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Saruyama! Aka Monkey High!

Guest ~fantasygurl~

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Guest ~fantasygurl~

AKIRA ShoukoI can't believe no one has post this topic up yet!



This manga is a really great for starters even if you never read mangas before hand, I really recommend this manga to anyone who loves to read about slice of life and so on!


First to start off Haruna Aizawa is the main girl who currently transfer schools because of her fathers bad deeds at his work place and Haruna is already the talk at her new high school! She thinks high school is like a monkey gang (who just act love one) or whatever and she meets a student Masaru who looks like a baby monkey. Haruna starts off as a bad impression because Masaru aka Macharu's best friend nominated Haruna as Snow White in a play they are doing for their school's festival and she got really mad! As the play progress, Haruna wokrs on masaru's costume for one of the elves and she asked him to put it on because she wanted to check if it fits him.

Haruna kept calling Masaru, Macharu and he said that it was ok to call him Macharu. She felt really close to him because she ask how tall he was and they both were the same height 5'3. The play was on and her ex came over to see her but she avoided him with macharu's help and he had a fever that day too so haruna took his place in playing the elf. After that she confess to say that she did all that for him and everyone in her class thought she was in love with him.

(summary was by me!)
Volumes: 8 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=3270Published by: Viz

Please feel free to express your thoughts ;p

i totally dig this manga so much and i love it too!
i can't believe no scanlator has got to this awesome manga

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Guest ~fantasygurl~

i went to barnes and noble today, but i only got volume one but i couldn't find volume 2!

i am eager to know what happens in volume 2!! someone please gimme a summary?

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