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✖❤[official] Thread Of Jaeyin -welcome Archangels!❤✖

Guest JoongBoXiahJang

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Guest celena8899

I think out of DBSk, Jae Joongie speak the best Chinese, everytime he speak chinese it is totally cute! I wonder how he learn so much haha? Probably from his SUJU best buddie HanKyung aka Ri In bro, and Ri In herself haha

Jaeyin cool!

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My exact thoughts! Before, nothing could beat Suyin for me, but man. Jaejoong really knows how to win a girl. :P He's so supportive of Ri In and he shows it in an affectionate way. Gah .. I still can't choose between the two pairing though. Yeah, Hanyin's more of brother and sister type of relationship.


Aw! Cute manip! Hahah, I saw that in Ri In's thread. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking he was asking Ri In's parents. *wink wink* :D

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Guest Freshh


i've thought about this before

jaejoong & ri in looks better than junsu & ri in together in my opinion

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Guest miaomiao


my 1st time post here.

i think i support Jaeyin too,but weaker than Suyin haha.

hmm now i am gonna look through the pics...

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Guest yiTian

Hi. Nice to see you here. I remember Jaejoong said on StarKing that when it comes to love age and ethinicity does not matter to him. I am sure that he may be looking for someone different. So there is a possibility that Liyin does match his type. He does seem so caring whenever he is with Liyin. Jaejoong is not shy to show his support to Liyin. He seems like a very good boyfriend....hehe..and cooking...that is great. He can learn to cook Chinese dishes too.

Hello~ It's nice to see you here too! xD! =O He said that? I remmeber him saying, "Age is nothing but a number" but ethnicity ~ So sweet! =) I know he wishes to marry a fan one day, well..I believe Ri In is a fan~ =) Whenever he is with Ri In, he shows more affection. If you know what I mean. The little things he does, like saying his favorite singer is Ri In, watching her rehearse, helping her, praising her, etc. He's being a very supportive person. It may seem like a "oppa" character, but I think it's much more~ xD [But of course SuYin is #1~] He does seem like the "perfect boyfriend" type ^^

LOLLLLLL. That's so cuute~ Jaejoong's so adorable~

Jaejoong's famous line, "How's your parents health?" Hahaa~

Thanks for the link. & cute picture! ^^

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wahhh.. a thread for JAEYIN!!!

like it!!! i mean in some pics.. Jaejoong always stand next to Ri In..

i just love this JaeYin couple but i also cant get enough of SuYin.. lol~

umm.. i think LiYin is suit with everyone.. she is pretty~

and i agree with what jack jack attack said,.. Jaejoong look supportive.. watching LiYin rehears.. ooo..

i wish jaejoong will do that to me~ lol~

so.. JaeYin is now officially in my fav couple list.. i'll for some pics of them...

and will post it later on~

JAEYIN fighting! =p

p/s : imagining jaejoong asking Liyin hows her mom and dad in chinese..... watching the video.. auww..

sweet Jaejoong~! he know how to win a girl's heart!!

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Guest `Niiie


where have the supporters went?

they are too adorables

i really liek aprils manipulation

look so real & liek a couple-ish



i think i slowly turn..hahaha.

joKing but JaeYin <3

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haha.i always thought jaejoong seem pretty drawn to Liyin in the videos i watched before.xDD.

cute!!haha..Junsu is getting some tough fight...

and what i think is...Liyin likes Junsu better but Jaejoong likes Liyin..[in what way,u think.lol]

something like a love triangle.

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it is indeed a tough fight

jae joong does know how to win his girl


anyway, here's another vid

liyin finally shows some love

look at liyin on 0:30 onwards...

follow her gaze

0:33 - 0:35

you'll find out where it sweetly lands...


guy with blonde hair..

with a lot of hair gel..

who else is that?

of course ...

hahaha you know it


i have so many jaeyin stuff to share..

but its unfortunately on my computer

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Here is the link of Jaejoong watching Liyin rehearsing "I Will." Hm...it seems like Jaejoong is shy or something to go closer to the stage...haha


This is another link which show Jaejoong standing on the lower left screen and Liyin is right under the spotlight singing.


Oh...thanks for explaining to me. I almost forgot about the Korean and Japanese version of the song.

thanks for the link. I think that is so cute of Jaejoong to be out in the open showing his support for Li Yin like that. I mean he is standing in the middle of the stage or the other part of stage out in the open & his clearly showing that he is listening to liyin sing. That's really sweet.

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Guest sky_view

Ahaha....I am a big fan of SuYin, but I think JaeYin is cute...

That is kind of funny....I mean, there are so many guys, first Junsu, Hangeng, Jaejoong, Jonghyun, a Chinese guy who sang with her for her first album...I feel that Junsu is getting mad and trying to fight. LMAO~

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whoaa dbsk wore those outfits for 2007 dream concert o_o

wow. how did i know that?

anyway, zhang li yin was there? or did they wear that outfit for somewhere else?


i think jaeyin is a better pairing than suyin. MUHAHAHAHAHAH


by the way, you wrote surpise XD

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Guest lilcece

oy... when was THIS thread created?!?

lol, and where's A.p.r.i.l? dumb question... she's

all over the thread! lol xD I bet she was all like ^^

I don't know why... aside from


, I find JaeYin

adorable too. maybe it's the mysterious aura they

both carry. let's not forget the cyworld event =)

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Guest honeybeeshrimp

i noticed when she won best new artist jae was excited and was the first to congratulate her. i thought it was sweet. :] nothing appealing to me though.

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Guest lavenderwingz

i actually like this pairing..hehe, even though there are a lot of suyin shipper..i think both jaeyin and suyin are at the same level for me.

i think when it comes to jaeyin, jj gets dorky sometimes, hehe, and when there's any relation to chinese, i'd think is this the influence of li yin??? ^_^or geng

but i always had the sense that if jaejoong wasn't a big star himself, he'd be running around w/ a "I'm Li Yin's #1 fan" every time he had a chance

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