as Yoon (윤) Staff/Crew: PD: Hwang Eui Kyung (황의경) and Ham Young Hun (함영훈) Writer: Seo Suk Hyang (서숙향) Preview: mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/event/2tv/dra_goodbye/prev00_m.asf Downloads: Clubbox: * http://clubbox.co.kr/LaFeBY * http://clubbox.co.kr/krcity * http://clubbox.co.kr/japaneseguy * http://clubbox.co.kr/SkaraT * http://clubbox.co.kr/creidesca * http://clubbox.co.kr/iyagi * http://clubbox.co.kr/kdwluverz * http://clubbox.co.kr/kohj09 * http://clubbox.co.kr/sylver Megaupload: All Episodes are available here: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=52856 Search for this extract string Mr.Goodbye MMS: * Episode 1: mms:// * Episode 2: mms:// * Episode 3: mms:// * Episode 4: mms:// * Episode 5: mms:// * Episode 6: mms:// Subtitles: English Subs Available @ d-addicts (All 16 Episodes): Mr. Goodbye English Subs Vietnamese Subs Available @ d-addicts (All 16 Episodes): Mr. Goodbye Vietnamese Subs Ratings: * Episode 1 (May 22, 2006): 8.9% * Episode 2 (May 23, 2006): 9.6% * Episode 3 (May 29, 2006): 8.8% * Episode 4 (May 30, 2006): 8.8% * Episode 5 (June 5, 2006): 9.2% * Episode 6 (June 6, 2006): 10.4% * Episode 7 (June 19, 2006): 10.8% * Episode 8 (June 26, 2006): 10.9% * Episode 9 (June 26, 2006): 16.7% * Episode 10 (June 27, 2006): 12.2% * Episode 11 (July 3, 2006): 11.0% * Episode 12 (July 4, 2006): 12.1% * Episode 13 (July 10, 2006): 11.0% * Episode 14 (July 11, 2006): 12.0% * Episode 15 (July 17, 2006): 12.7% * Episode 16 (July 18, 2006): 13.6% Soundtrack: 01. 한지원 - 한걸음 반 Han Ji Won - Han Geol Eum Ban Link 1, Link 2 02. 이수훈 - Good Bye Lee Soo Hoon - Good Bye Link 1, Link 2 03. 유해준 - 천국같은 너 Yoo Hae Joon - Cheon Gook Gat Eun Link 1, Link 2 04. 정시로 (뱅크) - My Love Is Alone Jeong Shi Ro (Bank) - My Love Is Alone Link 1, Link 2 05. 배혜정 - 널 보낸 후 Bae Hye Jeong - Neol Bo Naen Hoo Link 1, Link 2 06. 서준 - My Heart Seo Joon - My Heart Link 1, Link 2 07. 버블 시스터즈 - 다시 웃는 날 Bubble Sisters - Da Shi Oot Neun Nal Link 1, Link 2 08. J-Han - 가슴에서 소리가 나 J-Han - Ga Seum Eh Seo So Ri Ga Na Link 1, Link 2 09. 김시진 - 그대를 사랑합니다 Kim Shi Jin - Geu Dae Reul Sa Rang Ham Ni Da Link 1, Link 2 10. 성호용 - 하루가 Seong Ho Yong - Ha Roo Ga Link 1, Link 2 11. 김경인 - Good Bye (Piano Version) Kim Gyeong In - Good Bye (Piano Version) Link 1, Link 2 12. 최성권 - Lounge Choi Seong Kwon - Lounge Link 1, Link 2 13. 최성권 - Blue Ocean Choi Seong Kwon - Blue Ocean Link 1, Link 2 14. 최성권 - Bridge Choi Seong Kwon - Bridge Link 1, Link 2 15. 최성권 - Latin Theme Choi Seong Kwon - Latin Theme Link 1, Link 2 16. 박준수 - My Heart (Guitar Version) Park Joon Soo - My Heart (Guitar Version) Link 1, Link 2 17. 최성권 - Perfume Choi Seong Kwon - Perfume Link 1, Link 2 18. 최성권 - S-Theme Choi Seong Kwon - S-Theme Link 1, Link 2 19. 최성권 - Section Theme Choi Seong Kwon - Section Theme Link 1, Link 2 20. 최성권 - Title Theme Choi Seong Kwon - Title Theme Link 1, Link 2 * credits go to TwitchFilm, Soompi's News Thread, eFanGuide, Empas, Yahoo! Korea, Naver, Koreanwind, TNS Media, Picshome and The Image Hosting * Thanks to asterionlhs and ay_link @ d-addicts for the update about the synopsis. * Thanks to Shirley & samsoon for the links to the soundtrack. * Thanks to WITH S2 for subbing the drama.

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Guest conduongmuathu

Dear tjadl6386

I'm currently waitting this drama

Although I dislike K-romatic comedy drama. But I must watch this drama because of our princess^^

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Guest sylver

Sounds like a romantic comedy to me... is it? :huh: Vengeance seems more tragic than comedic. Love Lee Boo-young in Last Dance and Suh Dong.... Great to hear she has a new drama. ^_^

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Guest tjadl6386

I hope this does better than Spring Waltz in terms of ratings but this will be one of drama that I will surely be downloading. Hope Ahn Jae Wook's will be as funny in this as he was in Oh Pil Seung Bong Soon Young. I am looking forward to seeing Lee Bo Young in this series.

