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WARNING: Super long post ahead!   Warriors, Neris, Amazings, & Grapes (Chinese fans),   Hi all. Long time no see. How is everyone doing? Just want to say a really big thank you to

Hello everyone, I'm feeling so proud of YEH this episode and that's why I decide to share with everyone the good feeling. Here is the rough translation I did for YEH's part. I'm putting out a disclaim

cr:YEH Vietnam/weibo

Guest ferlydee

Oh I love YEH's outfit, so le chic and elegant.  How come she looks younger every time she shows up.  I admire her more for her humility and making peace to whoever started this. More blessing will come your way beautiful YEH.  I am not surprised if there are still few people who can't move on from the past.  Negative people only like to hear what they want to hear and listen so they can start criticizing, they are the most pathetic, has no life and very misarable people.  Whatever you do, they'll criticize and judge you anyway, so I'm glad that YEH had the heart to apologize eveb if she has not anything wrong.  

Anyway, Miranda Kerr is beautiful, YEH has the look of a fresh and younger lady, well rested.  Both are beautiful.  Thank you for the updates.  

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While I am edified by her readiness to apologize for the plagiarism issue---something which she never intended nor deliberated on---I feel indignant in behalf of YEH for the lack of defense---no one coming to her rescue enough to be picked up by the Kent media---making me feel that she is fighting this battle alone in a country where the netizens are unbelievably so disposed to judge and to condemn without a proper trial or study of the facts of the case.

Chinese entertainment on the other gave her vindication in that episode when one of the judges affirmed her together with the rest in front of millions of viewers. 

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Guest santaiah178
On 12/9/2015 at 1:11 AM, xxcuitepiexx said:


On 12/13/2015 at 3:23 PM, Grace1003 said:

While I am edified by her readiness to apologize for the plagiarism issue---something which she never intended nor deliberated on---I feel indignant in behalf of YEH for the lack of defense---no one coming to her rescue enough to be picked up by the Kent media---making me feel that she is fighting this battle alone in a country where the netizens are unbelievably so disposed to judge and to condemn without a proper trial or study of the facts of the case.

Chinese entertainment on the other gave her vindication in that episode when one of the judges affirmed her together with the rest in front of millions of viewers.


First of all, I'm sorry with the format. I tried to deleted it but with no avail :sweatingbullets:

Secondly, @Grace1003 that's what I've been complaining all this time. Like I said before, the medias/press are even worse because rather than investigating the case they're making judgement by their reporting/writing. They called YEH a plagiarist or a thief without a proper inquiry on the actual facts which is the standard procedure on journalism. A Korean Neri said that most of Korean journalist are "lazy". Instead of finding & checking the fact they're visiting chatting forum like DC & made a story from it (even the rumor) which is not always true in most cases.

Anyway, it seems we will see YEH on small screen again next year :w00t: Latest news said that she's reviewing her next project now and will meet her fans again next year. It's possible that she will take more than one project, both drama & movie. And her agency said, she won't focusing her activities in China only but also in Korea. 


Lastly, there's article about Korean actresses who are regarded (by Chinese women) as role model for their style & makeup. YEH is on the 5th place after JJH, GHJ, SHK & PSH 

K- beauty role model and style analysis of Chinese women [2015 makeup icon]


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Posted on 2015/12/19 by H.A.T.

credit to http://parksihoo4u.com/2015/12/19/lal-in-china/

LAL in China

Posted on 2015/12/19 by H.A.T.



Happy Day!  Today Hua An International . Korea Town and China-Korea International Film Festival formally signed an agreement at Yantai (Shandong, China)!  From now on the only Korean cultural film festival Daejong Awards and Hua An Group will organize a China-Korea Film Festival that will take place regularly in China every year.  At the same time Park Si Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye also sent congratulatory messages, indicating they wish their fine work could be displayed at the film festival.  Those fans who wish to see their idols please stay tuned.




