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♥ Official ♥ Goong Couple - Ju Jihun & Yoon Eunhye

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Thanks for the welcomin _shin_ !!!

Of course I don't mind, JooEunHyu is too long, JEH would be nice

Thank you for the information hopefully I can start posting pics now, heheh :P

Oh, really there's such news?

I'm sure they'll participate in Eon album if there is, both of them are Eon's best friends right?

even they went out several times after goong times :D

I don't know what album it's going to make?

Lee Eon isn't a singer..

He's just a DJ, i've seen him on several nights club in Seoul back then

I've open the imageshack, but I must upload my pics to where?

hope you can help me again _shin_ :blush:

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Hope I don't re post these pics



You've knew it right?

JJH and YEH photos when they're on high school age

JJH didn't show any difference till now, did he?

Ahh, finally I can post pics here!! thank you so much _shin_!!!




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:w00t: JEH! thanks for the pics...aaww..they both look so young and cute!!

*you can also try making an account in photobucket.com, it makes uploading more organized ;)

so looking forward to more of your pics! yay!

and regarding the album..there are some articles that came out







^will stop here :sweatingbullets: i guess the contents are more or less the same.

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Hope you don't mind me calling you JEH also,

there are absolutely no restrictions, i was sur i saw you name there that is why i asked you am also a member there

nice pics and shin you are right someone to help as translate some korean as i have no knowledge or what so ever when it

comes to the language


credit as labelled

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here is a pics again, would you mind to say what's pics you prefer?

I got a lot of 'em, confused which to post first :D:P


YEH stealing a glance to JJH, cute...

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Here is the news from YTN star you brought the link _shin_

I hope my translation isn't wrong :P

Looks alike Lee Eon going to meet his fans through the musics articles

These musics articles will going to be release on mid-January this year, the music have been ready now.

Eon's album purpose is to say his emotion, experience, and uneasiness as a model, literature lover, DJ, and also an actor. (It's not very clear here, sorry.)

Such actors like Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Jae Wook, Ryu Deok Hwan, Yoon Eun Hye, and other 10 persons include his aquaitances and friends also cooperated and put in the articles

Also said that Eon's drama, Coffee Prince 1st Shop and The Strongest Chil Woo suddenly spread like a smoke on August 21...

This from artsnews

Lee Eon's album "GROOVY HEAVEN", Eon's friends: Joo Ji Hoon, Kin Jae Wook, Ye Hak Young, Jeon Jun Hong, Cho Ji Ho, Ji hyeon Jeong, Jang Su Im, Ryu Deok Hwan, Yoon Eun Hye, adn other 10persons of photographer and aquaitances were put in constitutional

About the other line it's same as YTN news one

Hope you this can help ;)

I'm stil confused here, It's a music album or just a book of Eon's articles :wacko:

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I heard that Kitchen's press conference were held on Jan 7? ^_^

I'm so jealous with SMA and the other actress beside him, dunno what's the name.. <_<

but JJH's hair...

frankly, i don't like it... He looks somewhat.. Very Strange to me in that hair style

Still no sign of YEH there? :wub:

Anyway, Kitchen is a film or drama?


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thanks for the pics JEH! keep them coming!

I'm still confused here, It's a music album or just a book of Eon's articles

^Eon's digital album was already released on December 28, 2008. i haven't heard the whole album yet, but i think some songs were remixed by him.

the additional album/book will be released some time this month (2nd or 3rd week?), which i think contains his photos (himself and the pics he has taken coz he's into photography), his experiences, writings and testimonials from his close friends, which includes those names you have already mentioned.

didn't the articles mention these? :sweatingbullets:

thanks for the translations JEH!^^

and Kitchen is a film/movie. No sight of YEH coz she's not involved in the movie in any way :lol:

and the other actress...:lol: she's the PD! keke!

i'm so jealous with Shin Mina too. :lol:

*waves* at kabilag and welcome to SarahGirl and xvntbk!

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wahaha, I failed to understand then

or I miss it when I was reading it cause my friend kept disturb me asking for dinner haha

well that kind of Off Topic sorry...

i do hope YEH would come, cause she sometimes ca,e to her friends promotion or other just for support..

She've support her friends but I didn't see it when it comes to JJH,

still avoid the public won't they :lol:

hope I don't repost these pics



is this pic used to be Goong season2 sneak? hahahah :P


did you know?

If two people were involved in love their habit and the way they acts will be syncronized

the more they fell in love the syncronitation will looks alike

this matter have been searched by many physicians

and it's true you know

(does this mean these two is in love? :rolleyes: )

BTW, At first I didn't know that Yoon Ban Suk is YEH's brother, I've met him quite often...

if only I know, maybe I have been begged him to give his sister autograph :wub:

but now I'm in Indonesia, lose contact with him

Ooh, what pain in the neck :(

BTW again, _shin_ you're really impressive in photoshopping, aren't you?

I've read many fanfics and you made the title photo for the fanfics..

COOL!!! :blush:

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Annyong to everyone, welcome JooEunHyu/ JEH! :lol:

I was lurking in our lovely couple's individual threads a while ago, and for a moment I felt being tickled by the 'green monster'! <_<

How I wish these two were just as open and straightforward with their friendship just like any ordinary people in the planet. I still have this 'disturbed feeling' whenever they keep on isolating themselves from each other. But then, I also believe that they're mature individuals who treasure their private lives.

Whatever's the real score between them, I'm ready to accept and will always respect that! Anyway, I love them both as partners in 'reel' life and as individual artists! :rolleyes:

I'm happy that this thread is having a new spark of life again, so thanks and keep those posts, news and picsies coming!

To all HYOONIES, Luv ya!

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thank you juyoon

I thought they deny their friendship because they don't want the reporters ask them about their private life

many celebrities in Korea do that for their safe ;)

They never seen after cooperated in one drama, but later they announced that they're going married

that's how it goes in Korean entertainment :rolleyes:

but, didn't they realise that their denial is too much?? :huh:^_^

they pretend that there is nothing, but if there is really nothing they can speak loudly that they're friends!!

Am I right? So there is something that keep them isolating theirselves, that was my thought... B)

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hello its my first time posting in here..or in soompi, for that matter, hehe. just want to keep this lovely onscreen (and offscreen? hehe) pair alive and give them support. though there's not much news, the frenzy that the personal preference rumor caused is a proof that a lot of people still want the royal couple. at least from various blogs that i read (popseoul, dramabeans, and private blogs). im hoping, that in a few years time, there will be a reunion project for these two.

and on another note, the personal preference thing sounded interesting. they could make a movie out of it instead. with jjh and yeh. hehe. ok wishful thinking once again. but seriously! the premise sounds promising. hehe. ok ill stop rambling now.

jjh yeh! all the way!

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welcome pothekid!

about the project you talked, maybe it was Personal Taste?

I've heard that it was a project of JJH and YEH reunion, but i thought it was canceled...

they said, YEH is too busy or something while thy never offered it to JJH


i hope they reunite again...

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waw!! happy anniversary too for our classic drama Goong!!!

i've just realise it now...

and goong is broadcasted again now...

wew, i don't have any topic about them...


credit google

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