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WARNING: Super long post ahead!   Warriors, Neris, Amazings, & Grapes (Chinese fans),   Hi all. Long time no see. How is everyone doing? Just want to say a really big thank you to

Hello everyone, I'm feeling so proud of YEH this episode and that's why I decide to share with everyone the good feeling. Here is the rough translation I did for YEH's part. I'm putting out a disclaim

cr:YEH Vietnam/weibo


Don't know how many people pay attention to radiant beauty and refined of Yoon Eun hye and also pay attention to your beautiful shiny hair? If you suspect that there is the use of effects to your hair looked better, let's see the pictures selfie of her life.

Through the photos also can see beautiful ball of hair Yoon Eun Hye, every curl all goes straight, smooth. Besides makeup, beautiful healthy hair also makes her look really highlights.

" but to take care of my hair at the Salon, Daily Hair Care at home is also very important."

Yoon Eun hye when attending fashion week Singapore shared the secret to take care of your hair. Due to the camera, often of Yoon Eun hye hair damaged hurt so often the cure, renewable and nourish your hair is very important.

So the tools to take care of her hair is?

Yoon Eun Hye Recommended Lipidium New L ' Oreal Professionnel Paris, Renewable Core Hair, Hair sure better and protect the surface hair care products with professional hair to achieve effective hair from renewable Inside.

Cre: L'Oreal Professionnel Paris Weibo - LeClub
V-Trans: Yoon Eun Hye Vietnam Fanclub

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Protagonist | Ny: I love pretty popular but do not follow suit11863444_859183384197673_627946912648566"Goddess New Clothes" Although it is the first to join the Chinese Ny variety show, but in an interview with Sohu fashion, she said as early as at the age of sixteen to come to China to participate in the activities, so the Chinese fans are not the same kind of feelings. Because participating idol, she had led a lot of pop culture, but in front of the camera she is particularly shyly said, "flattering", she admitted that he is a beauty of the girls, "In addition to comfortable dress is to be beautiful," but She did not accept to follow suit pop, or accept exaggerated dress - indeed, as a goddess she just quietly do their own Mimi now!

Sohu fashion: First, to talk about why we come to the "Goddess New Clothes," this program?

  Ny: First, I know that in China there is this program about fashion, very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in this program, I am very much looking forward. In fact, in my debut when I was sixteen years old are China participated in some activities, like getting a lot since then, now is the time to put this love back these Chinese fans, so the courage to take part in the file program.


Sohu Fashion: Can you tell us about the designer of this collaboration?

  Ny: The designer told me very close, she went to New York because of some reason, I have asked a lot of times and I would agree to join the program. She is a particularly well-known stylist, have their own boutiques, is a very busy designer, no matter how much her reward, she rarely participate in television programs. Because I think this show is worth the wait, so I will ask her and I participated in the program.

Sohu fashion: like what kind of style?

  Ny: All types are like, just not very exaggerated, I can accept it.

  Sohu fashion: What is your own private style of dress?

  Ny: First must be comfortable, and secondly is to be beautiful. I like to mix and match, such as a more casual dress will use a variety of accessories to match. 

Sohu Fashion: Have you ever played with a lot of pop culture, that your definition of fashion is what?

  Ny: flattering. I am a man will go to a research effort, and make myself beautiful, so that we have more reference style of dress, and then use the different elements in the shape of graces.

  Sohu fashion: to love the Chinese female fans in terms of dress any suggestions?

  Ny: relative to those exaggerated dress, my advice is to choose more comfortable, in line with its own type of style. Do not go to follow the trend of popular, and comfortable to wear for their own is the most beautiful.

Sohu fashion: Next, and then whether there will be more Chinese development plan?

  Ny: First, because the problem of the language barrier, I have not the courage to China to participate in activities to participate in, but by the "Goddess New Clothes," I got a lot of courage, and I would particularly like to give back to my Chinese fans, they want to pull further close. Then "goddess New Clothes," the program, a lot of advertising and plays have found me, I hope to have a good work recently presented to you, so that Chinese fans can pay more attention to and understand me.

