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[drama 2008] Working Mom, Stay Home Mom 워킹맘 친정맘

Guest huangsy

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Guest huangsy

[sBS] Bong Tae Kyu, Yeom Jung Ah, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Ga Yeon, Cha Ye Ryun
Debuts 30 July 2008, replacing Iljimae.

Director : Oh Jong Rok

Scriptwriter : Kim Hyun Hee

Cast : Bong Tae Kyu 봉태규, Yeom Jung Ah 염정아, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Ga Yeon, Cha Ye Ryun (Bad Love, Doraefasolatido), Kwon Sae In (Beastie Boys)

Official site : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/workingmom

Episodic preview http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/resource/template...vMenuId=1009146

Other official VODs : http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/resource/template...vMenuId=1009165

Official free to watch site : http://www.mycreo.com/vod/vodDetail.aspx?m...p;prgid=1003254












2008 SBS Drama Awards:


Kim Ja-Ok 김자옥 (Working Mom 워킹맘)

PD AWARD (남자 프로듀서상)

Bong Tae-Gyu 봉태규 (Working Mom 워킹맘)


Cha Ye-Ryun 차예련 (Working Mom 워킹맘)

OST Album :


1 꼭 소녀시대 (유리 & 수영 ...

2 사랑을 몰라요 (Wang Ji Ta) 써니 (소녀시대)

3 그대를 꿈꾸다 (With 이윤종) JM

4 너만 있다면 이윤종

5 Summer Latin (Title) Various Artists

6 허무한 일상 Various Artists

7 기분 좋은 날 Various Artists

8 I'm Working Mom Various Artists

9 Sometimes Various Artists

10 말썽 꾸러기 Various Artists

11 천일몽 Various Artists

12 Hunting Various Artists

13 달콤한 휴식 Various Artists

14 Sometimes (Guitar ver.) Various Artists

15 Working Flamingo

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Source: The Korea Herald 2008.07.29

New SBS drama looks at working moms

With the 2008 Beijing Olympics on the horizon, television networks are hard pressed to churn out dramas that can draw sports-hungry viewers away from the games.

SBS - who has been scoring high viewer ratings with its dramas "Iljimae" and "Sikgaek" - hopes to draw audiences away from the games with their upcoming Wednesday and Thursday night comedy: "Working Mom - The Taming of the Badness Husband."

Featuring the ever-comical Bong Tae-gyu as a philandering husband, "Working Mom" may not deliver the top-notch ratings of its predecessor "Iljimae" but promises to be entertaining.

Set to start airing tomorrow night, the drama takes a look at the life of Choi Ga-young. Played by veteran actress Yum Jung-ah, Ga-young is a career woman who was on the fast track to the top.

That is, until she ends up pregnant with her much younger co-worker's child. Soon, she ends up unemployed and married with two children.

"Working Mom" - artfully scripted by Kim Hyun-hee, who wrote the SBS drama "Gangnam Mothers" (2007) - chronicles Ga-young's struggles with her cheating husband, her return to the workforce and her two rowdy sons.

Actress Yum, who recently became a mom herself, seems to have no problems getting into character.



"I just had a baby, so I still have a little bit of weight on me," said Yum, 36, at the press conference held last week. "Now that I am a mom, when I'm at home I want to work, and when I'm at work I think about my children. So I can really relate to my character."

The former Miss Korea entrant - Yum was first runner-up in 1991 - hardly looks like the motherly type. The preview, however, dispels all notions.

There, Yum manhandles her character's wicked little sons like a pro. Her co-star Bong Tae-gyu - who recently starred in the sexually comic film "A Tale of Legendary Libido (Garoojigi)" (2008) - however, threatens to steal the show.

Bong, 27, manages to turn his character - a spineless, unfaithful husband - into an adorable and lovable boy-man.

In the preview, after getting actress Yum's character into bed, his character cuddles up to her and asks: "Who do you like better, the soccer player Ahn Jung-hwan or me?"

For those who are not into Korean soccer, forward Ahn is known for his good looks and for scoring the winning golden goal for Korea against Italy in the second round at the 2002 World Cup, sending his team into the quarterfinals.

When Bong's character delivered the question in the preview, the audience started laughing, a good sign for the upcoming drama.

"Working Mom," however, is up against some stiff competition. KBS will start airing a new drama based on the popular horror series "Hometown Legends" on Aug. 6 in the Wednesday and Thursday night time slot.

With summer nights getting hotter, a little horror is always a good way to cool down. Those who have long been fans of "Hometown Legends," which was also made into a movie, titled "The Evil Twin" (2006), may prefer to tune into the bone-chilling series.

"Working Mom" airs on Wednesday night at 9:55 p.m. on SBS.

By Jean Oh



[source: The Korea Times 07-29-2008 16:51]

SBS Drama to Spotlight 'Working Moms'

By Han Sang-hee

Staff Reporter


From left, actors Yoon Ju-sang, Kim Ja-ok, Cha Ye-ryun, Yun Jung-ah and Bong Tae-gyu pose for the cameras at the press conference for the new drama "Working Mom'' at SBS July 23. / Yonhap

Being a working mother in Korea involves many responsibilities ― from taking care of the children and supporting the family to managing work ― and sometimes it just seems too much. To sympathize and give these mothers a break from all the hustle, SBS is airing its new drama "Working Mom'' tonight.

Starring Yum Jung-ah ("A Tale of Two Sisters,'' 2003) as a businesswoman and mother, the drama depicts the life of Choi Ga-young. Choi, who was an attractive career woman, is now a full time mother of two boys with husband Park Jae-sung, who is two years younger. Park is played by Bong Tae-gyu ("Sunday Seoul,'' 2006). She is torn between the responsibility of being a mother, wife, and herself.

This is the first drama for Yum in four years. The actress is a real life working mom, who recently gave birth to a baby girl.

"I love looking after my daughter, but I realized that I missed working. Although I'm here at work, I miss her and sometimes feel sorry for not being there. I believe it's an emotion that many working moms go through,'' she said at the press conference promoting the drama.

Bong plays the troubled yet charming Park, and when asked about his image as a comical character, he laughed, explaining that he was the one who was actually an average guy.

"There are many women who dream of younger boyfriends who are sweet and handsome, but I think this is just about five percent out of all the older women and younger men couples. I chose this character because he seemed real, he's not good-looking or anything. He's real,'' Bong said.

The story unfolds as Choi, determined to return to her glory days as a businesswoman, decides to leave her children with someone and start working again. It would have been her mother, but she died a few years ago and now the only way is to persuade her father to get married.

Through ups and downs, Choi's father gets married and all seems to go smoothly. However, Choi's plan takes a turn as her stepmother says that she will not take care of her grandsons, and the quest to win back her job, her husband who is secretly dating his fellow colleague, begins.

The drama fits into the real world as many grandmothers these days, in fact, refuse to baby-sit their grandchildren, thus putting more young working moms at a crossroads between work and their kids.

With comical sequences and characters and a story that will touch the hearts of many working moms and husbands, the drama "Working Mom'' airs tonight at 9:55 p.m. on SBS.



so cheating husband??? is Cha Ye Ryun the colleague then???

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Guest rain_drops

is 9.7 suppose to be high?

i think i expected too much out of this...

i already watched two episodes and it seems to be

more of an ahjuma-type of drama...

the "cute" thing bongtaekyu does to get his wife happy is a bit annoying...

or is that just me? :sweatingbullets:

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Guest huangsy

the "cute" thing bongtaekyu does to get his wife happy is a bit annoying...

or is that just me? :sweatingbullets:

Guess some people may actually like it. :blush:






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