(Credits: http://weibo.com. Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)

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WARNING: Super long post ahead!
Warriors, Neris, Amazings, & Grapes (Chinese fans),
Hi all. Long time no see. How is everyone doing? Just want to say a really big thank you to a lot of you who are constantly posting and updating us on YEH's news. You know who you are and I don't want to name names just in case I miss someone. :) I was especially happy to see YEH at the Samantha Thavasa brand event as I'm sure most of you are too. Doesn't our girl look gorgeous? Simple and elegant right? Perfection!!!
Anyway there is something I really need to get off my chest for a very long time now and I thought I better do it before the Christmas and New Year starts as not to carry the negative energy forward. 
Firstly, I really need to apologise for not being active in this forum especially for the past month or two. A lot has happened in my life and I also don't see how I can contribute here since most of you are doing such a fine job at sourcing informations better than me. I guess the only thing I can do is mostly Chinese-English translations, even though my Chinese is still lacking. Nevertheless, I vow to translate any worthy Chinese articles about YEH so if you do have any good articles about YEH, do send it my way and I'll do my best.
Secondly, this is the one that has been eating at me the most. I have been sitting on this piece of insider's information on what happened behind the scene on Muse Dress 2 for almost TWO MONTHS!!! To start off I just want to point out that this show has SO MANY MAJOR FLAWS I don't know where to begin. 
I was initially super excited to know that I'll get to see YEH on TV after so long and Muse Dress 2 seems alright at first. As the show progresses, I was beginning to get super annoyed by the way it got edited to favour one Goddess above the rest and boy can I tell you YEH copped the most unfavourable screen time. I just find that the producers are sending us mixed messages. They showed us that YEH is a super talented person and yet they are creating unnecessary tension by pitting her against the (ahem... in my opinion "mediocre") favourite Goddess.
For those who has a Weibo account or can read Chinese, you must have seen this particular article but I'm sure a majority of you might not know about it. The original article came out on the 22nd October by one of the backstage crew staff and I actually got it translated within 2-3 days ready to share on this forum. The article actually came out after Episode 10. Not sure whether you still remember but it was the first episode after the controversy (for lack of a better word) broke out and that particular episode was the Chinese theme. I feel so indignant for YEH after I found out what ACTUALLY HAPPENED to her on episode 10 that I was feeling so murderous I could kill Xiao Xiao (the Diva buyer). Muse Dress 2 bloody edited the whole thing out as if nothing happened! People in the know will notice the odd editing. Anyway after consulting with a few of my Neri friends, we decided to hold back from posting for fear that the media will chance upon it and misconstrue the information thus creating more trouble for YEH. Call us paranoid but this whole incident is so ridiculous that we better not take any chances. 
Now two months have passed. Since YEH is finally appearing in public, I feel it is finally okay to share with you the said article. I would like to point out that the commentaries are based on my feelings back then when I first translated the article. Without further ado, please read what happened. 
----------//////Start of Translation/////----------
Devil's editing definition: Tactics or editing to skew what actually happened and to create tension/drama. Chinese and Korean generally use this term. Another similar term used is "to blacken". 
Author: @IamJun_I (Weibo)
Originally post on 22 October 2015
Translation by Kuppies82
The truth that has to be told in regards to the Muse Dress 2 "devil's editing".
As someone who constantly runs around  (MD 2) backstage daily, some things I really cannot take it any longer, that is why I've decided not to wait for someone else to speak up first, but also to give an account from my point of view. 
The 10th episode's theme "镜花水月,大家闺秀" (Elusive, Ladylike)
First, regardless of the true meaning of 镜花水月 "Elusive" (usually used to expressed contempt or as a derogatory term), the 大家闺秀 "Ladylike" theme further along the way suddenly became "Chinese Elements" but what logic/connection??? Alright then, just forget about the "Ladylike" theme, and just focus on the "Chinese Elements". 