CR: http://fashion.sohu.com/20150910/n420837258.shtml

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Guest ferlydee

I'm glad that YEH seems settled and it looks like, business as usual.  I hope no more surprises and pray that this variety show will go smoothly until the end.  I wish she can stay up to the last episode and come out as a winner, but it's only my wishful thinking and high hope.  Thank you again for the latest photos and news about her, it makes me feel I can relax now, lol.  Chat to you again later.

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“In every life, there comes a day of reckoning - a time when unsettled scores demand retribution, and our own lies and transgressions are finally laid bare.” 
― Emily Thorne


I don't know why some men and women had  to spend time to use words and resort to manipulations just to destroy a person. They are beyond my comprehension.  The truth is not for all men but only for those who seek it.

Yoon Eun Hye, we still believe in you. We stand by you.  God bless you always.

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@curiousyeh i think this haters are jealous of Our YEH or have nothing better to do. so let's ignore them, this life's too short. God will weigh everyone’s good and bad actions according to His Mercy and His Justice, forgiving many sins and multiplying the reward for many noble deeds. One who excels in goodness will be rewarded generously, but one whose evils and wrongs outweigh his virtues will be punished.


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Guest santaiah178

I'm very concerned with the hullabaloo that happened to YEH regarding plagiarism controversy. While the plagiarism allegation itself hasn't been proven yet, since YEH has refused the allegation, many people out there has already condemned her and called her a thief. Aside of whether YEH is right or wrong, it's clear for me that cyber bullying has occurred here. Cyber bullying can't be viewed lightly since many victims of it commit suicide, especially in South Korea who is one of the most wired countries in the world.

To give you an illustration of how severe the impact of cyber bullying is, here is the article :  


Cyber bullies reign in South Korea

When someone runs afoul of popular opinion in South Korea, they risk being the target of nasty online campaigns, which apparently have led to some suicides. A movement has started to push civility.

January 01, 2010|By John M. Glionna

Reporting from Seoul — When German-born fashion journalist Vera Hohleiter poked fun in print at the smell of kimchi and the short skirts of South Korean women, the cyber response was swift and nasty.

Incensed Seoul Internet users flooded her blog with insults, calling her a racist and a Nazi, and demanded that she leave their country immediately.

"For weeks, I went everywhere by taxi," said Hohleiter, 30, whose perceived transgressions were contained in a 2008 book, "Sleepless in Seoul," her memoir about a foreign woman hopelessly in love with a young Korean man. "I just didn't want to be confronted with this growing public anger."

Hohleiter is among the latest victims of South Korea's combative and often destructive Internet phenomenon -- personal cyber attacks.

In recent years, celebrities, authors and ordinary South Koreans have been subjected to relentless online assaults -- at times with disastrous, or even lethal, effects.

In 2007, a 16-year-old high school student killed herself following repeated Internet bullying that came after she appeared on a TV show to describe how she lost 90 pounds in three months.

Many Net users reportedly became angry because the teen appeared with a popular actor, analysts say. Miffed that they had never had the chance to meet the celebrity themselves, they attacked her.

Most South Korean cyber bullies are teenagers hiding behind the cloak of Internet anonymity, analysts say, products of a highly regimented culture in which the young are discouraged from speaking their minds with parents, teachers and bosses. At home in their rooms, they let loose, often at the slightest provocation.

Other nations endure outspoken and reckless bloggers and Internet posters. But in South Korea, where government statistics show that 99% of citizens between the ages of 10 and 39 use the Internet, cyber thugs carry inordinate social weight.

In recent months, several South Korean celebrities have committed suicide, in part because of vicious rumors spread about them on the Internet, according to press reports here.

Many here now temper their public statements out of fear of the Net.

And efforts are underway to rein in the barrages, including proposed legislation aimed at governing Internet behavior as well as social programs to encourage civility.

The bill, to punish those who "insult" others on the Internet with up to three years in jail or a $30,000 fine, was proposed after a popular actress committed suicide last year. But it has languished since critics questioned whether it would stifle freedom of expression.

Min Byoung-chul, a professor of English at Konkuk University in Seoul, cites the society's hypercompetitiveness as a key factor in online prickliness.

"Many assume cyberspace is not inhabited by people with real feelings who can really be hurt," he said.

