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~new Summer 2008 Anime: Koihime Musou~

Guest tsubomichan

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Guest tsubomichan



episode 1 sub: http://www.veoh.com/videos/v14901368WfzC5t...p;viewType=user
The anime series, with its title shortened to simply Koihime Musō, featured a story very different to that found in the original visual novel. The original protagonist, Hongo Kazuto, is not present in the anime, nor does the grand battle between the three kingdoms take place. Instead, it feature Kan'u's adventure in China, meeting many other characters from the game along the way.

Volumes: 2 (Ongoing) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=26073Anime Episodes: 1st Season: 12 + 2nd Season: 12 + 3rd Season: 12



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Guest daisyy

seriously, i think the creators ran outta ideas or something...

making historic male heroes/warriors/generals of china into these...wtf? tsundere girls? yandere? lolicon? moe? oneesans?

it's kind of hilarious actually...especially when guan yu, the 'main character', was known for his long beard...

but no. he's been turned into some sexy big-breasted anime girl now! hoorah!


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