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Jung Ji Hoon * 정지훈 * 鄭智薰 * (aka Rain/Bi / 비 / ピ)

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[SBS Star] RAIN Leaves the Cutest Comment Under a Video of Kim Tae-hee




Singer RAIN left the cutest comment under a video of his wife actress Kim Tae-hee. On November 29, Kim Tae-hee's manager shared a video of the actress on his Instagram. It was a video of Kim Tae-hee taken on that day in Jamwon-dong, Seoul, attending one event held by a cosmetics brand.

In the video, Kim Tae-hee gets out of her van and walks towards a press wall in a gorgeous blouse and skirt. This marked Kim Tae-hee's first public appearance since she gave birth to her second child back in September.

The comment section flooded with compliments regarding her captivating beauty. Out of thousands of comments under the video, one of the comments caught the attention of everyone, and that was a comment made by RAIN. RAIN had written, "Wow, who is this actress? She is beautiful!" with a heart emoji next to it.

Lots of people laughed hard after seeing RAIN's playful comment that demonstrated his great love for her. (Credit= 'jiujitsu_moon' Instagram, SBS funE) (SBS Star)


credit : SBS News

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*** Wherever RAIN is now he has worked hard for it. :P





J.Y. Park says he knew Rain would be a superstar the moment he saw him




Play J.Y. Park
on Apple Music

J.Y. Park talked about Rain.


J.Y. Park was the legend featured in the November 30th episode of 'Immortal Song'. After he saw Rain's "How to Avoid the Sun" being performed, MC Shin Dong Yup told him, "I heard that when you saw Rain, you knew he would be a top star." J.Y. Park confirmed and said, "It was scary how certain I was."


He further said, "He had a great height, dance, and voice. He thought he couldn't sing, but his voice was so good. I didn't want him to know how excited I was, so I was strict to him for a while."





source : allkpop

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***  RAIN was in Sanya, China on November 30 for a company event, which took place December 1. -  “Magic Show” - Promotional Events for Advertising Models - His message................. :P




credit : Raincloud10

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*** RAIN posted these slide of pictures 5-days ago. It seems like he's a doing a CF. He was filming inside the bathroom......... It's pretty beautiful. Can’t wait for this. Ohhh...............is that Gori? Why was he there? I guess he's part of the CF, too.............. :P





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Super cute! Rain posted rubber shoes on IG and almost accidentally revealed the photo of Kim Tae Hee and his 2-year-old daughter




Rain, Kim Tae Hee's undisclosed wedding photo




Netizens found that Rain accidentally took a photo of his wife and daughter. (Photo / recaptured by rain_oppa IG)




Rain used this photo when his eldest daughter was born. (Photo / recaptured by rain_oppa IG)






South Korea’s first natural beauty, Kim Tae Hee, and Heavenly King Rain have been married for two years. In the same year, they gave birth to their eldest daughter. In September this year, they ushered in their second daughter. After the marriage, the couple has been very low-key. He commented this on the video of Kim Tae Hee - "Who is that actress? She's beautiful." Yesterday (December 3) Rain was in the IG showing his Nike Air rubber shoes. Netizens found that Kim Tae Hee and his eldest daughter were in the frame for the first time. The mother and daughter hid behind each other and waited for Rain to take a good picture.



In July this year, two sweet photos of the couple who were never exposed at the time of marriage were circulated online. In September, she gave birth to their second daughter and they became a family of (3). Just last month, her company label confirmed that Kim Tae-Hee is about to return to the TV after 5 years on hiatus to do the drama, "Hi, Goodbye, Mom". Kim Tae-Hee has confirmed this and very excited.



In February of this year, Rain was on the show "Knowing Brothers." Rain denied the rumor of an impending marriage with actress Kim Tae-hee during the show's episode and he pretended to be a "fake bachelor." At the end, he said -”I cherish her very much, so I want to do it."



