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[drama 2009] 2009 Alien Baseball Team / Strike Love 2009 외인구단

Guest C51236

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Guest C51236
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Guest lidge_fan

^ thanks for the picspam, C51236

KMJ making the victory sign and face are simply adorable!!!

meju, groovier, julier, puela, mily2 and ay_link: thanks for ep. 3 subs

The status on fansubwiki has the translations done for up to ep. 5.....just need timing and editing......and ep. 6 translations is pending

That's awfully fast! Thanks for putting a lot of effort into this little drama!!!!

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Guest Q_Park


I've recently gotten into this drama because I couldn't resist seeing KMJ and YTY together!

Though it has its dark moments, this drama is very enjoyable!

Yoon Tae Young is an excellent actor; I love the way his eyes express so much!

Do EomJi and DongTak really get married????

- Kyu

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Guest C51236

EP. 7


EJ- Eom Ji

HS- Hye Sung

HJ- Hyun Ji

~*~ SPOILER ~*~

EJ's mom kicks her out? (b/c she ran out during a designer's competition or something & she didn't come home afterwards) EJ says she loves HS, her sister, HJ is devastated. EJ gets slapped by her mom. her mom scoffs and says it's just a childhood crush but EJ says it isn't.

~*~ PREVIEW ~*~

EJ stays with HS at his place. HS decides to take the dude with the sunglasses' offer. HS & EJ spend the night together? he leaves.. probably the 4 yr. fast forward occurs during this or next episode.

episode 7 ratings

Seoul: 4.1

Nationwide: <8.4

i really like this pic b/w the 2 best friends :)


aahhhh the chemistry!


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Guest Q_Park

^ Thank you for the pictures! OMG, what are they wearing? LOL

Episode 8 was very sweet.

Some of my favorite moments:

When EJ is getting attacked by those guys and she calls HS for help.

When HS sees her at that "motel".

When they talk in front of EJ's house and EJ refuses to go in.

When HJ sees HS with EJ. (LOL)

When EJ and HS talk sitting on that bench.

When EJ tells DS and HS that she is going to leave their home.

When HS decides to go see that man.

When HS gives EJ the matching necklace (when he asks her to marry him when he returns) and when they go to the hotel together.

And . . . right before HS leaves when he gives EJ a kiss.

And all those little EJ/HS moments in between. LOL

I looks like we won't be getting so many EJ/HS moments in the next episodes. I wonder what happens that causes EJ to get married to DT. I read somewhere that HJ gets married to HS. I REALLY HOPE THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN.

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Guest bohemianheart.

i freaking love this drama. = )

the park sungmin guy is freaking sexy. har har har. well when he's in the movie as it is. D:

drama, is sad. but only watched to episode three on mysoju. it's awesome !

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Guest lidge_fan

^ Thank you for the pictures! OMG, what are they wearing? LOL

I think the bad economy is finally taking a toll on the wardrobe dept. at MBC jk.gif



Main Translator: wildblooms

Spot Translator: meju

Timer: dOtcOm

Editor/QC: lilli

Coordinators: mily2, ay_link


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Guest krn_rock87

im def. enjoying this drama! the chemistry betwn the 2 leads are awesome. thank you withs2 for ur time in subbing this drama! greatly appreciated=)

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Guest lidge_fan



RAW: Aja-Aja

CHINESE SUBS: Cococrust Repository

We will be uploading this drama on Aja-Aja when it starts. :)

Strike Love is available for download at Aja-Aja



am a bit behind........have to catch up *sigh*

KMJ is adorable, but she reminds me of CJW in Stairway to Heaven.......the hair and everything :lol:

love her look in Strike Love though.......gives viewers a totally different feel from what she played in Fashion 70's & New Heart

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lidge_fan, thanks for the information. I did read through the thread but somehow must've missed the aja-aja references. Time to go visit the optometrist!!

Really looking forward to the rest of this drama. I loves KMJ in New Heart and am excited at the line-up in this drama.

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