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ラブ★コン Lovely Complex Live Action Movie Summer 2006

Guest dieulinh

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Guest the7REAL.

this movie was cute. teppei was....too cute. T_T lols.

i couldn't resist making this!!!


btw anyone know the name of the song that was playing during the festival? :sweatingbullets:

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Guest JOONIE.su


Teppei was so freakinggg cute like OMG! Some bits were really sad and some bits were sweet. I was happy and laughing and then I felt like crying. AHAHAHAHA this movie has got all the emotions going on.

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Guest alcyone

this is a very cute movie ^___^ it's enjoyable to watch as if i'm watching anime, very comical

she's very cute eventhough she's a tall girl, and koike teppei is as cute as ever.

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Guest Justalilodreamer

im waiting for part 10 on youtube T_____T but OMGGGGGGG this is the CUTEST MOVIE EVERRRRRR *SQUEALS* !!! They're both really cute...and the girl does look really tall even though shes only a bit taller than teppei in real life. i like her outfits in the movie... she also looks like han ji hye O_O

I LOVE this movie >< its soo hilarious especially that teacher with the wig :lol:

and my favorite part "I hope Otani shrinks a centimeter each day" :lol: hahaha this probably gonna be my favorite movie after i finish watching the last part

Ahhh teppei is the cutest thing eevvvvvvvverrrrrrr!! and he's buff too O_O weird. *points to muscles on arms*

Oh yeah is her sister a man ?? she sounds like a man when she speaks hahaa

hmm i wanna buy this movie and read the manga now..

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has anyone clubboxed this movie yet (with english subtitles)?

naynay123's clubbox has it

i really liked this show. finally found a happy movie that i could watch! 8D

and i really liked the way everything was really detailed. like how koizumi's room

was decorated! ahh..i even took caps of it..lmao..

and i also love the parts where suddenly everything gets paused, and the man of

that elevating chair suddenly pops up and starts talking..xD and also the animated scenes!

lmao..the way his sneeze was all sparkly and shiny! 8D and and and!! the part where the guy

gave them a ride on the trishaw! it really made my day

i have to say this show is a great watch and its really worth it, well, if you decide to buy it

but i dled it :X







so pretty! ahh! even the note left behind is so detailed XD

credits: me & imageshack

please credit if taken out of soompi ;D

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Guest Truelover


I'll have a look on this movie, because Nami Tamaki makes her debut in it.

Just have to repack the english subtitle with the corrupted bunch of video found online.



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Guest TheZilla

GAHHH..i love this movie! FINALLY a ending that is not sad and depressing ^______^

it has the best funniest parts ever..i just love it

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Guest biteme_lestat

I just finished watching this mnutes ago....Omg, this movie is just soooo kawaii! like i can't find any other way to describe it but cuuuute! from the stars (with Teppei beingth cutest of course), to their clothes, the songs, even the color sof the movie! It;s such a fun, entertaining, feel good movie to watch :D

Btw, does anyone know where I can DL the OST? Or even just the songs Diamond by Princess Princess; and Signs of Love - by Puffy :D

Oh, and that was reallyfunny and cute for Wentz of WaT to make a cameo appearnce in this movie! that was like so unexpected! and he had a very CUTE role too, haha! :D

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