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Jung Ji Hoon * 정지훈 * 鄭智薰 * (aka Rain/Bi / 비 / ピ)

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*** RAIN in LA. Lucky these guys who's able to have a picture with him. :P I wonder if he's still in US by this time, though.














with Daniel Daekim - K-actor





credit : Raincloud10






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*** Rain’s interview about his drama #welcome2life  in Kstyle magazine. :P







Interview on RAIN about “Welcome 2 Life” in Japan, “I love ramen, sushi and Tokyo Tower” in Japan





RAIN (Bi) starring in latest work "Welcome 2 Life (original title)" will be broadcast at the cinema theater in Japan for the first time in November. This work is a drama that gives courage to modern people who live in an uncertain age, with a skilled lawyer who enters a parallel world due to an unfortunate accident. To commemorate the first broadcast in Japan this time, RAIN's official interview has been released! He talked a lot about the story behind the filming of all episodes in this interview. 



Please tell us about your impressions of this work being broadcast in Japan

RAIN: I am much honored. I am very happy to be able to do something for Japanese fans through this work! I'm looking forward to showing my best to the Japanese people after a long time on TV, and I feel great.



What kind of drama is “Welcome 2 Life”?

RAIN: “Welcome 2 Life” has two worlds, the real world and the parallel world. First of all, the character of a family man with a warm heart. He is an excellent lawyer, but he only cares about winning for his benefit, another is a prosecutor's figure of justice! I played dual characters in the drama. It’s a story that everyone can enjoy.



Why did you appear in this work? What was your impression when you read the script for the first time?

RAIN: The first reason is that there are various works such as thrillers and investigative that are on-trend so far, heart-warming family dramas, etc. This work is a drama like a gift set packed with all of them. When you read the script, it is a very interesting work that you really want to appear in. 





What kind of person is Lee Jae-sang who was played by RAIN?

RAIN: Lee Jae-sang is a skilled lawyer who, in the real world, is strict in carrying out the law to defend his clients. A warm husband / father who lives for the family, and a prosecutor who sticks to justice. It's really interesting to see the two worlds going back and forth, so you can enjoy watching it!



In this work, you have experienced two occupations, the lawyer and the prosecutor, playing the same person, have you been prepared playing 2-characters?

RAIN: Of course, I thought about how to perform them after reading the script carefully as if I was doing homework or studying a lesson.



Lee Jae-sang is a person who lives different lives in the real world and the parallel world, but is there anything you are particular about in appearance inside & out?

RAIN: First of all, in the case of Jae-sang, the unscrupulous lawyer, we aimed to create a really bad and worst person. Jae-sang, a prosecutor with a sense of justice who built a warm home, tried to express a relaxed and soft image, which is opposite to being a bad lawyer.



If you have a parallel world, what kind of work do you think RAIN is doing?

RAIN: I'm a soccer player or a golfer. If I have the opportunity, I will do my best. I'm 38 years old (Korean age), so it may be late to start… If I could have started earlier, I think I can turn into a professional in my 50s. 





I think that Jae-sang's appearance is changing from a self-centered person who thinks only about his future to knowing the love of his family and becoming a warmhearted person. Wasn't it difficult to express the change in the drama?

RAIN: It wasn't easy to keep up with the emotional changes during the 16 episodes. At one time, a skilled lawyer, and at other times, a warm head of the family. It was quite difficult to express with such changes but I think I was able to do it, thanks to my director.



RAIN who has a reputation for being strong & confident, but in this work he was a character of being weak. How was it when you expressed such a weak & comical character?

RAIN: I felt very refreshed. In this drama, Lim Ji Yeon and Kwak Si Yang, who are the opposite, took charge of that role, that's why, I was able to enjoy shooting the scene comfortably.



The appearance of conflicting psychological battles with the suspect was very cool. What did you focus on when performing such a psychological confrontation?

RAIN: Before, the TV screen was small in size, so, you couldn't see the details such as the actor's eyebrows and wrinkles on the face. But now, TVs have large screen and with good image quality, The bigger the face, the more clearly you can see the shape of the eyes, the movement of the eyes, the movement of the mouth and the wrinkles between the eyebrows. Therefore, I tried to express my emotions by reducing the movement of my body as much as possible. Since the interrogation scene is very long, if the lines are not properly turned, it will not come out good. I carefully read the script and consulted with the director prior shooting the scene. The scene was well-liked by Korean viewers, so it was worth the effort.





I think there were many female viewers who were excited about the skinship scene with Ji-yeon. How was your performance with Lim Ji-yeon?

RAIN: Since Ji-yeon is an actress who gives her best with all her works, she was able to perform this in a breathtaking manner, and not only her, but also all the casts were great, so everyone was perfect.



It was interesting that Jae-sang's ex-girlfriend & wife Ji-yeon is a senior investigative, and a partner of Goo Dong Tae. How was your first co-starring with Dong Tae as Kwak Si Yang?

