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Where Do You Dl Music

Guest sunshinex3

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Guest flip_hero

wont soompi's file sharing system go back? im really hoping for it.. anyway, now i go to solid and bjunkyard(<--not much but tat least they have some...)

limewires ok too i guess.. not much.. but zdegrees.. ionno that.. imma try it now.. PEACE!

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I'd seriously support my favourite artists by purchasing their albums......if I had the god damn money -____-;; So I have to d/l instead *sigh*

I go to solid07.net but its really annoying sometimes because its always down and sometimes not? Bleh...frustrating.

Z-degrees.net is an awesome place to d/l. Well the pop ups are there for a reason. But its the best place to d/l new, recent korean, japanese an chinese albums.

I also go to kpopmusic.co.uk only to d/ perfs and such. Not much music there, but still good.

in-complete.net is a good place for DBSG files =)

boajjang.com is a good place for BoA =)

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yay, I rule ;)

yes you do =)

i go to z-degrees too.

i download the songs from there so i can listen to them on the computer and for my mp3 player.

z-degrees is PERFECT to check out singers that i don't really know about

and if i like their songs, i end up buying the album as well.

i buy most of the albums though^^

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Guest amyliaz

I'm beginning to rely on Yesasia alot. Haha. To get all those Korean albums I can never find in Singapore. If you support the stars, buy don't download. I skip meals to get the albums. :)

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