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Where Do You Dl Music

Guest sunshinex3

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Z-degrees is SOO Slow for me.. I have to like wait like 1 minute to post.. I'm trying to make 25 posts but its so slow!!

is it like this for u guys too?

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Guest Madisoid

Guys... buy albums, don't download full albums out there.... there are previews to songs out there, so try and just listen to those instead!

I can't tell people what to do...

But I have strong feelings on this subject, due to the fact that I am an artist myself. I have learned that in the buisness, such as aniimation - japanese animation, if all we is download the episodes and not buy the DVD's the companies get nothing. All those long hours in front of one animated scene can take over 16hrs for just one main scene.

This goes the same for music...

All artists work hard on the music they produce, the least we can do is hear previews or read reviews from people and buy the albums.

I have also heard things about Z-degrees about people supporting not to download music, but yet they post up the albums. *sighs*

Well, the decision is up to you all to download or not download...

Myself, I have music on my computer from the Korean CD's I have bought, not from downloads.

Take Care everyone,


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In:Com for all my DBSG things~

how do you dl from in:com? i registered but i dont see any downloadables..

OH nvm =)

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Guest cpopbaby19

i've been away for 2 months... and i dun have the time to dl songs right now...

and i couldn't buy the cds cuz i dun have a credit card and my mom won't let me use hers.. it sucks that we dun have any korean store here in the philippines. X_o

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Guest lshluvr

kpop.bww2.com :D

I LOVE that place! :lol:

I would buy the albums cuz I think that is WAAAAAAAY better but I don't have any money and my parents don't like me buying music...>_<

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