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Jung Ji Hoon * 정지훈 * 鄭智薰 * (aka Rain/Bi / 비 / ピ)

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Guest kairu

Noty noty Kairu :rolleyes: But me likey ^_^ Bring back good memories of Pluie's avatar.

You brought back the V-line pic!!! :lol:

Jen, I love the wallie~ :wub: and the avie's so cute ;)

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Guest `soliloquy

Some stuff still in my photobucket account








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Guest Naoise

Gosh soompi is moving so fast, I visited some other threads for a minute after I posted here, and when I looked Bi on second page already. Everybody are busy building up their threads as well I guess. Aja2 girls!

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starting all over again however, we are able to see lotsa repost of bi's HOT pic!!!!

it is not too bad neway =P

thanks for sharing everyone^^

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Guest evercute

Whoa, 13th page already? You guys are amazing O_O;

Sucks that everything has to be started from scratch. There were some really good pics in the last thread. Ah, well. Bring on the new Bi pics :D

Anyway, Bi rocks ^^

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Thank you everyone for participating...

Bi words... to Japanese fans

*RAIN reads his letter to CLOUD Japan

"I was so nervous. In fact I couldn’t sleep last night. The thought of

meeting all of you in Japan made me so happy that I couldn’t sleep.

Here I have written down my thought to deliver my heart to you.

The first thing came to my mind is, ‘Thank you!’ And I wanted to meet you as

soon as possible.

Since I still feel that I do not deserve all this, I rather feel sorry for

you to come all the way to see only one person, me.

This encourages me to work even harder and harder from now on.

I think working hard is the only way to return my love and gratitude to

you for your unconditional love and respect toward singer RAIN.

RAIN will try not to disappoint you!

I will always do my best to make you proud of being a fan of singer RAIN.

I feel so nervous, yet I feel extremely happy; I hope you feel the same way.

Like lovers meet for the first time and want their love last long, I hope you

can feel my heartbeat and turn this thrill into greater love.

Actually I want to say thank you to each one of you by looking into your eyes,

but it is impossible because of the limited time. But, I’ve just sent my greetings

to you telepathically. (With the hand gesture)

All right? Thank you!

You didn’t feel it? (Again with the hand gesture) Of course you’ve felt it this time!

I will never forget today.

If you promise me that you will be with me from now on…

Promise? (Gesturing with his pinkie)

Thank you!

That’s all!





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Guest sheivar

Saw some familiar nicks.....

Evening bam, sheila, jacky and to the rest of biers...:D

Geez.. let me first go back to my books first.. gotta finish the chapters first...aishhhhh

bam..... wat are u doing ??? geez..gosh.... :P

hi rach!

how are you doing?

take care! :D

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Guest rainy


credit: Rain International

very cutie.... !! :rolleyes:

thanks for sharing



Naoise ----- No hi for you... but some wet kisss........... muah muah muahhh

Let post some hot stuff..... :lol: I know some hate this


:ph34r::P :P :P


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MBC Norewah Translation:

edited parts pertaining to BI only:

Bi: This is the most memorable mistake I made. Since I really like to dance, I was a backdancer for Pak JinYoung before debut. I have always like to jump up and come down so one time when Pak JinYoung was bending down, I jumped up (on a 2 floor stage) and then I was thinking, "I should have landed by now" but I haven't landed yet. And when i've looked down, I realized that the stage height came to be 3 metres. So I thought, "oh I should come down now" and came down but as I landed my knee collided with my nose. And I have to continue dancing, I just can't stop so with my fingers I blocked my nose. If I just plug my nose, the blood will drip down to my hand so as I blocked my nose(holes) with my fingers, I danced with one hand.

DW: (not sure, couldn't hear well) So did Pak Jin Young give any kind of reward?

Yoo Jae Suk: So what kind of dance was it?

Bi: It was for Pak Jin Young's song, " But I already have a girl".Sometimes when you're dancing you forget so when I was using my right hand to stop the bleeding, I forget and use it to make a dance move then wipe with my other hand. And a dancer beside me told me that I was like a true professional


Bi - telling the story ... :lol:

BaekGga: Is he? I don't know..when he calls me, he does it like this, "Hyung!" *Bi's imitation*

Kim Won Hee: okay one more time please. This time, Capture Bi with the camera and just hear Baekgga's voice.

*Bi lipsyncs to BaekGga's voice*

BaekGga: We were done practicing our dance routine..that time I was a backdancer for him so we were close friends. And it was early morning when we decided to go watch a movie. But this is when Bi was still new.

Bi: What story are you going to tell?

Shinji: Truthfully, we (koyotae) heard this story recently and we laughed so hard.

Yoo Jae Suk: Oh now we're really looking forward to this.

