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[upcoming] [drama Japan 2008] ロト6で3億2千万円当&#1

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


* Title: ロト6で3億2千万円当てた男

* Title (Romaji): Lotto 6 de San-oku Ni-senman En Ateta Otoko

* Title (English): The man who won 320 million yen in Lotto 6

* Format: Renzoku

* Genre: Comedy

* Broadcast network: TV Asahi

* Broadcast period: 2008-Jul-04 to

* Air time: Friday 21:00


Takashi Sorimachi stars as Satoru Tachibana, an advertising firm employee slaving away under a younger boss for a meager salary. With a pachinko habit, no savings, and no prospects of romance since his divorce, Tachibana is left wondering what the future holds for him. One day, he desperately enters a lottery, trying to make enough money to pay for his child support, but his sense of self-disgust kicks in. However, his curiosity gets the better of him, and he later discovers that the ticket is a winner, turning him into a millionaire overnight. - Tokyograph (http://www.tokyograph.com/news/id-3349)


* Sorimachi Takashi as Satoru Tachibana

* Nakajima Tomoko

* Manabe Kaori

* Ozawa Maju

* Ishigaki Yuma

* Degawa Tetsuro

* Shibuya Takeru

* Sakura (Actress)

* Nishimura Masahiko

* Izumiya Shigeru

* Toyohara Kosuke

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Guest jade_frost

From Japan Times:

The protagonist of "Loto 6 de 3 Oku 2 Senman-en Atate Otoko" (The Man Who Won 320 Million Yen in Loto 6)" (Asahi, Friday, 9 p.m.) is Satoshi (Takashi Soromachi), a hapless employee of a midlevel advertising agency.

Satoshi is divorced and behind on his child-support payments.

What's more, he's constantly bullied by his supervisor, who is younger than him and makes him clean up the supervisor's messes.

Satoshi is also a bit of a pachinko addict and likes to waste money at cabaret clubs.

Then one day he buys a Loto 6 lottery ticket and his life is changed dramatically, but not in ways you might expect.

The series is based on a true story.

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