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An Sohee 안소희

Guest Yoyo

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So many photos of Sohee! I love it!
The photo stills of her hair blowing in the wind are the sort of image made for shampoo commercials. Someone should offer her one ;))
Glorious hair + adorable expression = Win

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In WGWorld they posted better versions from the poster someone photographed in the VDL store a couple of days ago. The pictures aren't from VDL's official sites but from here instead


Credit: cafe.daum.net/wondercuty

So many new Sohee pics today I'm really in heaven right now xD

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Sohee thanks fans for their support after first event with new agency


On March 20, Sohee greeted her fans through a grateful message on her personal Facebook page after her first official event with her new agency, BH Entertainment.
She said, "Thank you for showing a lot of interest and sending a lot of love to actress Sohee's first event despite the bad weather today.  There wasn't enough room for all of the people who came running far in this cold weather, but I deliver my thanks to all of those people who expressed their support.
Accept this special sign I prepared for the friends on Sohee's official Facebook and I hope you have a fun and happy day.  Thank you."

In the included picture, Sohee is holding up the sign that includes a full-body image of herself with her large signature next to it.  She looks mature and pretty like a true actress in this picture, as well, with her red lipstick and black-and-white outfit.source: allkpop

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Here are more fan photos from various blogs. I decided to just updated it here because the official Wonder Girls thread is flooded with Sohee's news and I think it's kind of upsetting for fans of the other girls like Yubin, Yeeun, and Lim when they're hoping to see updates of their biases. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't share any updates of Sohee there at all, it's just that we should keep it to a minimum. I hope that Mandufuls will hopefully agree with me, and also respect the other fans of the other girls.

5lZg4K5.jpg 2w0ArSq.jpg

E6OoGH4.jpg Y0UpKVT.jpg 8Pd9ugo.jpg io83VXz.jpg pv9XLtg.jpg vvPyVVq.jpg lBR3NFF.jpg h5vCu3h.jpg K76B2Lm.jpg isgIjHV.jpg yOKctW5.jpg Nxd2YOp.jpg E1ccDCh.jpg GOLlNOS.jpg nDDoxxj.jpg f5xNaKl.jpg Kr0SaFt.jpg bg2cyfT.jpg 2w0ArSq.jpg 5lZg4K5.jpg LBBO89T.jpg bPIrZnT.jpg qs1gxvo.jpg fAOnDiA.jpg IfGdZmA.jpg T9hHn0t.jpg XA5BWGw.jpg 2CU3xey.jpg GnQ3JKO.jpg rZ3tlJV.jpg rzCDcok.jpg

source: chicsohee@tumblr.com, 1, 2, 3, 4

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That's true the WG thread has been like only Sohee pics lately.. let's only post the most important updates there from now on.

Btw this picture. Someone grabbed Sohee's hair!! WTF!!


Also Tenasia uploaded some more pictures. I just wanted to post this one here because it looks so HQ and is super close up :D


I so love HQ pics kehe :D

Credit as tagged

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Fan photos pleases my eyes and makes my heart flutter so much LOL. I'm in absolute love with all these amazing HQ-ness of our Sohee! 
I also saw the tensasia photos and they were so gorgeous... The only thing that annoyed me to the max is that they had their logo's on Sohee's face. But now that I think about it, the majority of the press photos are all as gorgeous too. I don't think I remember seeing so many press photos that has such great shots. I think everyone's absolute favorite shots would be the ones where the wind was attacking her.
Kind of sad that there aren't any news articles of Sohee at her first public appearance since joining BH Entertainment. But I guess there would be some when she makes more appearances later on. It's nice to see her again as fans who have waited since the news of her departure from JYP Entertainment, and then her addition to BH Entertainment.
I know this might not be a big deal, but out of all the actresses and actors from BH Entertainment's official facebook pages... Sohee is the only one who had reached well over 10,000 likes! I think it's thanks to her international fan base but I'm quite proud and hopefully she'll frequently interact with fans there since it seems like she's the one posting herself with her signature -* at the end of her sentences lol. I kind of think she stopped using her twitter account because it was an official Wonder Girls member twitter account and she's trying to rebuild her image as Actress Ahn Sohee instead of Wonder Girls Sohee.
I would prefer that she changes her twitter username lol, but I highly doubt Sohee would be doing anything like that since she likes to lay on the down low of things.

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Just imagine how many more HQ pics we will get when Sohee goes on with her promotions! With sites like Dispatch releaseing HD versions now we can only look forward to it :D I just wished the other news sites would release their pics more in HQ as well.. nothing annoys me more than a pretty picture but so small and sucky that you can't really enjoy it :C

But actually there were lots of news articles. Every photos is always with some text.. and to be honest what else is there to write other than 'yay Sohee had a fansigning :D'. I think the press releases were okay. Just wait when there are news about her next roles in dramas etc! This will be awesome!

I think Sohee has never really liked using twitter anyway. And don't forget there was this perv harassing her through twitter. So she probably has bad memories with twitter anyway. Maybe her company will make a new one but actually using Facebook seems to be the smarter choice anyway. You can actually share content there and make longer posts.

Out of the windy shots I think this one is the best:


It looks kinda unreal. As if someone would use a vacuum over Sohee's head XD

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Definitely agree. I wonder what other public appearances Sohee will be making later on in April and etc. Her fan sites are already collecting donations for a food support event for her independent film. Highly excited for more news of that!
Anyways, here are some fan accounts of Sohee's first VDL fan signing appearance. Everyone was praising her skin and her professional attitude despite the gloomy weather. Ah, there are new fans too! ^^




source: CHICnG_@twitter, and as tagged.

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Here's something for everyone who was too lazy to save all the pictures one by one :D
I went through all the news websites and collected all photos and made a zip-file out of it. This also contains all fan-taken photos up until now (that I found, there are probably more). The photos are all sorted and renamed. Should be easy to view them now :)

Download the zip file here~ (it's very large - 218 mb xD That's because all the HD photos are there as well ^.^)

Please tell me if something doesn't work with the download file!

(file updated on 07.05.2014)

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Guest bonjour tristesse.

I agree with Yoyo. I was a bit sad too when I saw little articles of Sohee and her first public appearance but I guess it's reasonable. Since she's shedding away from her idol image, and the fact that it's been so long since she became active, she has to start somewhere and I think there isn't a problem with how she is now, since her fanbase seems to be growing and not to mention stable too.
I hope she communicates more with fans through her facebook fanpage (yeah, I noticed the '-*' signature too lol) and as far as her twitter is concerned, she'll probably make a new one in the near future just like what Sunmi did when she made her come back stage after leaving WG.

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Sohee was mentioned in an AllKpop article about fashionistas:



Everything about Sohee screams chic.  Her mood always seems to match her outfits, which makes each outfit seem like a statement in itself.  Sohee has a very innocent, youthful face--she contrasts this image with a very mature fashion sense, which works well for her.  She, too, knows how to perfect all types of looks, while maintaining her carefree chic image. 

Credit: Allkpop

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More fan accounts. Absolutely love how everyone's praising Sohee and even mentioned the 'Sohee Effect'.

SmngAnG.jpg RJWYDUS.jpg
source: CHIGnG_@twitter, and respective blogs

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