BaekGga: Don't worry, it's not a strange story, it's funny. So we were going to watch a movie but Bi said, "Hyung. I don't feel well. I'll come back from the pharmacy." So he comes back from the pharmacy with a face mask. I thought that since people would recognize him, the mask is a disguise so I understood. Usually when you put on a mask to disguise yourself, it covers your whole face except your eyes. But Bi wore it under his mouth and on his chin. So as I was waiting in line to buy tickets for the movie, Bi was walking around nearby. And then someone would say, "Excuse me, are you bi?" and he would immediately reply, "yes, you're right."

Yoo Jae Suk: It's okay, when you're a new singer, it's understandable.

Dongwan: It's okay, we've done that too.

BaekGga: And then once inside the theatre room, he takes off the mask saying it's hot. I remember that event clearly.

Bi: Whoo....No..I mean..No.. wait I'll start over. I'll explain..I have never wore a mask in my life.

BaekGga: That's a lie.

Bi: I mean truthfully I can't remember well..fine..let's just say I wore the mask. Okay I wore the mask

Yoo Jae Suk: You didn't wear the mask, you just let it rest on your chin. So you didn't lie about never wearing the mask.

Bi: And when someone asks me if I'm Bi, I have never said, "Yes, you're right."

Yoo Jae Suk: Then what would you say?

Kim Won Hee: That is correct.

Bi: Yes..Yes..Yes you're right..I mean!

Kim Won Hee: It's okay, you are unhappy when unrecognized.

Yoo Jae Suk: That's right, it feels good to have people recognize you.

Embarass Bi - laughing.



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From Bi’s house…self camera


Translation ---

Bi: “Yes, this is my home. My true lodgings. This is my house. Whenever I finish my

schedule, I come here and go to sleep. This is my room…I’ll show you around.

Tada…that’s my bed, and that’s a Bi calendar. This is my TV which I always enjoy watching.

And if you look over here, you’ll see a secret door. What is this place? It’s where I

keep my accessories and my collection of design books. If I were to explain each

accessory…there are sunglasses here and my necklaces. And now, onto the living

room…no..yes, onto the living room. Tada, someone drew this for me and gave it

to me as a gift. Isn’t it drawn well? These are my parents’ wedding pictures.

It’s hard to show them to you any closer. The one on the right is me when

I was in junior high school. This is where we cook in our house! Yes, it’s the kitchen.

What could be in the fridge? Nothing. In the freezer. Ahew, only healthy foods…ginger tea,

dates. What is that? Looks like hot bean paste…and this is my herbal medicine.

My health hasn’t been too good these days so I’ve been taking herbal medicine. Ok,

now let’s look at the living room again…there’s an air conditioner. This is the kind

of car I really want to buy later. It’s a hummer. It’s my dream car. And another point

of pride…if I were to explain each award… top newcomer award (singer)…best new actor

award…and another newcomer award here, most popular, and also top 10 newcomer award,

etc.etc…many trophies…I think I’ve received too many awards…all I can think to say is

thank you to my fans whenever I look at my awards.


The bathroom right next to my room

looks like this. Here are the products I use to take a shower and my electric toothbrush.

My fans gave that to me as a gift. Tada, here also are my shower stuff. Q-tips, and you

can see my razor, right? The razor is an expensive one. Oi!! Here’s a familiar face… Here,

you see my hats and my various winter clothes. And my belts. Yes, so how was it? This is

what my house is like. And what else can I show you guys? I’ll go looking… (caption says,

In the process of looking…). This picture here is of JYP, my director and me in a limo in

the US. I had been invited by a promotion company so I’m on my way there in the limo and

we took a picture in the car holding up wine glasses and other things. This picture I

shouldn’t make public but the two women…the one of my left is my noona who takes care

of things for me in the US and the one on my right is my coordinator noona. Aren’t

they both pretty? They don’t have boyfriends. Introduce them to guys you know please.

And this picture…this is from Universal Studios. Cha Tae Hyun and I took a picture with

Shrek. And this picture is from the time I used to do TaeKwonDo. This is in Japan. All

these people are KaRahDae (??) players. So I remember training with them. It was quite

hard… Ahew, it was so cold…but look at my kicking pose. How cold must my feet have been?

Really, after this we took our shoes off and ran in the snowfield. It’s really hard to do.

I’m going to publicize my topless picture…tada. I think I look like a Hong Kong actor

in this picture. This was in Malaysia. I was on vacation there. This picture here was

when I did my first game show with ParkKyoungRhim. We took a picture together. It’s

already been about a year and 5 months since my debut. (with the breathing mask)

My throat has not been good lately so I’ve been receiving some treatment. And with this,

Bi’s self-camera has ended for today.

credits to p_ballereena of soompi forums for the translation, and lovelee

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Guest pinkjiawen

ayu!!! whatevah happened to son_yejin? :P

now I'm starting to like these whole starting a new thread thing!!! cos now people aren't so overwhelmed to come in here!!!


my fave!










like everybody else, I'm posting pics from my photobucket too! :P

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Guest airan

so excited for his new series!

Bi, fighting!

the grunge look made him more sexy and hot...

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Guest rainy


he has got a very nice side view too =P


credit on pic | naver

Thanks for sharing :D

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