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WARNING: Super long post ahead!   Warriors, Neris, Amazings, & Grapes (Chinese fans),   Hi all. Long time no see. How is everyone doing? Just want to say a really big thank you to

Hello everyone, I'm feeling so proud of YEH this episode and that's why I decide to share with everyone the good feeling. Here is the rough translation I did for YEH's part. I'm putting out a disclaim

cr:YEH Vietnam/weibo

Guest catcatch10

The article that soompi posted which titled : "Tao Helps Yoon Eun Hye Take Third Win on Chinese Show "Goddess"s Fashion" is misleading. It's an example of how easy media (journalist) twisted the story. IF they (medias) watched the show (MD2) epi 9 they will know that YEH's winning wasn't because of (only) Tao's help but because of the bidders who put a trust on her (and her designer partner) works (the collections) by bidding high (the highest among other goddesses). Some of you may see that YEH's collection is nothing special or some people called it "ugly", but the bidders know their job since they're working in fashion business/industry for real.

Anyway, regarding YEH latest interview with Vogue China, the article translated by soompi isn't complete. According to this article http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201510150100151200010444&servicedate=20151014  the reason that YEH's having activities in China is because she wants to get interesting & good projects there & also having a chance to work with good actors rather than making more money like what some people think.

And about YEH's words : "A news beginning in China", some K articles even translated it as her plan to focusing her career in China more & give up her activities in Korea http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201510150100151200010444&servicedate=20151014 

Personally, I prefer her to have project outside Korea since I don't like how Korean people (mostly K medias & netz) treating her lately. I will support whatever her decision be...

I agree with you as the translation made by Soompi is incomplete.

After reading the Chinese article, the reason why YEH having activities in China is that by now she wishes having a chance to give her energy and love back to Chinese fans whose support her since 16 years ago. 

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9 K-drama Halloween costume ideas

by Nhu Nguyen (drama fever)


While I’ve seen many people cosplay K-pop singers, I haven’t seen people cosplay any actors…yet! Halloween is upon us, so while you could dress up like Batman or a nurse, how about making your outfit different by dressing up like a character from a K-drama? All level of costume making difficulty included from casual to hard. Let’s get shopping and sewing, shall we?

2. Yoon Eun Hye as Go Eun Chan, the tomboy waitress in Coffee Prince


to read more:


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Guest luzvisms


credit: ent 163.com


I read it somewhere that that man accused  yeh of plagiarism did it falsely.  I hope that man come to his senses because he's riding on yeh's popularity at the same time he's targeting a Good person that is yeh.


after the storm there are rainbows and there's always light at the end of a tunnel. I truly believed the warrior within you.

so goodnight! sleep tight my dear yeh.

credit owners:



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Theme < in the mood for love >: mood when love

‪#‎Flowers‬ as a teenager hua yun favour ‪#‎this‬ week take everybody back to Hong Kong in 1960, express a different type of family for AFC. Foreigner the high roller for afc tu will look like? Let's see if its‪#‎goddess‬ Yoon Eun Hye #

Goddess refurbished # Congratulations @ D2C taken : 13,888,888 yuan successful order . # Male # extra 110,000 University Degree . # Hua Yang Yoon Eun Hye # Annual flowers this week totaling 13,998,888 BST yuan



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