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Where Do You Dl Music

Guest sunshinex3

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Guest irockgirl13

i use 4shared <-- it's totally awesome cause you can dl mv's too and has a huge database... you have to wait 20 secs before dling tho

or aimini <-- this one is awesome too, but you need membership...

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Guest momoko_loveee

where do you guys download american music at?

i seriously cannot find any sites to get it from.

i've been going to a few blogs but they have been down lately );

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Guest i.meisee

I used to download in IhoneyJoo/ihoneydew but its now under new management and could not download anymore. :(

Any new sites? Maybe at livejournal or somewhere? :(

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Guest takoNick

Hi, I'm looking for an alternative site to Naver or Mnet whithout the use of ActiveX. Any suggestions? (No iTunes please because the tracks are quite pricey for me)

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Guest LehCarXRachel

I think a few pages back someone recommended http://kpop.321.cn

Lol i second it.

Except for some reason their korean words show up as like errors.

Like Åõ¿¡´Ï¿ø was suppose to look like 투애니원..

But the songs and stuff all work.

for now im just manually copy and pasting the correct korean word.

Oh yeah ihoneyjoo/mee & jenpoo were my main sites beforebut I think they took down their dl links.

All i can find is where to buy songs on honey & mv links on jenpoo...

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Guest Daikirai

I need a new place to download kpop ):

ihoneyjoo and jenpoo is gone.

kpop7 has a ridiculous amount of ads: noisy ones on their page and pop up ads. I feel like I'm going to get a virus.

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Guest krnchunsa86

is there any forums left like bww2 anymore? i really liked how they had set up things there and they had everything~~if someone could direct me to somewhere like that site, that'd be great~~!! ^^;;

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