RAIN: Kwak Si-yang is always ready. He has a great attitude to face anything, so we always have good chemistry whenever we thought about doing ad lib together during our scenes. I think that I was able to perform more easily because of him since he is a good actor.



How was the atmosphere on the set? Please tell us about any interesting sequences that you remember while shooting.

RAIN: I always enjoy shooting the drama, so it's difficult to choose one ... Maybe my memory is bad ... I can only remember what is fun all the time (laughs).



Who is the mood maker on the set?

RAIN: Me! I'm good at creating a good & fun atmosphere.





Do you treat everyone?

RAIN: I talked a lot (laughs). Why was the atmosphere on the set good? Why did the performance match perfectly? It was because I had a treat!



RAIN, who showed off his best acting in “Welcome 2 Life”, what do you think most about this work?

RAIN: The first thing that comes to mind is “hard”. I think that it was hard work that made me feel happy because of all the casts and staff who had given all their best. Shooting was really hard and difficult but we survived it all.



Speaking of Japan? "I love ramen & sushi ... I also love the classic Tokyo Tower"





Are there any places or recommended spots to visit when you come to Japan?

RAIN: If you go to Japan, you will definitely go to their ramen and sushi shops. Even if you travel for work, you feel like you are on a happy gourmet trip. Then walk from Omotesando to the end of Harajuku. If you do that, you will feel excited, “Oh I came to Japan”. It may be an old cliché' but I also love Tokyo Tower.



You collaborated with former SISTAR Soyou for the release of “Beginning,” and gathered a lot of attention. How was your collaboration with Soyou, who is tagged as the “queen of collaborations”?

RAIN: Soyou is one of my favorite artists. After singing the song together, I realized again that she has a fascinating voice. We were both very relaxed working together.



Are there any music you listen to recently or artists you care to follow?

RAIN: I often listen to Billy Eilish.





Rain is still muscular, but what is the secret to keeping her body shape?

RAIN: Recently, I'm trying to keep my body shape rather than muscle building. It's really hard to keep this figure for the amount you eat. I eat about 4-5 times a day, but I have to endlessly fight with myself to keep this body shape. So, if you feel you have eaten a lot the day before, you need always to exercise the next morning.



Please tell us about your future activity plan.

RAIN: I'm off now, but I'm planning to act as an actor again next year. Also, I have a plan for album production. I don't know when the next I will be seen in dramas and movies, but I will try to do another project as an actor!





credit : Kstyle










RAIN(ピ)主演最新作「ウェルカム2ライフ(原題)」が衛星劇場にて、11月より日本初放送することが決定。本作はパラレルワールドに吸い込まれた悪徳弁護士と、彼の元カノが繰り広げるファンタジーロマンスコメディで、不透明な時代を生きる現代人に勇気を与えてくれるドラマとなっている。今回日本での初放送を記念して、主演をつとめたRAINのオフィシャルインタビューが到着! 撮影時の裏話から日本でのエピソードまでたっぷりと語ってくれた。


さらにRAINさんから直筆さん入りポラも! 抽選で2名様にプレゼント。


・RAIN 直筆サイン入りポラのプレゼント概要は記事下をチェック!


RAIN:とても光栄に思っています。それから、今作を通して日本のファンの皆さんに何かをできるということが、とても嬉しいです! テレビを通して久しぶりに日本の皆さんへ、私の姿を披露できるということが楽しみですし、最高の気分ですね。



RAIN:「ウェルカム2ライフ」は、現実世界とパラレルワールドの2つの世界が登場するのですが、その中にはまず、家族思いの温かい心を持った男性の姿、拝金主義の悪徳弁護士、そして正義を貫く検事の姿! この3つの姿を持ったキャラクターが登場するんです。どなたでも楽しめる物語なので、ぜひ一度ご覧いただきたいですね。今作をさらに理解するために、2~3度と何度ご覧になってもいいと思います!


――今作に出演された理由やきっかけは? 初めて台本を読まれた際の印象はいかがでしたか?




























RAIN:クァク・シヤン君は、すごくセンスがいいんですよ。心構えっていうのかな? 何事に対しても臨む姿勢が素晴らしい子なので、撮影現場で一緒にアドリブを考えるたびにしっかりとついて来てくれたんです。演技も上手な役者さんなので彼のおかげで、むしろ私のほうが気楽に演じることができたように思います。


――撮影現場の雰囲気はいかがでしたか? 撮影しながら、記憶に残る面白いエピソードなどがあれば教えてください。




RAIN:私です! 私は雰囲気を作るのが得意なんですよ。






“イ・ジェシャン”は、フォーマルな姿をした弁護士と、そのヤンアチを合わせた雰囲気を一言で表現する、強烈なセリフだと思うんです。この役をどう演じようかと、私が役柄をさらに研究するように仕向けてくれた言葉なので、一番記憶に残っていますね。それから、もう1つ“ウェルカム2ライフ”も! この2つのセリフがお気に入りのセリフです。








――元SISTAR ソユ(SOYOU)さんとコラボ曲「始めようか、私」をリリースされ、話題を集めていましたね。“コラボの女王”と呼ばれるソユさんとの作業はいかがでしたか?






