He recently encouraged his students to post 10 positive remarks in Internet chat rooms and founded the Sunfull movement, which aims to reduce anonymous derogatory online messages.

The group sponsors a monthly Sunfull day, which inspires as many as 300,000 positive Internet posts by high school and university students. The organization also seeks to make the Guinness World Records for the longest string of positive Internet comments.

"I was alarmed at the level of maliciousness on the Internet," Min said. "Many people enjoy hearing about how much damage has been done to the target person. There needs to be more civility."

That hasn't happened yet.

In November, appearing on a popular TV talk show, a Seoul college student expressed an opinion that "short men are losers."

Within hours, Internet users had tracked down the woman's home page address and graduation photos. Tagging her "Loser Girl," they made her posts public on her university's website and on shopping and plastic surgery sites.

The woman soon closed her page on a Korean social networking site and issued an apology. Like others, she declines to speak publicly for fear of further provoking Net users.

Previously, there was the woman who didn't clean up her dog's mess on a subway. Her picture, snapped by a fellow commuter, was posted on the Internet.

Within days, Web users revealed her identity, including her age, contact numbers and recent test scores. She reportedly quit school to evade the scrutiny.

Emigre journalist Hohleiter says she has tried to ignore the angry posts, which she says resulted from a poor translation by a Korean college student in Germany of passages from her book.

The translation, she said, failed to capture the irony of her work. For example, she said, her comparison of Korean commuters to hamsters came out as her calling all Koreans rats.

Hohleiter has since published her book in Korean to let readers here decide for themselves.

But while she may no longer receive cyber threats, she said, the bullies may have had an unintended effect among her fellow Germans.

"After reading the backlash," she said, "many readers say they're not sure they want to visit this country after all."


Ju-min Park of The Times' Seoul Bureau contributed to this report.


Another explanation about cyber bullying in South Korea :



So I hope everyone will refrain to say something harsh before it's clear who's telling the lie here...

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@Santaiah178 happy to see you again! That's why it's saddened me seeing those nasty remarks to yeh without any proof that it's true and why I feel vomiting everytime  I heard that stupid and arrogance seeking for fame so called designer (Hoping that all these things backfired on him). If this happened to ordinary human being there's a chance specially in korea that will end up committing suicide but I know yeh belief in god so strongly that's she will endure and face all distractor with a smile and leave it to god to run it's course. Some times I wish she can be a little heartless and punish the distractor with lawsuit but I know yeh that's why it broke my heart. VERY HAPPY TO SEE YOU BACK AGAIN AND PLEASE STAY!

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I remembered a case when Jay Park of 2PM said something about Korean eyelid and he has to leave the group. Some other cases such as Lee Byung Hun, Song Hye Kyo, Rain ... These people not only have high potential to be cyber bullies because of their strong stereotype, prejudice, discrimination but also their lack of tolerance/IQ/EQ toward their people. Some comments are supposed to be from someone has no education background. Just saying, no hate, just personal thoughts.

I enjoy reading Chinese netizen comments more. Really. At least, those comments rehearsal and take charge of what they have been commented before making it worldwide. And they understand that one unintended could barely kill one purposely. (Except for Tao of EXO, Chinese EXO-L is somehow strongly affected by Korean EXO-L when he left the group)

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That case will not happen to YEH, even right now she's standing in  chaotic accusation.  However, she's strong girl and this is not the first time she was pushed in fire(not faulty or herself but competition) however, when the bad time is passed by, the truth is discovered. Even it's may take some time however, nearly  15 years in Ent. and being public actress, she learnt ways to deal with it and let's it pass by. I'm sure.

My reasons that  I quite confident about that. 
1. Ent. market in my country is also much  stressful the same as Korea, all the time celebs, actors or actress were attacked by misleading,
 untrue gossip to fault accusation by haters. However, the majority of social still focus on and judge by their jobs. Korean may be tough country as other business countries and high competition but is not the heartless people country, i've got a few korean friend when I was studied abroad, they are good people to be friend. I'm quite confident that YEH have so much talents and abilities for being in this Ent. as long as she want to be. However it may be a little harder for her to regain her point but she still has talent and abilities that can be used for sell. I quite optimist that this controversy have not much and long affect to her  and she's will be back in a short time, In contrast, this will make her much more stronger and as inner the warrior being she will not give up for sure.  

