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Where Do You Dl Music

Guest sunshinex3

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Buy the albums!

hahas yes buy the albums! if u can

but if uc ant..

i use limewire, iono if its the best, seems like a lot of ppl use the z-degree

but iono i personally like limewire =)

even though sometimes it has those porn videos -.-

jus dont click on them folks! =D

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Guest vanillax33

Buy the albums!

yeah,, support the artist!! especially if you really like their music.

i dl from solid07, z-degrees, come2store (the search function helps), and other places.

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Guest tinasarangg

yay, I rule ;)

yup! you do ^_^


but it's annoy when people just go there to leech :angry:

...at least if you're gonna get stuff from them contribute to the forum by clicking the ads or sending donations.

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