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Photos: 2019 U.S.-Asia Entertainment Summit & Game Changer Awards Dinner


Boldface names and behind-the-scenes industry leaders gathered for Asia Society's U.S.-Asia Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles on Tuesday. This was the 10th iteration of the high-level conference, and the first under a new banner; previously the event had been known as the U.S.-China Film Summit. The change reflects a proliferation of platforms beyond film, and the growth in media collaborations with other Asian nations — Korea, Japan, India and others.


The conference and an evening Entertainment Game Changer Awards ceremony were held at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Honorees at the evening event included Zhang, Wang, Weis, and the Korean singer/songwriter Jung Ji-Hoon, also known as The Rain.















(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : Asia Society / Raincloud10








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*** RAIN posted this picture 2-days ago during Asia Entertainment Summit & Game Changer Awards in LA. :P




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*** “Welcome 2 Life” First broadcast in Japan will be on Thursday, November 21st at CS Satellite Station "Satellite Theater"!
Weekly (Thursday) 11: 00 ~ 1:30 * 2 episodes broadcast continuously
Rebroadcast: will be at 1:30 to 4:00 after the next week (November 27-Wednesday) * 2 episodes broadcast continuously

Starring: RAIN (Bi), Lim Ji-yeon, Kwak Si-yang
Director: Kim Keun-hong
Screenplay: Yoo Hee Gyeong
2019 / Korea MBC / 32 episodes

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*** RAIN posted these slide of pictures an hour ago. I wonder whom is he waiting for. He looks perfect! :P




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35 Korean Dramas You Subconsciously Watch When You Are Feeling Down


Heart-fluttering Korean Romance dramas are as good as sweets and ice cream!

Survey says that a true K-drama fan has a saved list of comfort dramas, kept on all devices. When the going gets tough, those drama pills are summoned from its virtual location to cure its owner.



There are dramas that you watch as a yearly tradition or when you need to clear excess thoughts or emotions. Whether you are a nube or you have been watching on a regular basis, you have a special go-to drama list that you rely on. Especially at times when the currently airing dramas do not fit your palate.


Although a plethora of interesting genres have graced kdramaland through the years, romance stories remain to be the perennial favorites to satisfy your cravings.


The sighs, swoons, squeals, and the wish-we-can-be-those-lead-girl-moments are unexplained therapeutic stress pills that have sustained K-drama following. Fan service series maintains its popularity owing to its iconic sweet scenes and memorable love stories.


Sometimes, the heart-fluttering moments even spur a free pass for audience to forego bad plot as long as regular doses of bickering and saccharine frames are generously distributed each episode.


There are a lot of reasons why we love these kind of dramas. But it all boils down to its addictive drive that puts us on trance to watch it over and over again, without getting tired of it.


Here are some of the best comfort K-Dramas to brighten up your somber mood.



2. Full House (Rain and Song Hye Kyo)

Full House


The story of an aspiring scriptwriter and a famous actor who were forced to live in one house is a classic cohabitation plus contract marriage plot. It remains unmatched with its bickering scenes and eventual falling in love moments.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : HelloKpop

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6 World-Class K-Pop Stars That Yang Hyun Suk Denied From YG Entertainment

They all auditioned for YG, but failed.



In a teaser for YG Entertainment‘s boy group survival show YG Treasure Box, Yang Hyun Suk revealed 6 of K-Pop’s most successful and popular artists that he denied from the company.


1. Rain



Yang Hyun Suk said Rain auditioned for YG Entertainment, but was not accepted.


Rain ended up debuting with JYP Entertainment and went on to become on of Asia’s biggest stars ever,



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : Koreaboo

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*** Welcome 2 Life” First broadcast in Japan on November 21............. :P





credit : Rain Cloud Thailand

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*** RAIN posted this yesterday with a caption - " I think about it ~~ Thank you very much " - Oh.........this is Vanilla Coffee. It looks like it's Starbucks..... I love this! I guess RAIN is craving for this. And who gave this to him? :P




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*** RAIN posted these slide of food pictures 2-days ago with a caption - " Uh ... true ... " - IDK, what's the meaning of his message, though. I wonder if these are for Sukiyaki. :o





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*** TODAY, November 21 is “Welcome 2 Life” broadcast in Japan in CS Satellite Station "Satellite Theater" at 11: 00 ~ 1:30. (2) episodes will be broadcast continuously. :P

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*** Below is the Magic Show Trendy Man Group promotion posters about their summit to be held in Sanya, China from 29 November to 1 December . It's reported that Rain will appear at the summit. IDK if this is true - wait & see............. :P











credit : Raincloud10

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Here’s What 20 Of Today’s Biggest K-Drama Stars Look Like In Their First Roles Vs. Their Latest Roles

From their first roles to their latest.



9. Rain

Debut role: 2003, on Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School as Cha Sang Doo


rain 1


Latest role: 2019, on Welcome 2 Life as Lee Jae Sang





(skipped unrelated.....)



source : koreaboo


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