YEH grew up from very warm family to support her including her large number of fans to be a kind of person who think of others before thinking of herself, she's a considerate of other people's feeling first.

The only weakness (isn't real weakness, it's just illusion)that YEH may have in the illusion of someone and they may think she is easily to beat and take benefit because she's living in her own artistic sense or being too pure artistic woman (The fact of their thoughts is living in ent. business world is not easy, they have to find ways to win each other and there is a small room to share. Why i'm saying that, from my own view, I didn't see her eagerly wants or keen to  gain advantage over others or  beat the competition to reach the top point. And when she already reached there, she share space with them respectively, she is not arrogant and cruel woman at all, even she have many chances to get advantage in the business but she's never done.) Actually, she is strong and genius, and is not that weak.YEH's is real smart woman who know how to be a real people and live with reality.  For this world one who still stand is one who know how to be her/himself "Original is a mark of genius". so that why I quite be confident that the genius woman and full of abilities and qualities like her still can sell to Ent. Market. She don't need  strategies of deceptive in business to build an  image by illusion.

2. After YEH responded by the statement I think YEH knew before what would happen next. However, by a real woman she chose to talk straight to the point. It's work for the objective people but it's hurt haters. Then we see some people have a second thought and the responding from the entertainment people is ignorance. Only the netizens who live with hate still show their weakness. So is this influence to her career, may be for a while but is not for long. However, only the real strong one will still stand.  For business only the potential impact of someone will be used for mining output. Compare between YEH and Mr... who will give more benefit  to them? Ent. Market still based on who have potential to make a profit, and who is just a supporter. Nobody have to pay to regain YEH image coa she is not in any agency that have to  invest money to rebuilt her name, they give her payment to hire and  use her to get attention from public. Furthermore, she has it all, talent, abilities, sense and public attention both positive and negative views(from this case). They still can use her in this business to long time same as other actors or actress. It seem tough but it's business. 
For Mr... I think he will back to his place and other designer will just said OK man you should to stop now.. the more you say the more you lose and if you couldn't stop we may lose by you (like an designer said in news> I couldn't remember from where that "I don't get why it is a big deal"). For  tough other designers who don't closed to YEH, they may just laugh and think it just fun both is no benefit to them, besides Mr..designer is their competitive as well, so no brother and sister the business world. However,in my point YEH worked for many designer and High fashion  brand, I don't think she doesn't have any friend. The fashion market may tough but she still be benefit and has value for them(I have read in a gossip web(netizenbuss or somewhere not sure) there are one comment said"I don't know her(YEH) but please someone tell me which brand is her lipstick i like it" and a few replied they like it too, I smile for this comment cos, actually real world people don't care about netizens are talking about or throwing boom to whom). So why they have to say no to her. I would like to thank Samantha Brand that launch new collection while YEH is in battlefield and Muse Dress director seem don't care either. This's mean business is business, they didn't produce to sell their product to haters but they sell to the world. High brand fashion sell quality, not illusion.  

So I'm still quite sure she will be back in short time after dust is cleared. 




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On 12/09/2015 at 5:43 AM, santaiah178 said:

I'm very concerned with the hullabaloo that happened to YEH regarding plagiarism controversy. While the plagiarism allegation itself hasn't been proven yet, since YEH has refused the allegation, many people out there has already condemned her and called her a thief. Aside of whether YEH is right or wrong, it's clear for me that cyber bullying has occurred here. Cyber bullying can't be viewed lightly since many victims of it commit suicide, especially in South Korea who is one of the most wired countries in the world.

So I hope everyone will refrain to say something harsh before it's clear who's telling the lie here...


Beautiful Yoon Eun Hye we love you and can not stand those who slander you.

