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휘성 - 안되나요

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Wheesung - An Dwae Na Yo
lol k i finally got my soundclick to work - _-;;

i tried imitating wheesungs voice/style but its too unique haha

there was one high note in the end that i was struggling with, even after lowering the instrumental so just pretend i hit it ;D

leave any tips or anything else!! thanks!!


:crazy::ph34r::blink::tears: :blush: :wacko:<_<:mellow::unsure: :tongue2: :rolleyes::sweatingbullets:

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Yeah...I think overall you sang good, this song should be hard for a guy.

His voice is unique, but honestly you shouldn't try to

imitate the original, but instead spice it up with your style

That's what makes the song more interesting and fun to hear.

Oh yeah and in the beginning I think you were a little bit too soft

(it might have been ur mic ^^)

Just make it consistent...(with the loudness u know what i mean?? *_*)

Don't sing all soft that hardly no one could hear you and then all

of a sudden scream at the chorus part ..U know?

Guess what i'm saying is that don't make it too dramatic up and down

(ughhh i don't know what i 'm saying I'm even confusing myself haha)

Overall good job though..

Jeez..seems like all guys these days are gettin' the


voice these days haha ^^

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as i recall, if my memory is accurate,

you were like teh bomb xD

will listen and edit asap ~

wait, were you that awesome rapper?!

seriously, what's with the influx of rich, low, sexy voice?

it's not healthy for us fangirls! *nosebleed*

it sounded wonderfull ~ the start was soooo lovely <3

watch it at 0:57ish, it starts sounding too i'mtryingtobewheesung!-y

after that you start getting more nasally and less rich

& tend to go a little flat at times ~ though that can be solved easily.

LALALA <3 so many wonderful covers of this song !

hwaiting ~

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Love this song. good artist!

Hmm... nice opening ^^

Mixing could use work...

I can barely hear you at many parts! D: I can't hear.....

You go a bit flat and a little off tune. But you have that singers voice... like it could be molded into something magnificent with practice.

Just watch you tune.

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u suck isaiah......

jk. haha. seriously not badd. u should put more power into ur voicee. and yes u lowered it hella. hahaha.

good job tho :D

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wigglelin: haha thanks =p one of the reasons i really liked this song was because wheesung sang it, i dont think anyone else could pull it off as he did. his voice fit so well for this song, so i kinda wanted to imitate it =S but i guess it didnt work out too well XD

jzsun: im the "okay" rapper. you're the master rapper!! haha =p

Genesis: I dont really know how to mix well. i just record, amplify a little bit because my mic records the sound hella low then post =S Is there a place where I can go? or actually ill just google it haha =p thanks!

peachiez89: you just suck. =p

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