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Where Do You Dl Music

Guest sunshinex3

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Guest echoRy

well since z-degrees.net is gone :(

does anyone know where i can find HWAYOBI music to dl?

i'm waiting for her album and it's taking forever and a day to get delivered!

if anyone knows where pretty please pm me ^_^

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Guest dekadoggy

Does anybody know a music d/Ling site that is almost like z-degrees? I mean... z-degrees had a huge selction of music including indie rock bands and such and not just pop music.

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Guest dvsasiand0ll

i haven't Dled anything in a really long time esp. when soompi closed the sharing thread. i thought about zdrees and limewire but my friend used limewire and he swears that it messed up his computer. so im scared :wacko:

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Guest miss ambrosia x3

myspace... hahaha. seriously?

did anyone say myspace? i only look through the first three pages. but myspace has songs too. by a lot of people. but you can only dl the ones where the user enables you do dl it..

i buy the albums too. but sometimes its so harddd to drive all the way to garden grove from here since gas is like $3.50 >=[

i bought shinhwa's eighth jib though... okay. yea whatever.

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Guest kudos7

anyone know where i can get Noona ae Ggum song that the girl with the funny voice on Heroine 6 sang? Its pretty popular now, anyone seen it anywhere?

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