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Guest tjadl6386

Sounds like a romantic comedy to me... is it? :huh: Vengeance seems more tragic than comedic. Love Lee Boo-young in Last Dance and Suh Dong.... Great to hear she has a new drama. ^_^

Yeah its a romantic comedy. It probably something to the tune of Sang Doo! Let's Go To School. Hopefully with a good ending. I just hope the story doesn't get too cliche. Hope this gives me good laughs like Oh Pil Seung (Ahn Jae Wook surely made me laugh out load every episode).

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Guest tuna_madunna

The other name for this drama is Wild Beast and the Witch?? hahaha..! hope this will be funny.. even the title sounds funny..! hahaha..! we'll be waiting..!

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aww, ahn jae wook in another drama!!!!!! heheheeh but what?! his divorced wife raised their child on their own and she comes back for revenge?! :o sounds scary ^^!!


we are looking for an uploader for this drama

HERE @ [nonclubbox] thread!!

*please post in thread if you're interested, THANKS!!

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Guest conduongmuathu

Trans: Contents of the Asta TV magazine : The Beast and the Witch

Source: www.ahnjaewook.org

Credit: www.leeboyoung.cn

Who might die, if his heart beats over, met a girl, who shook his heart from the very bottom.

For the success he has the " dual life", his love changed him to get rid of his "dual life". It's romantic and comic drama.

Every 5 years, his heart - disease returns to give him the destiny to die. " Yoon , Hyun - Seo(AJW)"

From the out side, he is very positive, powerful to do his work, good mannered, and a man as himself. But his real character is different. Narrow minded, loving girls too much, and having an obsession about the health and hoping to live without any disease.

With firmed face and unsuitable words, She is cute lover. "Choi, Young-In(LBY)"

She recommends to suicide him by making love, if he must die. With her he will make a Romantic and comic love story.

In addition to that, the most famous tour city, Las Vegas's scenery can be seen. To the viewer, it was one more reason to enjoy this drama. And the special job of hotel, which is a personal secretary of hotel guest 'Concierge' might add to your amusement.

An Jae Wook /Yoon , Hyun - Seo (Age : 30, male)

Three secrets of this man : an annual salary, making love, heart.

First !

His annual salary is raised always, so he doesn't know it.

Second !

Never count the frequency of his making love. Last 5 years, he never did it. If he did, he never kept his life.

Third !

His heart is working good now. But after 150days, it must be stopped. .

He worked at the Head quarter of World wide Hotel 'M' in New York, and came to Korea as the president of 'M' Hotel Korea. He was adopted to USA when he was 4 years old. So he is all-alone.

Of course his work was not easy in the beginning.

He broke the unwritten law to fall in love a guest of hotel, but he lost her by the 911 terrors. After that he was left out.

Being survived as the Hotelier life

Privileged as an Asian, and he kept his life too perfectly. He never got the friends or colleague, just had some enemy or rival. From that time, for himself from others' view, he hid his real character, timid, cowardly, distrustful, and showed them himself as nice, good, well trained man. So these differences of two characters between real and image , was bigger and bigger.

Like that 5 years have passed. He is successful man, and he got the recognition of his ability. So he wants to have a party , but nobody can be called. Supposed to that, you went to top of the mountain and shouted "yahoo", but nobody listened.

He is still tense to the operation, which he was got 5 years ago.

The most important term was 5 years, so he got the check up every 3 months not for retuning of this disease, after 5years he can live as other people. During this time, making love can be caused to his heart attack. It has 50% of dieing possibility. So he could not fall in love, as time went by. According for that, he became the top of his work, but felt lonely.

"I think about it for a long time, and it was bull i can't read that I got many girls in my life. I never have had a real love.

A Romance with a man , who has limited life by the big operation of heart. But the so called "sad story, " must be reborn a new story.

Hyun-Seo never took off his pants, even though it is too hot. Why? He just wants to live long.

Making love is still dangerous.

Never with this girl ( sorry for call-girl) to die?

But if I love a girl , whom I can give whole of my life­

Today I passed the moment already , so I can't give my life to this.

Lee Bo Young /Choi Young Ine(Age 27, female)

"Are you Korean?" Suddenly, this girl broke the mood and said. She was just happy to see the Korean people and Korean Words.

But Hyun-Seo (AJW) answered. . "I'm American(in English)"

"Never~ Your look and way of talking , you must be Korean..."

She said with the world cup motto " Dae~hanminkook" but the man didn't have any change in his face. Out of luck. This guy.


It can be regarded as a secretary of hotel guests. If the guest wants to know where to go, what to eat¡­They must reply to the question, and translating, baby-sitting, and being a private detective¡­They must do whatever their guests want. They can get a golden Key from World Concierge Association if they are proved to be qualified. Wherever you go, if you find the concierges with a golden badge , you can ask them whatever you want. In Korea, we have only 10 concierges.

Wild beast & the twitch VODs



Source: www.leeboyoung.cn

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Guest tjadl6386

Thanks 7colours!

I was not at home for a while and I was waiting for the website to open. I'll put that on the 1st post.

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Guest mangosteen

Wow, great news! I love Ahn Jae Wook for long. He has his own charisma although he doesn't appear much nowadays. But Lee Bo Young's acting skills are so-so. I would wait and see.

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