Yoon Eun Hye, keep praying, anyway we trust you


Photo de Yoon Eun Hye Vietnam Fanclub- YEH's House.

copyright : Yoon Eun Hye Vietnam

People defend and protect the ones they love. This designer tried to destroy Yoon Eun Hye and misleading rumors started. In this case, we chose rationally and quickly to defend Yoon Eun Hye's comparing what have been said. We do not ask viewers to boycott anyone but to know that fashion world as many other worlds can be harsh and that fashion is an eternal renewal, with inspiration and influences as it is mentioned by many designers. Closing our eyes on this slander issue would have been unacceptable. One have to know that artists, especially female Korean artists can not fully express themselves to preserve their images, so we, fans should talk about things when they seem unsettled (as said a few pages before in this thread).

Yoon Eun Hye said she did not so she did not do anything that Yoon Choon Ho, YCH designer and his team are saying she did. Accusing someone or implying that someone steal something from you is a too serious allegation.

Dorobun (everybody in korean), be happy, it is saturday and 'Muse Dress 2' day with Yoon Eun Hye.






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Guest santaiah178


Let me refer you to the paragraph below regarding your statement on the first paragraph, 

Why is cyberbullying is so intense in South Korea? Maybe it's because Koreans live in a highly competitive society but are expected to be extremely polite in person http://koreanlii.or.kr/w/index.php/Cyberbullying

About 1 year ago my sister visited Seoul-Korea for business purposes, based on her experience of having interaction with some Korean, she said that they're very polite, but most of them are irreligious. They who have religion mostly are Protestant/Catholic and Buddhism. It makes me think that is also one of the reason why they don't have any "self-control" to do something "bad" (my personal thought)

Actually I'm very sad by how Korean people treating their celebs who they think have been "tarnished" like just say Bi Rain, Song Hye Kyo & now YEH. Those artists have potentials and have contribution in introducing Korean culture (Kpop, K drama) world wide. But look at how they're treating them now. Even Rain have had to go to another country to take some projects. So I'm afraid that's what YEH will do. 

@JoonS, I've never said that YEH's done. I just said that YEH's a subject of cyberbullies. Being granted with many talents I still believe YEH will arise from adversity in no time. Especially since many of her fans are abroad. I heard that many of her China fans are very supportive to her while she's having this "scandal". So did many of her fans in my country (including me lol)

@Gracedberry, I agree with you. Knowing how YEH's agency works YEH's fans should be more active in defending her. So my hat's off to you who always defend her ;)

@LhenyR, Hi... I can't make a promise to stay but I always be there when it's needed (when YEH in trouble)

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Quoted from JoonS


"Fashion market may tough but she still be benefit and has value for them(I have read in a gossip web(netizenbuss or somewhere not sure) there are one comment said"I don't know her(YEH) but please someone tell me which brand is her lipstick i like it" and a few replied they like it too, I smile for this comment cos, actually real world people don't care about netizens are talking about or throwing boom to whom)".





It was on allkpop.

They said : "Nice lipstick color" and "I got distracted by that too lol"

It all started with her NARS pink lipstick for I miss you, but here it is her pink lipstick for MAC cosmetics



Someone downloaded this on YouTube, had to share as this video is subbed in English.


 Yoon Eun Hye's lipstick and beauty tips.

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Ok so That's is another one, but i remember that I have read from somewhere, I couldn't remember exactly, In these a few days I read of YEH from many sites  but the comment said about which brand of her lipstick  something like that. 

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Guest ferlydee

Good am beautiful people, I was very excited and jumping for joy and can't help but express my happiness here.  Did you read in the soompi news which YEH is trending right now that she got a bid of 4.9 billion won for that controversial coat.  See, this is the reason why that selfish, greedy fashion designer was trying to ruin YEH it's because of moola, money, won, that is all that he was after for.  For him, he will never have reasoning and will not understand that in any business that concerns designs, people will look for idea and inspiration which in some fashion designers, is flattering.  But I believe YEH is innocent and with God on her side, sorry for some who has different faith, but we are all brothers and sisters here, she will come out the winner,  in a true meaning of a strong person.  Whatever will be the result of this billion won for that controversial coat, YEH can stand the obstacle and will stay strong because good  people believe in her.

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Yoon Choon Ho and his team downloaded more and more pictures this time with feathers, frills. Probably as some articles refered to Yoon Eun Hye's talking about being inspired by a feather

Can someone download some pictures of the comparisons made here on korean portals?




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