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[drama 2008][upcoming] Lovers In Aska 아스카의 연인

Guest huangsy

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Guest huangsy

Thanks for starting the thread, huangsy.

But, is it Aska or Asuka? :unsure:

I think is Aska as in Chage and Aska.

Asuka in Korean would be 아수카.

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Guest huangsy

source : http://www.korea.net/News/News/NewsView.as..._no=20080801013

Choi Ji-woo to star in Korea-Japan drama

Date: August 01, 2008


Korean actress Choi Ji-woo who has led Hallyu (referring to the popularity of Korean pop culture, especially across Asia) is set to star in a melodrama to be jointly produced by Korea and Japan.

A spokesman for Choi said she has been cast in Lovers in Asuka, set in Nara Prefecture in Japan's Kansai region.

Korea's Olive9, the producers of Jumong, Hwangjini, and The King and I, will be responsible for production and Japan's Dentsu Group for attracting investment and distribution.

Since the drama is aimed at revitalizing the Hallyu or Korean Wave once again in Japan, Kang Eun-jung, writer for the drama and director Boo Seong-cheol, said they chose a Hallyu star.

Shooting starts in September in Nara, for airing in December.

Meanwhile, Korean and Japanese production, broadcasting and marketing companies have joined hands for content creation, investment, production, broadcasting and distribution for the 20-episode drama.

Choi Ji-woo co-starred with Bae Yong-joon in the Korean melodrama Winter Sonata, which was a huge success in Japan. Choi Ji-woo is therefore the obvious choice to star in this drama.

By Han Aran

Korea.net Staff Writer

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Friends!!!! Jiwoo still not confirm for this serie yet....this message came after the news released.

Announcement from starjiwoo

Thanks to cose


Hello, everybody~

I received some questions from a lot of fans about the article

which made the Sport Korea today.

I tell you the information that I talked with Jiwoo's manager on the phone.

The article about "Lovers in Asuka" was not announced officially

by the management Co of Jiwoo.

It seems to be the article which was written under some articles

which were appearing the other day, without confirm.

He said that they haven't chosen one from among many works which she consider, yet.

The all false reports have been corrected by her management Co.

He said that please tell fans...I'm sorry that we can't tell you a good news soon

because we choose very carefully and please take care in this hot and humid.

I hope they tell us a good news soon.

Please support Jiwoo and all staff who have trouble for her next work

in this hot and humid weather.


This one is from Olive9 Jiwoo's agency....

Hello, All starjiwoo members.

I'm a press officer of a management company Olive nine which Choi Ji Woo belong to.

Thank you for a lot of comments about the article of "Lovers in Asuka"

which a certain press posted.

I want to answer about it, so I post this.

At the beginning, "Lovers in Asuka" was planned by Olive nine.

Now, it was changed the composition and the matter,

and it developed more than the planning stage.

It is different from the matter known to all of you because a lot of things

inculde the subject was changed.

In addition, I tell you about the casting of Choi Ji Woo.

Now, a lot of productions include Olive nine sent the scenarios to Jiwoo.

Please understand that "Lovers in Asuka" is one of the many scenarios.

Therefore Choi Ji Woo choose with care because of showing her good work to fans.

Olive nine as a production of drama with her management com plans to make the best drama

for Choi Ji Woo which move a lot of people and the staff have worked very hard for some time.

I hope that you support her in her side and Olive nine always don't spare ourselves to

support Jiwoo with our best as her management com.

Thank you for loving always her without change.

I also wish Jiwoo to confirm the project soon.......but seem that she try her best to choose the best script...Be Patient a bit...

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Guest plumangel3

LOL i guess everyone's really anticipating her next drama if there's false articles ^^;

im disappointed that she's still not confirmed for anything but i know she's doing her best choosing the right one.

i hope we hear something soon (hopefully something good). thanks for sharing 7875 :)

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Guest yetty

hai im new in this thread..my beloved actress act on lovers in Aska?..wow!! she has greatest fans in Japan..so i think this will be the 2nd drama with japan after Rondo with Yutaka Takenouchi..

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Guest ellabel

I think is Aska as in Chage and Aska.

Asuka in Korean would be 아수카.

Thanks for the reply, huangsy.

Is it really a "go" or not? The suspense is killing me. :wacko:

I'm anticipating who her next leading man wud be. I was happy to hear it was Go Soo but it seems it's not. :blink: Joo Jin mo or So Ji sub wud be great too.

The announcement better be here soon.

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