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ラブ★コン Lovely Complex Live Action Movie Summer 2006

Guest dieulinh

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Great movie.. got me hooked on the manga and anime as well.. Risa in reel life was cute. Kinda like the anime. But I gotta say that her hair do made her look taller than Otani.... Teppei's not as short as the character is supposed to be.

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LOL. i remember this movie.

otani is one dense idiot. XD

my favourite line from the movie was prolly,

"i hope otani shinks a centimetre everyday!" =3

OH, wait. or maybe it was,

"it tasted like noodles."


and gosh, you guys don't understand how much the way they portrayed risa's height bothered me. XD i mean, the high heels and then the really tall hair? LOL no wonder she looked super tall .__. it was cute tho~ ^^

ho yeah. i don't know who was funnier. the old man with the expensive wigs or the "yoroshi (sp?) QUEEN~" dude. XP

and in the end, it turned out yoroshi QUEEN~ dude was the narrrator? O_O


the narration was in english, puahahahaha~ *dies*

.. i didn't understand much of it. TT^TT

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Guest 80slitenite

just finished watching. super kawaii! YOROSHI QUEEN!! lol. you can DL it from veoh with subs. shorty reminds me of Nakatsu's lil brother (the guy from Hana Kimi)

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Guest rukiholic

I saw this a couple days ago and Teppei is ADORABLE. Ema was really great too and her facial expressions were spot on! The supporting cast did really well too, overall it's probably one of the best j-movies I've seen so far :]

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Guest flipchk23

i absolutely looooooove this movie and koike!

i got so addicted i even started watching the anime ^-^

the only thing that bothers me is the chick's weird body jerking when she talks

which thank god subsided over the course of the movie

but man koike teppei and hiro are so cute!!!!!!!

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Guest *__HYUNN1E

Watched this movie the other day :D

Koike Teppei's a CUTIE&the plot was pretty fun and kept me watching.

The girl annoyed me though >_<

But the teacher made me laugh every once in a while with his expensive wigs. =P

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Guest haneul_norae

they should have a drama series of it with only Teppei and Ema (think that's her name) as the old cast, well they can keep Maity too. I dont like the rest of the cast at all

haha, i agree with you. They should even include Eiji in the drama as one of the cheerleaders.

(I still have to see that part.)

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^silentregrets.com has it!...if u ever check back here again! lol..

yyaayy bump for this old topic lol ><! I just watched this movie today, soooo cute! reccomend to everyone n i wish koike teppei and ema fujisawa would do a drama together! haha xD

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