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[Drama 2009] Swallow The Sun 태양을 삼켜라

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

[sBS] Ji Sung, Sung Yuri, Jun Gwang Ryul, Yoo Oh Sung, Jo Sang WooAiring date : 8th July
Offical site : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/sol
Writer: Choi Wan Gyu
PD: Yoo Chul-yong
Eps : 24
Actors/Actresses : Ji Sung, Sung Yuri, Jun Gwang Ryul, Yoo Woo Sung, Jo Sang Woo, Han Ji Yun,
Kim Jung Tae, Ma Dong Suk, Lee Wan, So Yi Hyun


The story mainly revolves around 3 main characters who were born in Seogwipo, Jeju.


Kim Jung Woo (33 years old): An illegitimate child of a hooligan and a fisherwoman,
-JungWoo was left at an orphanage as soon as he was born. He has nothing, has no one to lean on, no hope or future in his life – he lives as a lowlife gangster. Then, the first opportunity to change his life is given to him. He saves the life of the fabulously wealthy, well-known, and powerful President Jang. For this opportunity, he is willing to throw away his soul. And he goes to Seoul in search of President Jang’s son TaeHyuk. In order to pass TaeHyuk’s “test,” he must do anything – steal, cheat, fight, and do absolutely everything to move one woman’s heart towards TaeHyuk. Surprisingly, this woman is SuHyun, JungWoo’s first love. Ever since they were young, JungWoo has loved SuHyun one-sidedly; she is the one woman who is in his heart although she doesn't return it. She can't even remember him from their childhood, and he watches her becoming close with TaeHyuk. JungWoo later learns that his father was a cruel, vicious man, becoming devastated and realizes he can't approach SuHyun with his love.
JungWoo ends up taking the blame for TaeHyuk's crime, and he goes to prison. Soon, SuHyun becomes slowly attracted to JungWoo, making TaeHyuk even more obsessive over her. Now, JungWoo must find his soul again and search for the love he lost long ago.

Lee Su Hyun (32 years old): Project manager

-In her childhood, Su Hyun (SungYuri) spent some time in JaeJu with her grandfather who owned a farm there. This was when she met Jung Woo (Ji Sung) for the first time at an orphanage. She looked into his eyes and thought that they were the most sorrowful eyes she had ever seen. However, what is the point of recalling those eyes and bringing back memories of her difficult past? Too sentimental, no time. Presently, these memories don’t have a place in her thoughts.
Tragedy strikes in Su Hyun's life. The death of her parents and her beloved grandfather. A castle is built where her grandfather’s farm used to be. She is left all alone in the world. However, she does not lose sight of her dreams. She is stubborn and ambitious, and there isn't a single job she does not go through in the process. She meets wealthy, successful Tae Hyuk(LeeWan); she knows that he is in love with her but refuses to think about love until she fulfills her dreams. When Su hyun earns enough money, she goes abroad to start on her journey. Once abroad, Tae Hyuk offers to give her all his support and money she needs, but she refuses because she is determined to do this on her own. With all her passion, talent, and confidence, she eventually succeeds with her first project Cirque du Soleil. Although she becomes partners with Tae Hyuk, she finds her heart being stirred by Jung Woo. She eventually falls in love with him.

Jang Tae Hyuk (30 years old)
Until he was ten years old, TaeHyuk had never seen his father before. He had a miserable life in a small village, taking care of his sick mother. However, he possessed a warm and compassionate nature. He was a dependable, gentle child - sturdy as a rock. After his mother’s death, a group of people he’d never seen before came to pick him up in a fancy car and present him to a man who called himself “father.” His father did not show any guilt or shame; his attitude was that of a rightful father. As much as TaeHyuk longed for his father, he also grows to despise him. Then one day, his father sends a boy named JungWoo to him. TaeHyuk looks down on JungWoo, a boy whom this despicable father approves of, a boy who is looking for opportune moments. Then, one day he realizes that he thinks of him as a friend. When JungWoo goes to prison and takes all the blame for a crime TaeHyuk committed, he truly feels sorry and miserable; and when he hears that his father betrayed JungWoo, causing him to flee, he is left with a heavy heart. TaeHyuk is even ready to accept revenge from JungWoo should he want that.
But nothing that has to do with SuHyun.
For TaeHyuk, SuHyun is the one woman who helps him to find his lost emotions again. She takes away his cynical outlook and puts a bright smile on his face. And it is this woman who leads him toward a newfound goal in life - to take down his father's company and build his very own "kingdom." She is the sole reason he goes abroad, to be with her, and she is the reason he decides to work with Cirque du Soleil, to be her partner of Asia. However, all this hard work starts crashing down with the appearance of JungWoo. He vows to ruin him.

Han Sun Young (29 years old): (Woman) Diver's daughter
-She goes to Hong Kong with the man she loves, but he suddenly disappears while he was out working. She decides to seek revenge and becomes the second wife/mistressof the wealthiest man in Hong Kong. She changes herself into a professional businesswoman. However, due to a fated incident, she returns to Seogwipo and joins a big project.