Everyone has a different definition of what beauty/aesthetics is, whether something is good-looking or not everyone has already made a conclusion in their hearts, so I don't want to discuss whose clothes are pretty and whose clothes are ugly. But if it doesn't look good, that doesn't mean that we can accept some of the bidders/buyers vicious criticism and insults. The bidders/buyers across from the stage has sat there for MORE than half an hour FIGHTING/ARGUING, I almost wanna pinched them, leaving a foreign delegate standing on the stage getting cold, I just know you guys have disgracefully brought shame to the Chinese people....
WHAT??? You guys say there is no Chinese Element? A foreigner using "In The Mood For Love" as a movie theme, designing the olden Shanghai bund era's style you still don't consider THIS as "Chinese Element?"
Alright then, so are you saying that "In The Mood For Love" is not Chinese then??? Shanghai bund style is WHICH country's style then (?), I really do not understand. 
WHAT??? A certain bidder/buyer said that the fabric used are all European retro pattern. 
Alright then, does that mean our Chinese ancestors has been using European motif in our arts/designs/carvings? (But this particular CEO finally apologies in the last episode...) (Kuppies: at Finale? Retrospectively, I think she's referring to SHANGPIN's CEO)
During the heated debate, the host Lin Hai kindly lets Xiao Xiao speak, Xiao Xiao used this opportunity to have an extravagant grandstanding!!! (Kuppies: Basically a Diva Meltdown! *Rolled Eye* *face palm* richard simmons!!!! Grrr... so angry I wanna kill him!)
Xiao Xiao said: One of the design is MENTALLY SICK, apart from the tassel on the heels there is no Chinese Element whatsoever. 
Alright then, who was the one who said should respect designers? Is your face hurting after being slapped? Is your face swollen yet?
Xiao Xiao also said: Oh yeah, that white faux fur collar on that model is Chinese element!!! Must be from the Northeastern region! (In a very displease tone) 
Wow you so smart, even China's Northeastern also got shot(criticised) in line of fire. 
Xiao Xiao also said that if he is that model's mother, he will kill her, (she, the model) seemed so uneducated! 
I was at the backstage looking through the camera view finder and I seriously thought he MUST BE high on drugs. 
Publicly treating a girl (Kuppies: model? YEH?) who DID NOT EVEN provoke you by you saying such words, who is the uneducated one? I also want to say to Xiao Xiao, if I'm your MOTHER and I know your current devilish attitude, I will not give birth to you and while you are in my womb I will ABORT you! (Kuppies: Woah!!! Hell hath no wrath of a woman!)
After Xiao Xiao finished speaking, Host Lin Hai's face also darkens... Lol... I guess Lin Hai really regrets it now?
On stage YEH said at least 3 times "we misinterpreted; we still don't understand/ have lots more to learn about Chinese culture; I'm sorry!"
But it was edited out. 
YEH also said her translator told her "is an heiress from a rich family" (Kuppies' note: definitely a miscommunication somewhere. "Ladylike" is referring to the young ladies of the house back in the ancient times where they have to learn all the proper social etiquette and finery, you know what I mean, not really focusing on the Chinese element so can't blame YEH. Like pointed out by IamJun_I earlier, the theme was suppose to be "Elusive, Ladylike" but somehow suddenly becomes "Chinese Elements" which makes no sense or any connection whatsoever)
But this like before was also edited out. THESE!!! EVERYTHING!!! ALL IN ALL!!! Also!!! Got!!! Edited!!! Out!!!....
Here is what little I can remember.....
YEH: This movie I have watched 3 or 4 times, this was the first movie that made me understand Chinese fashion, the movie's visual effects was exceptionally good, and when Maggie Cheung wore a Qipao she looks exceptionally beautiful, I would particularly like to try it too!
Lin Hai: I have a question, why did you think of Qipao?
YEH: That particular Qipao worn by Maggie Cheung, individually actually does not suit me, or should I say I could not carry it off perfectly. Generally, not everyone can wear it and pull it off perfectly, (so we) design one that is a little simpler, then a least more people can accept such clothes/style. This is just one of our thinking/hope, the thinking/hope is if they ever decides to remake "In The Mood For Love" set in present time 2015, we wish that Maggie Cheung can try wear this design!"
Lin Hai: Oh is that so! But I've noticed something, the slit on this dress was it at least inspired by the Qipao? Like this particular split?
