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Guest lynnshim

does that mean they are going out? Since when? my eric

^ They have been going out for a while now.. havent they?? Yeah over a year...

i like her shoes... they deserve to be happy

^ same here ^^

Is she the one that's a former Ms. Korea, or did he break up with her aready?

yess. that is her. she is a former miss korea (:

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Guest pink_is

O_O *fans everyone else* Eric's probably very happy with PSY, who is probably a lovely lady ^___________^


[Although I can't lie - him and Hyori would be :w00t:!... But who are we to tell him what to do :lol:]


i think hyori and eric would be too perfect together..

or..hyori might outshine eric, and no body would want that.

they look cute together from the side.


i don't really like Park Si Yeon

but if eric is madly, deeply in love with her, than go for it.

they kinda match. lol.

i wish eric went with someone else though..T__T

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Guest elmmmo_

they take such big steps lol

i think they look good together

eric deserves to be happy

and if being with her makes him happy then : )

i still have my junjin <3

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Guest bitterbetty

OMG....... ::sweaty palms:: lol this is sooo hard to see.. hahah NOooooOO .... arggh... eeeehhh mixed feelings... LOL


gosh now im just sad haha cant get over it!!!! at first i kinda accepted her now i just dont like herrrrr arggHHHHH hahaa gosh im so jealouss but still gahhh !!!

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Guest SE7ENsyuhja

YAY! Finally a pic of them together ^^

I think they look really nice together ^^ In my opinion, I hope they stay together a long time.

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wow . first time seeing that.

ehh dont like her truthfully.

i liked her till my girl. she picked the rong role for her first drama.HAHA. =)

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Guest CaLvIn_n_HoBbEs

they're pretty cute together...i love her bag...it's balenciaga...or it looks like it...O__O. good luck to the both of them

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Guest mzclumzie

wow~ finally i see a pic of them together ... i think is nice they are going in public now ...

pretty random but do you think that they take big strides when they are walking? just wondering ...

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