Jackson/Baek Seun Ri : Jung Woo's UDT training instructor in America

Yoo Mi Ran : She is involved in the love triangle between Jung Woo and Su Hyun


Jang Min Ho : TaeHyuk's father

(credit Sandy@purpletiger86, happyday & yeohweping)


Must Read!!
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02. Never upload the vids or subs on any illegal streaming sites like MySoju, DramaCrazy, etc..
03.Pls do not ask nor request for any uploads of any vids nor subs. All the links will be posted out when the subbing team or uploaders are ready. A time delay rule of subs and vids will be imposed if anymore of these type of requests are seen on this thread (Uploading and subs will be delayed to a much later time than usual). Time is needed for the uploaders to upload and for subbers to complete their subbing process. And these doesn't appear like magic with a snap of finger or whenever you want them! Be considerate to the uploaders and subbers who are sacrificing their free time and money to sub and upload for us!
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06.No permission was given to DramaCrazy nor MySoju to encode/take/stream any subs from Haru2subS. These sites are never involved in of any part of the subbing process!!


Ratings (Credit: wiki.d-addicts.com)

Subbing group



Direct Download links from AJA AJA
If you have trouble accessing AJA-AJA, please Pm their admins at myaigoo@gmail.com



OST is updated at the AJA-AJA link

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Guest Happy_Day

Wow, that is so freaky! I was just thinking about how there hasn't been a good drama centering around the fragile Korean/Japanese relationship. I especially want to learn more about Korea during the Japanese occupation, or just more about the sentiment around this on both sides. For some reason, I can't find a lot of information on Korea under Japanese rule. Of course, I have an idea because my parents and grandparents know all about it, but I feel they might be biased to a degree.

Maybe there hasn't been a drama like this because it's a touchy subject. I hope there will be a more detailed summary about this soon, and also the time period.

Anyway, I simply adore ChoiJiWoo.. And JiSung is adorable~~ Wow, he really got a good role after his success in New Heart, huh?

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Guest AlecRuby01

wow, ji sung and choi ji woo?

that's a cool new pairing to see.

i wonder if they will match, but anyway i love the concept of the new drama.

korean/japanese relationship drama will surely catch the attention of the older audiences and young ones that want to learn more about the cultures between the two.

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Scriptwriter Choi sure loves his All In men. :rolleyes: LBH in IRIS. Even the PD is from All In. :blush:

Now.. with JiSung in Hidden.. what a reminiscene.. and with JiWoo, no less.

JiSung-JiWoo.. hope this new drama pair will rock the series.. love the sound of their names, makes it easier to remember too.

Thanks yeohweping for the thread & Helena for the info. Excellent sharing!

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Jisung and Jiwoo....wow! interesting....still waiting for confirmation announcement from Jiwoo's agency. I've to bookmark this thred !!! hee hee

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Guest plumangel3

:w00t: im so totally excited for this!!!! i cant wait to see Jiwoo back in another drama and together with Jisung <33

i think they're going to look adorable together. Jiwoo can look great with anyone :D

^i really hope she confirms it! :)

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Let’s hope this is true, because starjiwoo hasn’t made any official announcement regarding this drama yet. Here is the message by Jiwoo’s manager posted at starjiwoo today. It seems there was a related news article posted by some fan at starjiwoo today, but was deleted. And then later JW's manager posted the message. :P


Hello, all families of Starjiwoo.

I'm worrying about your health because the heat wave goes on.

Maybe the article which sometimes is written irritate fans

who are waiting for new work of Jiwoo for a long time.

I'm sorry about it.

Choi Ji Woo receives some good works.

She repeats great worry and troubles whenever she always selects the new work

for meeting all of you with a more better work.

Because the time before the beginning of the work is more important

than any kind of time in the work, she selects new work carefully and tries a lot of things.

If we make a final decision soon, I will inform you of new work as soon as possible.

I appreciate you who give love to Jiwoo and show interest in her without changing.

Please be sure to take good care of yourselves because it's hot and humid.

And please always spend a happy day.

Thank you again.

Take care.

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Guest fivemagic

Congrats to Ji Woo and Ji Sung for being the leads in Hidden. I am so happy to hear of this greatest news... hoping it's REAL this time.... Ji Woo and Ji Sung, I think they will look good together... Ji Woo always looks so good with her co-star male leads... no matter who it is.

Thanks yeohweping for starting the thread.

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Wow, that's cool! Definitely looking forward to this drama ^^ Yeah, those two have never been paired together :D I really like both though ^^ Hope neither of them will drop out of this drama like with MBC's Iljimae~

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have news better than no news....I'll be patient. Hope Hidden will come true not same as Lovers in Asuka last time...hee hee...but it seem that Jiwoo still thinking very hard for her new project...we really miss her a lots...anything will support her....and don't worry about co-star...coz from before Jiwoo look great with every actors !!!!

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Wow, so nice to know that Ji Sung has another drama after NH. Can't wait for it. I hope this will be one of the most interesting Kdramas again. Awww..... I would like to see him work with CJW (the frist time, huh?). I’m anxious to watch this drama. :o :)

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Guest MiNwOoZ_sOuLmAtE

i can't wait for this drama to air

i really hope jiwoo confirms because she's a great actress

as for jisung, he's pure love!

but wow...

the pd is one busy man...

he has sooo many projects coming up

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