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Which K-Drama would you want to have a Part 2

Guest ~LovelyGirl~

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Guest yayit

1. Love story in Harvard -- best chemistry, beautiful onscreeen couple of all time -- kim rae won + kim tae

hmm.. havent watched this yet. i read the spoiler though.. i guess i shouldnt have done that.

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Guest siaoheeha

Of course it will be Delightful Girl ChunHyang!!!!!

Han chaeyoung and Jaehee chemistry are irresistable....

actually i also quite like goong but don understand wat all the hype about it. It is good but not very good i see so much pple mad abt it make mi hate the drama more and more lol it is too overrated BUT i do hope there is a second season cos i just love yoon eunhye


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Guest xsilentangel

I would LOVE My Girl 2, but the ending was already so cute... I heard about a sequel.. but with NOT THE ORIGINAL CAST!!!

I'd like Full House 2 =)

I'd also love My Name is Kim Sam-Soon 2!

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They should really do a sequel to I'm Sorry, I Love You. I want his mom to find out that he is her son. Forget ep 16 and let the two main character live and do a sequal. I bet it will be more touching.

Oh wait! They should also do a sequel to One Fine Day and focus it on Hyo Joo character instead.

I feel she's too good for Gun. Oh, they should focus on what happen to her after she leave Gun. I know she already have her heart transplant so she will be healty.

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Guest Incise Soul

My Girl 2 (more kisses please ;])

Delightful Girl ChunHyang 2 (i love this couple the most<3)

Full House 2 (i love the chemistry between them!)

My Sister-in-Law is 19 (Need more action! they didnt even get to kiss!)

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Guest Ender's Girl

GOONG TWOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! :w00t: Same main cast, of course.

*Oliver Twist mode* Please, sir... may we have s'more? :blush:

Just let us poor fans have it, fer crayin' out loud! It ain't t'much t'ask, right-o matey? :phew:

Goong One had a stoooopid ending that so rudely jerked that nice, fluffy cloud (the one I had been floating blissfully on for the first 23 episodes) from under me and leaving me in a wet soggy pool of muddy rainwater, blech.

Just give us our GOONG back, dayngitttt!!!!!!!! :tongue2:


Um, as much as I absolutely LOVED My Girl, MNIKSS, Sweet 18, etc., I believe they ended exactly the way they should have, and so I'm not clamoring for a "second season" of any of them. With Goong, the ending made me feel short-changed as a loyal viewer who sat unblinkingly for 24 hours (plus bathroom breaks and short trips to the kitchen for coffee and grub) only to be disappointed in the end. The ending clearly suggested the promise of a second season, and I really do hope the people involved (producers and cast alike) manage to get past whatever issues they have with scheduling and talent fee payment *roll eyes* and START PRODUCTION ON THE BLASTED ROMCOM.

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Guest harmonyinlove

ALL ABOUT EVE! i love this drama and the actors soo much! two matured and great actorss! :)

SASSY GURL CHUNHYANG! i love these 2! they're so cute together! i want to see what's happened to them after my girl bwahaha!

FULL HOUSE! i missss the house a lot!! lol! and i wanna see if ji eun and young jae have stopped "really" stopped fightin :P

although MIKSS is one of my favorites, i don't like a part 2. WHAT I LIKE IS ANOTHER SERIES FOR SUNBIN! woot woot!!!! miss them!!!!

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Guest pawie


These two are my favorite K-Dramas ever! I so love the chemistry between LDW-LDH and HB-KSA. The characters that they played were so endearing and watching them makes me feel great.

The endings of these dramas were not disappointing, I was just left wondering if they really had closure of some sort of happy ending!

I really hope that there will be a sequel to these two dramas...

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Guest 1lyfe2live

A Love To Kill would be a good one. A story that ends well shouldn't be played with, but this story was so sad. A 2nd part to allow the once smitten lovers to experience the bond they had but couldn't express.

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Guest natt2828

STAIRWAYS TO HEAVEN! i wish there was part two.. like.. the main character didnt die or somethign like that... BUT THIS ONE I WANT HAPPY ENDING!!!

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hoho...my dream will come true...because there will be a GOONG 2 hehe... :wub: but it will be nothing if they change the main cast....(hope not)

2. FULL HOUSE 2...I LLLLOVVVEEEE to see SHG & BI together again...can't get enough of them from the drama... :wub::wub::wub:

3. ALL ABOUT EVE 2....love CHAE RIM & JANG DONG GUN chemistry...

4. SWEET 18 2.....

5. MISA 2 ? but how could it be? hehe... just love the chemistry between SO JI SUB and IM SOO JUNG

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Guest pinkie pink

lovers in paris so that they could somewhat change the ending, make it less confusing :rolleyes:

and definitely a goong 2... yeah there is already one right (i just hope they announce the final casting soon; the suspence is killing me ;) ) i would like to know if cg & shin will have a baby :phew:

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