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Night It Up! Hosted By Dove's Power Unit

la folie

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I like smelly tofu, Metro Square, I like long line-ups, its chaotic atmosphere packed with 80,000 ppl, I love band shows, the power of youth non-profits, its goal to fund-raise, to be more specific, I love TORONTO, love its NIGHT time, love MARKETS!!

We're coming back better and stronger and even with a cooler name!


I hope you guys are all going this year! We're now known as NIGHT IT UP and it'll be on July 10th/11th, 2009

If anyone or you know of anyone that is interested in buying a booth please go to


Please support us and attend !

Facebook Event

Hope to see you there : ) : )


Toronto Night Market this year is on July 11th and 12th (fri and sat) :D

Gaah food *drools*

Anyone going/volunteering/performing?

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Guest kiralz0mg

i might go.. where is it..? =O

ohoh i know my friend is performing there :3

oh.. i found the facebook group for it.. LOL


here is a description taken directly from there

Details about the event:

Toronto Night Market is a fundraising event organized by Power Unit with the spirit and goal of bringing youth activism, enthusiasm, and to outreach many communities. This festival brings together more than approximately 60,000 people.

Indeed, with the efforts of enthusiastic vendors and loyal volunteer organizers, the Toronto Night Market has been a great huge success over the past years. It has magnificent food, enjoyable games and many amazing performances. Additionally, it is a unique event that you will remember and enjoy. Not just yourself, but it is considered as an event that our community cares very deeply.

Toronto Night Market is more than a get-together with friends. It proceeds are actually donated to a chosen beneficiary every year. This year we have chosen Youth Out Loud as our beneficiary for 2008.

Youth Out Loud is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to raise awareness of child sex abuse. Their mission is to break the silence of violence. They create opportunities for youth to creatively express themselves about issues that are important to them. Some of their projects include Annual Walkathon to Stop Child Sexual Abuse, Youth Theatre Project, Survivor Anthology & the Poetry and Art Corner on their website.

For more information about them, please visit www.youthoutloudforchange.org

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Guest res0nate

Is this the one at Metro? I do remember them holding one at Kennedy and Denison a few years ago as well.

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Guest Tonyc402

Its at Metro Square Plaza @ steeles. Basically a event where theres a lot of asian food/snacks, stage performances and small games. I went to it last year , had a good time .

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Guest neneko

yayyy!!!~~ haha im going this year agian =D

last year was fun

the food...lots of ppl...especiallllyyy asians..lol

the performances was good :D

awesome time!~~

cant wait to go again =D kekekeke

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Guest boo`--NiCOLE

is the volunteer recruiting thing over already? :sweatingbullets:

(yeah, another high-schooler in desperate need of community service hours)

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Guest Tonyc402

It's at Metro Square. Just keep going down from Pacific Mall. It was fun and oh man stinky tofu

lol , at the event you could smell stinky tofu from quite the distance ahaha.

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Guest simpli_me

wow i've never been to it before!

lol hearing from you guys

i'm assuming it's extremely fun

haha gonna be reaching there hopefully this year!

Woah Stinky Tofu <3

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Guest simpli_me

hey hey why don't we plan a soompi meet there?

that way we can all enjoy the market together lol =)

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