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WARNING: Super long post ahead!   Warriors, Neris, Amazings, & Grapes (Chinese fans),   Hi all. Long time no see. How is everyone doing? Just want to say a really big thank you to

Hello everyone, I'm feeling so proud of YEH this episode and that's why I decide to share with everyone the good feeling. Here is the rough translation I did for YEH's part. I'm putting out a disclaim

cr:YEH Vietnam/weibo





Yoon Eun Hye #윤은혜 #LoveAlert drama ep.5 'Valextra' tric trac bag €1,150 cr to owner






Yoon Eun Hye #윤은혜 #LoveAlert drama ep.5 'MSGM' distressed-style sweater (sold out at (link: http://farfetch.com) farfetch.com) cr to owner



Yoon Eun Hye #윤은혜 #LoveAlert drama ep.5 'Bubulee' black crush mini dress $513.16 cr to owner


Cr: Eleenawiria Twitter 

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I watched Ep 5 (Subbed) last night and i was rendered to a giddy teen....come to hospital part i had this big Cheshire Cat grin on my face with giddy outburst here and there anticipating their 1st kiss!!!  Love this soooooo much!!!

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