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♥ Official ♥ Goong Couple - Ju Jihun & Yoon Eunhye

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Guest honeybeeshrimp

they are one of my favorite on screen couples :D ahh so many rumors saying there will be a part two. >___< argh don't get my hopes up.

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hey everyone! just want to drop by and share this little video of mine  it took 9 years in the making (kidding) but seriously, i've been wanting to do a music video of this since i first watched it ba

HI I just found this thread... Joo Ji Hoon's relationship with his recent girlfriend, Ga In, was ended.. I hope this will be the right timing for Shin and Chae Gyung to get along in the real life

So glad that this thread still somehow got visitors. It's kinda heartbreaking that Jihun and his gf are still together, but Jihun's happiness comes first so no argue with that. Though I'm still bitter

Guest lualm

they are one of my favorite on screen couples :D ahh so many rumors saying there will be a part two. >___< argh don't get my hopes up.

sadly, there aren't going to be a part two. but who knows, a follow up project might come in the future. :ph34r:

hellow to ugotmetwisted and yes, labelle, i remember you from the early days. so good to see that you still like the gung couple. :blush:

pongpong, it took a jjh -yeh thread to make the turtle come out and post again! regularly? wahahha!





baidu and frau

jjh's japanese fanmeet organizers, Frau will be hosting yeh's first japan fanmeet in september. will - be, jjh's jp official mobile site owner is going to sponsor yeh's event too.

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Guest jesmon27

waaaahhhh!!!!!! finally!!! hihihihi thanks PM for starting this thread!!! yipee!!!!

ok, for my first post eh, one of my fave... hihihihihi

street kissu!!!!


hiyee everyone!!!!

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Guest jesmon27

^haaaiiissssh That's Not Act at all lol XD if you watch the making Wew they tottaly Kissed for real hahaha

I want them to play in drama together again T__T

when when when ?????

hahahahahaha the scene is totally cuuuutttteee!!!! hihihihihi yep, i have seen the bts and they kissed for real!! hihihihihi *giddy giddy*

Ahh the famous Goong couple :]

im surprised this thread hasn't been made ages ago -_-

^uhm, maybe coz its not yet allowed to create shipping threads before? hahahahaha just a "buggie guess" yah? dun take it seriously... well anyway... im so happy that this thread now exists! hihihihihi

ok, one of my fave PS pics of the couple... aieee!!!! from angel photoshoot... :wub: :wub:

credit as labeled


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Guest jesmon27

yep marmar, we will always love this couple... :wub: :wub: maybe even if it takes forevah! nyahahahaha :wub:

another PS pic (a wallie) where they almost look like each other.... hihihihihi :blush:

credit as labeled



some more...

giddy scenes! hihihi

credit as labeled



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Guest ji-eun0119

awwww~~~rebby...tnx for makin' this thread^___^

*waves* to HYOONIES and adikz :blush:

the KISS that started it all........all my 'kaadikan' to our royal couple :D


keep HYOONIE love burning..........awwww~~~it's HOTTTT :P


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Guest `Niiie

^ oh yes, i remember the kiss...or should i say make out session

aigoo...it's really hot just looking at it~ and it's really funny

kuz the way he stand kissing her is so unnormal for some

but the make out [it's the first real kiss i have seen ever since

i start my obsession for k-drama]

spam with NG's of goong...



he's totally doing it on purpose, look at the # of NG for it~ JiHye <3

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Guest may girl

:D i like Ju Jihun 2 years ago from Goong . (like Yoon Eunhye too)

wawwwwwwwwww congratulation with you :w00t: !!!!!!!

PS. i remember the kiss stop the world. It's so hot very much :P

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