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Kangin - Taeyeon The Chinchin Djs Thread ~


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well sometimes it's Broadcasted

as for Oct 1st and 2nd it will be Bora = Viewable Radio

so you can watch it from here using IE

Oct 1, 2008

Kangin Taeyeon's ChinChin

PM 8.00-10.00

Guests: 후아유 with 동방신기 (DBSK)

Oct 2, 2008

Kangin Taeyeon's ChinChin

PM 8.00-10.00

Guests: 지못미 with 쇼하우 and 이불 (Showhow and Lee Bul)

To watch live: mms://bora.imbc.com/imbcBora

use IE


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Guest incomplete.

thanks for the answer guys

so then it's about 4 am in the pacific time right?

O_O seriously? lol I don't know if I can get up to watch it XD

I just wanna see the god on their radio live ><

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so I watched the recorded video streaming of Chin Chin radio (the one with Sweety vs. SHINee....it was so good!!! I was laughing my head off at some of the moments ^.^'') and was wondering if this radio session with DBSK will also be on video and not just the radio?

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers my question!!!! :D

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Guest Mellerz

C h i n C h i n 0 8 1 0 0 1


Kangin: "Urgh, dang eye"

Taeyeon: ". . . God . . Are you talking to me?"

Kangin: "Blah, don't look at me"


his weird dancing makes her laugh =D


now where's kangin op- . . nvm


i think they're dead (until DBSK came)


don't let such a little thing fool you

she can bring some major damage ;)



Kangin needs some energy drink


NOW, it's fighting time . . .

(is this what you consider a fight?)


and i thought she was leaning in for a kiss -__-;


(she should've fed him lmfao)

Taeyeon: "Dang, this is good!

Right, oppa? -insert aegyo here-"

(tae's aegyo isn't effective enough LOL)

credit; wondergeneration.wordpress.com

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Guest noopuk

555+ she wanna kiss or not? *0*

But they r still so cute. when he dance for make her laugh, I think it's very funny.

His performance like techno dance 55+

Thank you for your gif na ja.

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Guest riehae

Kang the bully. But he's still a nice oppa to Taeyeon. When I get to watch Chinchin, I love it when they are just doing random things. They are both brilliant djs. I guess in some way, Kang helped Taeyeon in that field - he's a sunbae anyway.

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Guest E.L.F.love

mellerz:*bows to the ground* thnk u !!!



aiwoo kuputah!!~~



i m pretty sure that is kangins dad.i remember seeing a pic..it looks like taeyeon has already met her "in-laws" lol! jk :D sry :sweatingbullets:



cheek pinching!!!


kangin also sed that @ sm employee's wedding kangin and taeyeon (plus jessica and heechul ^__^) sang the xanadu duet "suddenly" together !!

and i juss thought this was kute..


mini chin chin DJs !! xD


simply diem: oh rly?hahah ty 4 telling me. im such a pabo.

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if that's really Kangin's dad hehehehe i hope he is O_O

even That Elle Editors AGREE that Kangyeon so match together

seems like kangin is in love with her lol

mel thanks for the gifs^^

i love them all too bad no tae yesterday chinchin T_T

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Guest simply_diem

^ Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is not Kangin's dad. Instead, his name is Bae Chul-Soo & he's DJing for Music Camp radio.

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oh no? ah well doesnt matter lol XD

kangyeon still look cute together

gah i love when he said to tell him if there's bad comment bout her

kangin really care bout tae huhuhuh

and they're together in FG just SWEEEETTTT!!!! ♥

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