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♥ Official ♥ Goong Couple - Ju Jihun & Yoon Eunhye


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Annyong haseyo hyoonies! :-h
I'm back :D
Hey, what's up the thread here? silent zeroooo 8-X
anybody home?!! *-:)
please spazz any news about our royal couple..
just giving the latest update from eune and jihoon...
I'm very sad when this thread is soooooooooo LONELY! :((

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From eune twitter : https://twitter.com/1003Grace
머리 묶고,잔머리 빼고 ㅋ 머리 묶는데 완전 집중 하네ㅋ아 웃겨 ; hair tied, smart richard simmons hair tie to pull I'm completely focused funny.. ah!

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Yoon Eun Hye at '10 Corso Como Seoul' 6th Anniversary Exhibition Opening Event 2014.03.25
Eune and Jihoon, they're both talented in art. Whooaaa, amazing couple! <:-P
The bowls made by Jihun in Korea...The wax bowl is displayed now in the art museum of Otaru-shi.
(I got this information from @RitzTaritsSim) :D

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Guest Goongfan11

Annyeonghasaeyo Royal Couple shippers!!!  I know it's been a long time since I've posted.  I'm so glad that we have people still interested in our Royal couple.  Thanks @s89s, @jennaray, @champ0i and others that I may have forgotten to mention.  Please keep the faith as champ0i has mentioned.
It's been awhile since I've seen you here @s89s.  I will post a pic that was not too long ago from Tarits unnie's fb page for Ji Hoon and Eune.300e120b-a35f-4dc3-85fa-781d999dacfb_zps

I was so happy to see these pics.  Credit: Denna AyuThese are recent pics of Eune wearing the same black fur neck warmer as Ji Hoon.  Eune wore it on her vacation to Germany.  (Top right corner)
I don't know if anyone has heard of the upcoming marriage of actress So Yi Hyun and actor In Kyo Jin, but they have known each other for ten years and suddenly they just announced their marriage.  Here is the link from Soompi:http://www.soompi.com/2014/04/13/so-yi-hyun-and-in-kyo-jin-spills-all-on-courtship-and-upcoming-marriage/#.U0tIWl7faBJ
If these two have decided to finally tie the knot, then why can't Ji Hoon and Eune.  They have known each other for 8 years now, so it is possible.  Let's keep the faith that they may end up doing the same too.  Coincidentally, this couple are going to marry near Eune's birthday this year, October 4th.  I hope Eune will be getting married soon.  I know she is waiting patiently to do so. :(( :(( :((

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Hello @Goongfan11 :-hlong time no see you.. bogoshipda! ^_^http://www.soompi.com/2014/04/20/10-k-drama-couples-you-would-like-to-see-reunited/2/
I just missed eune and jihoon. They are both no attend any drama, just jihoon only do the film.when jihoon and eune in any drama.. they are both very active.. just like do together but separate place..aigooo!! #-oI hope we got the good news soon about our royal couple. so, keep the faith..

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Part 2. Still interesting to read:

High Cut's interview translation part 2. Have a happy read

Q : Recently, what drama do you watch that you like ? It must be “You Who Came from The Star”

YEH : It’s a very interesting drama. I felt like that it was perfect on all points. The writer wrote well. The actors expressed the script amazingly. Director is great in his ability to show it all. It has nothing to do with rating. I could feel that everyone matched well and they were doing their best. So the viewers were “pumped up”.

Q : What an interesting thing that you did lately ?

YEH : Not long ago I read a book and I shed my tears because of it. The title is “Philosopher” (the writer is Daniel Kim). I was shedding my tears while opening every page of that book. Even when I was on a plane the stewardesses asked me “what’s going on?” It’s not because I’m sad but because there’s something “hot” flowing inside me. It’s my first time to get this experience when reading a book. (note: the book is about Christianity)

Q : Besides having a beauty and not undergoing a Plastic Surgery, what do you want to do to be beautiful?

YEH : Before I said : “I’ve already pretty since I was in a womb”. That’s just a joke (laugh). I’m not that confidence, I don’t feel pretty either. Someone must be said that I talk “nonsense” when I said that. People around me always said, why were the clothings/dresses or the bags that I wore or used in a drama sold out ? Maybe because people won’t be seeing the wardrobe if some people who have an outstanding beauty wore it. On the contrary, it seems that I have something in common with them, “If I wear this dress will it have the same feel?” Besides, I’m very thankful to people who follow my fashion style. Although I’m not that fashionable, but I could make some changes with some stuff that I have. Changing the hairdo or the makeup will make a big difference. Actually, we have to do that kind of things (taking care of/treating yourself). Women should work hard for it. As I get older, I have to exercising/working out and can’t be lazy in managing some works.