YEH: This split is to create a certain effect, then the design style of the whole collection are more robust, actually when I wore it I came to realise that I can actually wear these colours too, because we thought gold certainly represented fortune and money, 大家闺秀 "Ladylike" is definitely from rich background, but are we thinking too literally/simple?" (Kuppies: like mentioned before, there was a miscommunication in terms of understanding the brief so that's why she sounded a bit unsure) 
After getting off the stage, all of YEH's models are so angry, cursing some of the bidders/buyers being MENTAL CASE, while also complaining their legs are almost broken from standing STILL on the stage for TOO long, but what is YEH doing at this time? She use Chinese to tell each and every model that she's very sorry and repeated it many many times... I was standing watching from the sideline and was thinking why must she be the one to say sorry?
The program wants hype, I understand! But can't the hype be more towards positivity? These past few weeks there are just too many "low" (negative) topics/ discussions/ comments! It's almost becoming a Qing dynasty drama! The program has shady/ulterior motive, I understand! But can't you make it in such a way that it is not so obvious? The FINAL winner I think all of you already know who it is gonna be right?
I didn't know that the word RESPECT in some people's eyes is really that worthless? From my point of view, this is the bottom line between human interactions, it is the most basic moral,  I CAN'T even talk about this magnificent country's basic courtesy, what more can I say about it's proper etiquette/code of conduct! The so call "Chinese Elements", due to these few idiot/bastard clowns has made me lost all understanding!
Why am I speaking up for YEH?
That's right, I started liking her due to watching a few of her dramas, but because of this program I have witnessed the real genuine person and I LIKE her even more, also in the beginning I like another Goddess and initially thought she was alright but now I really DISLIKE her, please don't ask me who that person is... (Kuppies: My gut feeling says 100% Bea Hayden, tsk tsk tsk, but I may be wrong. Note this is my personal opinion, not the author's)
The backstage me was always able to hear YEH's voice/presence, but I could never see the others. Before the start of the LIVE competition, whichever team that can finish their makeup first can steal/grab their stage placement (this was already demonstrated in Episode 1), BUT YEH always steadfastly helped to complete her models' makeup first, while herself going last into the dressing room. That is why she is always the last team, and even after the fourth team have stole a spot they still have to wait awhile, sometimes even the director have to pester her for approval quickly so she will give the indication of completion. Right! She is just that kind of meticulous earnest person. But I guess some of you cameramen will be shocked/caught off guard... when all cameras already withdrawn, other Goddesses already left (to their waiting rooms), backstage is empty as a ghost-town, BUT I can still witnessed YEH, continues to help each of her models to touch up their hair, as well as chatting away with them. (Kuppies: My Goddess is such a perfectionist, hahahaha! I love her seriousness in her work! My role model)
Before the start of the competition, every Goddess will usually wait for the Goddess before them to almost finish their stage performance before they themselves will even stepped out from their own waiting room (for their turn), unlike YEH, every time even before the Goddess in front of her go on stage, she will always come out from her waiting room already start preparing and taking care of her models. Viewers may have a hard time noticing this, but if you watch the Goddess before YEH's part, you will notice that there are no YEH's commentary. Why is that? Because she's busy touching up her models. (Kuppies: Wow I did not know this. No wonder we did not see any commentary from YEH during Ying Er's part in Epi 7. Gotta pay more attention from now on)
Is this still not enough? Alright then, YEH is still considered as a "somebody" (celebrity) right? The producers started inviting YEH 6 months ago and used her as a gimmick/ hype/ noise marketing. Now let's look at each week's rehearsals, how come some times I don't even see certain Goddesses present? It's ONLY YEH, for 12 episodes, who has never ever missed one (rehearsals), and on the very last rehearsal YEH even brought some Korean tidbits/snacks, wrapped in delicate cloth packaging.  
