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Baby V.O.X Reunites As Full Group At Kan Mi Yeon’s Wedding

Nov 10, 2019
by M. Dang

Baby V.O.X delighted fans with their reunion at member Kan Mi Yeon’s wedding!

On November 9, Kan Mi Yeon married musical actor Hwang Ba Wool in a private wedding in Seoul. Among those in attendance were Kan Mi Yeon’s fellow Baby V.O.X members Kim E-Z, Shim Eun Jin, Lee Hee Jin, and Yoon Eun Hye.

After the wedding, Kan Mi Yeon’s agency Dream Stone Entertainment reported to Xportsnews, “Kim E-Z, Shim Eun Jin, Lee Hee Jin, and Yoon Eun Hye gave a congratulatory speech at the wedding. Kan Mi Yeon did not cry, but she greatly enjoyed it and was really happy.”

A few of the members also took to Instagram to share photos of the reunion and offer their congratulations to the couple once more. Shim Eun Jin posted a series of snapshots from the wedding, including one of the Baby V.O.X members giving their speech. In the caption, she wrote, “Mi Yeon! Ba Wool! Congratulations on your wedding! Live happily! I love you!”

Yoon Eun Hye uploaded her own photos of the members with the bride and groom, writing in her caption, “Bride Mi Yeon, whom I love, and groom Ba Wool! I sincerely congratulate you on your wedding and wish you the best!” She also shared a short clip of the bride and groom walking to the altar.



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