Rain, who rarely talked about his family, but last month, to support his wife, he left a message in the video of Kim Tae Hee, which he rarely does, "Wow, who is that actress. She's beautiful." Yesterday, Rain shared photos of the new Nike Air rubber shoes on his IG. Netizens noticed that while taking the photos at home, pictures of his eldest daughter and Kim Tae Hee was almost accidentally captured.  One was hiding near the wall and the other was curiously looking at Rain. The sock photos when his 1st daughter was born have been shared in his IG before. This time, the photos of the wife and daughters are very rare, which the fans wish to see.







source : (China Times Newsletter)









超可愛!Rain曬鞋 意外首揭金泰希和2歲女兒生活照


網友發現Rain意外公開妻女合影。(圖/翻攝自rain_oppa IG)

Rain過去只PO過大女兒襪子照。(圖/翻攝自rain_oppa IG)








《如懿》5美前世今生再次大戰 《慶餘年》有望超越《瑯琊榜》
郎朗講話超激動!狂打混血妻手臂 夫妻下秒神發展
女星「白雲」街頭慘遭狼爪 報警後忍痛公開嫌犯照片:不再啞忍






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rain shows cute support for kim tae hee as she returns to work





Awww, Rain. Such a loving, playful hubby. Kim Tae Hee’s manager posted a video of her at the recent Cellcure event on his own Instagram, with the caption that it has been a long time since he has accompanied her for an event. Rain responded cheekily to the post, “Wow…Who’s that actress? So beautiful.” Rain makes it a point not to speak about his family publicly but I love that he shows his love through such adorable means.



source : https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2019/12/04/rain-shows-cute-support-for-kim-tae-hee-as-she-returns-to-work/

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Rain was Seen Leaving a Playful Comment, Praising His Wife Under a Post of Kim Taehee Attending a Recent Event




Rain is head over heel in his words. 


Kim Taehee has made a public appearance recently while attending a launching event for the brand ‘Cellcure’ which she is the ambassador for on November 29th. The actress dazzled in her white dress, stealing the scene perfectly. 




However, it wasn’t just netizens who were stunned by her visuals at the event but her husband, Rain too. Kim Taehee’s manager posted a video of her attending the event on this day and Rain was seen leaving a comment under the post going, “Kya~~ Who is this female actress? So beautiful~ ♥” 





source : https://kstarlive.com/news/2019/11/30/rain-was-seen-leaving-a-playful-comment-praising-his-wife-under-a-post-of-kim-taehee-attending-a-recent-event-305616

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*** I heard that Kim Tae Hee was with RAIN leaving the airport. IDK since there's no picture surfacing except for RAIN alone. :P






Rain captured at airport 





Singer Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) is leaving Gimpo International Airport in the morning of December 7th to attend to his overseas schedule.



By Kim Hyun-woo, reporter cjswo2112@asiatoday.co.kr

credit : http://www.asiatoday.co.kr/view.php?key=20191207010004329&ref=search








[포토] 비, 김태희 둘째 출산후 공항에서 포착


가수 비(정지훈)가 해외 일정차 7일 오전 김포국제공항을 통해 출국하고 있다.



김현우 기자 cjswo2112@asiatoday.co.kr

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*** Rain attended the VIP premiere of his buddy Lee Si On’s movie Killed My Wife. Finally.........LSE has become a lead actor. RAIN is always very supportive to his friends. This is a thriller movie.  It's about a man who loses recollection of the previous night & gets framed for killing his wife and struggles to retrieve his memories. :P



















credit : Raincloud10





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Thoughtful Star Husbands Who Make Hearts Flutter


Marriage requires effort. It’s the small gestures, sweet words of affirmation, and consideration that remind a partner that they are loved.

Here are some celebrity husbands who have made hearts flutter with their sweet gestures, thoughtfulness, and praise for their wives.






Rain and Kim Tae Hee are one of Korea’s most famous star couples, and they prefer to keep their family life private as much as possible. However, he wowed many with his romantic gesture when he dedicated his song “The Best Present” to her to show how much he loved her through his music.



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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Photos during movie premier Killed My Wife
























credit : Rain Cloud Taiwan





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*** This was taken at the Central Embassy (BKK). This is a NICE, clean and big shopping mall offering many premium high end brands. The shopping mall is huge and very quiet since it only caters to high-end brands. The Embassy Cinema was located on the highest floor, which considered being the best in Asia, worth a try! This mall is linked to Park Hyatt Hotel at the lobby area, through a glass door. RAIN walking & chilling for hours. :P






credit : Rain Cloud Thailand

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*** The bride posted her thanks to Rain who said that he would sing a nuptial song and that he wanted to sing 10 songs to her.

Congratulations to the newly weds. Rain sang an "I Do" song for them. :P









credit : Raincloud10


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