In the previous recording, YEH's "moisture" makeup (Kuppies: I'm guessing for epi 2, "Million Dollar Baby" sportswear theme) she started to get red, what's the reason? Is that really because of "sweat" illusion? Why was her face so swollen? The real reason is because of gastrointestinal discomfort that YEH has been vomiting the whole day. Even up till the last 10 minutes before going up on stage YEH was still in the toilet vomiting severely! My friend said she was standing outside of the toilet listening and felt terror, after getting off stage YEH was immediately rushed to the hospital, no one seem to mention this incident.... (Kuppies: This was the one that upsets me the most, my poor YEH, I really could not tell she was that sick while watching epi 2, makes me cry)
YEH's commentaries are sour/malice??? Okay okay cause she's a foreigner she should not have said those words, but I also think those clothes are very ugly then what to do? If (she) doesn't say them then will you suddenly swing around and say she is lying and being fake? In episode 1, "Big Shot" Designer (Kuppies: sarcastically referring to Awaylee?) she said: "I can't continue on watching, a Designer cannot/should not look at ugly things or it will influence them." This is what you called being straightforward??? XXX said: "I don't understand anymore, Liu Yun I think I'll just go lie down"(Kuppies: I'm guessing one of the sisters designer?) These words also considered straightforward? But when it comes to Koreans, it became a double standards? From what I can see so far are just opinions, no one is overstepping the line. 
Ok let's just talk about the designers only, the Host Lin Hai always ask this question, "who chose the movie theme?" Other Goddesses usually say it was the designers, YEH was THE ONLY ONE who always said she chose the movie every time! Oh that's right, she also changed the BGM (Kuppies: BackGround Music), the PDs because they really love this girl so much they have no objection but to agree (actually NO allowance for changes), in such a short/limited screen time, we saw YEH personally drawn her own handiwork/designs, made her own accessories, sewn her own hats (berets), made her own bag, made her own phone casing. If she won 1st place, she can be so excited and was moved to tears, if she did not invest herself wholeheartedly, where can you find such emotions?! While onstage each and every design details she knows best, in my opinion, it seems like YEH's Designer is just there as a mentor/support! Then what are the others (Goddesses) doing then? Prior to going up on stage, there are still Goddesses who doesn't even know what they are wearing or what their clothes even look like!!! There are even some just because their designer's created something ugly they don't even want to get up on stage and compete!!! There is even someone prior to getting up on stage realised that her clothes was not sewn properly and thrown a tantrum!!! Oh that's right! It was YEH who went over and helped her sewn it back together....
Such a serious hardworking, capable humble /low-key girl, where can we find/recruit you OR should it be how did we provoke/irritate you??? Why such malicious talk facing one another, unwilling to forgive or listen??? Her first trip to China, you guys said it is the price to pay for "gold-digging/money hungry" (Kuppies: Basically saying that YEH or any expatriates seeking work in China because they are looking for "easy" money and/or fame seeking, so they "should" bear degrading treatments), she placed such high demands/expectations on herself always seriously working hard, that is the ONLY reason for her to pay the price, and it SHOULD NOT include unfair treatment and defamation. 
The above comments are from my standpoint alone, if you agree with me then I want to sincerely thank you, but if you disagree then there is no need for you to retaliate, just walk away, that will be best for all. 
----------/////////end of translation///////--------
The author IamJun_I would like me to highlight that her article has been read/seen 1 million+ times, has 13,000+ likes, and 6,000+ comments as of date. A select few of the comments are from audiences who were also present during the verbal abuse and confirmed what happened.  She also wants me to let you know that a lot of the Chinese fans are also supporting our YEH especially judging by the amount of interest her article generates. 
Anyway thank you for reading. I just want to let you know what actually happened to her especially with so many eyewitnesses' accounts. I'm sorry for sharing so late and also sorry for this very very very long post but I just have to get this off my chest.
Our girl has gone through so much since at a very young age. She deserves to be loved. Thank you once again and don't forget to send me any Chinese articles needing translation. 
Bye for now.
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KUPPIES82, thank you for your post (for some reason i can't "Like this", which is good because i actually Love your post)