Q : This time you have a photoshooting with Seo Kang Joon. How do you feel when you met him for the first time ?

I met him today for the first time. Actually I’m not really familiar with some newcomers lately. I thought he might find me hard to approach, so I greeted him first. He’s very good looking. He also seems calm and sincere, but he’s also a little bit shy (laugh). Actually, it’s kind of tiring to do some difficult stuff when we just met.

Q : Today is Valentine day, have you gave or received something before ? When was it ?

YEH : Yes I have many, when I was little. I used to made my own chocolate, not just for the guy that I liked but also for the people around me. I’m kind of that girl. Lately, I’m a little bit annoyed because I don’t pay much attention and forgot that today is already Feb 14th (Valentine day)

Q : For you knitting is ?

YEH : Handmade tofu ? suddenly thinking of handmade tofu. Fragile, soft, untrained. White, free shaped and a little bit ashamed. If I make it again now, I will make a solid and perfect tofu.

Q : For you Goong is ?

YEH : Green apple ? Since this drama’s ended I’ve never watched it even once. Just watch it again recently. It’s very funny. Every time I saw my scenes I burst out laughing in 7 seconds. The way she (SCG) talk and walk is just like a child. Aww… she just like a rock (stiff) and a child (childish). How could I did that ? I don’t think I could do it again if I was told to do it now. Although many people like this drama, but there were definitely lacking parts. But compare to now the expression is better. Without even calculation and skill, she still could show a clear facial expression. It make me want to go back to my beginning.

Q : For you first love is ?

YEH : A shadow. Can’t be erased. Keep following you.

Q : Do you know what your fans’s lamentable is ? Frankly after Coffee Prince, except Missing You, most of your dramas weren’t succeed

YEH : Profession as an actor is just like this. As we get the drama’s result (rating) I could be depressed, tired and fallen down. Restoring confidence is not easy. I’m just like that. I even feel uneasy and hurt now. Having to shoot Mirae’s Choice last year have opened to many things. Meeting all kind of people, also learnt so many things. Before, because I played the main characters, I got many benefits and got appropriate treatment. In this drama (MHIYD), for the first time I experienced having fun/laughing with the crews in a difficult time and become one team. Through this drama I let go of many things. I became humble and yielding/conforming.

I understand what’s my fans’s lamentable & been worried of. But it won’t be ended in just 1 or 10 years. Through this drama I become stronger. A turning point to be stronger. Not so easy to get emotional when it’s hot (the situation). Get a strength to fight in difficult time. The feel of being grateful (for my condition) is becoming stronger. For allowing me wearing fancy dresses, earning more money than my other colleagues do, having good car and house. To be a dish that won’t break even if it’s dropped, I think I need more time to train. I’m not a big dish yet. It might hurt a bit, but I’m going to try my best to become bigger and harder.

Q : In the future, what project do you want to do ?

YEH : As a viewer who watch the recent dramas & movies, there are so many good and interesting dramas & movies. But I’m thinking, there isn’t many roles for my age anymore. I haven’t thought about what role I want to play but I want to shoot a project with a new theme. Although it won’t satisfied many people/viewers hope, interesting or not it won’t be a problem. I just want to do the choice which I won’t be regretted. Even if I can fulfill everyone’s hope but if it’s tiring my heart also can’t handle the torture. I’m thankful to everyone who’re worried with my project. Of course I feel insecure and afraid.
It has nothing to do with the project, but lately I feel happy..

p/s : Eune, where are you now? I know you are very happy now.. spend time together with your loved ones. hohoho~  1004853_1476684512550705_46947568_n.jpg

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Guest Goongfan11

Annyeong Hyoonies!!!  This is one of the cutest mv's of the Royal Couple.  This came from an article I found on Soompi.  http://www.soompi.com/2014/04/20/10-k-drama-couples-you-would-like-to-see-reunited/#.U1h8E17faBI
So many fans miss these two together...there is definitely great chemistry between the two.
Enjoy!  credit: DaiTaylorprincess

I hope the two can at least do another drama together...fighting!!!
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