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Ann Cassandra


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New Manga!
Ann Cassandra



Bekku Nanaki is mirror clairvoyant. She moved to Tokyo from the countryside to escape calamities she sees. There she witnesses an accident on the road by a mobile fish vendor who saves her life from being crushed by a billboard from above.

The next day, he turns out to be Banjou Kizaki, her classmate and a student held back due to him being involved in incident and accidents that others attribute to him being unlucky. His eccentric behavior, however, catches her attention which he explains as changing the future...

This is a great manga! It's brand new, only four chapters have been released in Japan and only 3 have been scanlated. It's off to a very good start because the characters are very likable and the plot runs deep...I can't wait to see more!

Volumes: 2 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=30612

Just give it a chance! You won't regret it.

I wonder if the manga will ever explain the unique name, Ann Cassandra?


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This manga is now completed if anyone is interested!

They indeed explained the name 'Ann Cassandra' as the plot developed.

It's not a long series (2 Volumes only if I'm not mistaken) and I liked the ending. I thought they could have canonized the main couple better...but it's okay! =)

Give it a try!

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