It is a very sad recount of what happened in that Muse something show.  However, the article, re-confirms "why Miss Yoon EUN HYE" i a very good way.  

In my opinion, and with total respect to everyone else' opinion, Miss Yoon Eun Hye, proves and deserves, the respect, honor, celebrity status, and so many superlative positive acknowledgement given to her.  I have always know of her creative talents, her professionalism, her humbleness, her un-selfless demeanor, her GRACEFUL walk in her life.  The article above, breaks me to tears, realizing how truly God Blessed I am to follow Miss YEH, stand by her side, defend her, staunchly hold my  pride for and faith in her. 

I pray the korean press, will get hold of this information, not to bring shame to themselves but for them to love their fellowmen, who brings pride to their culture.  If CHina and the rest of world believes and takes pride of Miss YEH"s talent and person, i hope they too will see why. 

Miss Yoon Eun Hye, respectfully, please accept my deepe Thank you, trust that you are prayed for by this soul

my dear family in Miss YEH's community of followers - MERRY CHRISTMAS to each of you! please  be safe

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Kuppies82 thank you for your translations and comments, you helped us to understand what have happened again thanks ... it was a really hard and grievous show but whatever happened our Yoon Eun Hye is such a brave and cool woman, let's hope that she can now relax and free herself from burdens.

Opponents chose her as a scapegoat with all their trash because she is a true "ewe" of Lord the sheperd. Another example besides the ones you translated is that many contestants even the winner in Muse Dress 2 were inspired by well-known designers but the show organizers did not mention these inspirations.

Seen on weibo during the finale episode time, I could not publish this earlier, by respect but relativism is more than needed



Bea Hayden, Muse Dress 2, first episode pre-recorded at the beginning of july 2015



Fan Bing Bing at Shanghai International Film Festival Opening in june 2015


Cr: http://fashionsizzle.com/fan-bingbing-in-stephane-rolland-couture-at-18th-shanghai-international-film-festival-opening-ceremony/ 


And opponents focused only on our Yoon Eun Hye's inspirations with their gossips

For first episode 



Muse Dress 2 organizers, next time quote and precise your contestants' inspirations to avoid troubles, misunderstandings or condemnation in public media 

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@Kuppies82  Thank you for your translation and info. 

What i am feeling now? Ummmm! I don't know that will my broken English be able to transfer words from my heart as I wish? However, I will try the best. 

I started to love this girl(YEH), absolutely not becos of her appearance, her cute, her Korean beautiful face or  good looking(Compare to other actresses I accepted that she is not one of the most beautiful girl group, don't hate me for saying like this),these absolutely didn't  make me feel for her but I  started to love her from her acting in Coffee Prince. She is sooooooooooo aptitude and bright. She know very well that what is the most important to  focus on and she's smart to pick it up and present to the audiences. From that time,I recognized and feel like... OHHHH chit! this girl is not so general and plain plain an actress or just a market baby girl who pinned on board as an actress, she is genius and has sth. that I have to know her better. Then I searched all her works, TV show , dramas etc. The more I got the more I'm feel deeper in love her

YEH from my sight, I think she is the artist, pure artist, not an marketing material actress who ent. market can change her to fulfill their expectation for only profit without  recognition of her abilities and her artistic genes that is inside. Her sense of whatever about representing to audiences always straightforward and shot to their heart if they can catch it what she want them to get from her(I didn't over saying about these, I really feel that, and some medias also say about this "material actor")), they would having fun with her. 

However, in marketin
g only artistic sense is not enough, there need promotion, building images, preferable which included culture or race bias in there. Nobody can avoid about these crap. One thing, I have to say is I regretted, Muse dress program didn't show it all of her talents, but even intend to skip then make it more dramatics instead. OK... I knew it just a marketing program that have to mix all story in there, real and unreal. So I understand for their points. 

Finally, what I would like to say is for @Kuppies82 's post, much much more to made me so proud of YEH. My culture have an  proverb  about things that we've done that  "Real gold is not afraid of fire" means People who do good things and have pure mind(like real gold that always bright from rock)  can survive or live safely even though they are in hard times and difficulties(as fire).

Thank you again that allow me to explain my feeling and sorry for my broken english.

OHH. I forgot one thing to say, that bidder is absolutely show his dark side to public. That Episode is the only episode that I think  YEH is only one who show theme as the program requested. Now i just knew it was edited and change the meaning to more less meaningful concept. 

LOL Ladylike is chinese element. Only him can say that without ashame, I'm sure, If he is not in sane he is over drug for sure. 

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