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[Drama 2009] Boys Over Flowers / Hana Yori Dango 꽃보다 남자

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I used tvants last week to stream ep4 and was pleasantly surprise it's not choppy at all. The best live tv software ever!

Ep 5 is really cute but too bad i can only see the scenes without any sound since there's problems with my computer.

School is having a holiday today so i can't go to the computer lab T_T.. poor me.

Anyways, those caps are like super duper HQ!! And JPxJD. I really think Junpyo is very violent in the first part where he rescues Jandi, but it really shows his anger and the cruel doumyoji side. I love his potrayal~~

He's very controlling and pushy about Jandi, but cuutteee... especially the scenes where he crawl over to Jandi in the bed.

Poor jandi, i really think this bullying is the most brutal compared to other versions. Jihoo is back and i sense trouble... ugh...

And Jandi's family is so funny!! I can even laugh without hearing any sound, just by their expression, it cracks me up so bad. Hahaha~~ I can't wait for ep 6 and my computer to be fixed.

I'm currently translating the BTS aired on jan 5 but i only translated 3 minutes of it so...

it will take a while to finish translating it~


Aww thanks for translating, take your time I'm just glad I'll be able to understand what they're saying. Haven't watch ep. 5 yet, waiting for summaries and English sub ^_^ from the HD pics, I see lots of Jun pyo and Jandi moments, love love their chemistry.

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Was fun watching BOF at Netflix party while waiting for Pachinko @Edgar Pordwed @CarolynH @Min2206 @ATW @syntyche @msdot @1ouise   Seeing the arrogant GJP get his comeuppance from littl

cr:  KBS via FanCrops   I think this, arguably, was a favorite scene @CallieP @syntyche @Edgar Pordwed @Min2206 @ATW  .  Hope you can join us next week @msdot and @1ouise.  Some great scenes

I cried visiting this thread.. so so many fond memories. BOF would always be my #1

Guest farefauzi

Hahaha, you're welcome. I'm totally all about the Yi Jung x Ga Eul action. I even watched that terrible faux-horror movie Death Bell because Kim Bum was in it.

LoL.. Me too.. As much as I hate horror movie, I can made myself to watch Death Bell because of Kim Bum harharhar..Ssory out of topic.. ;)

hey i'm living in malaysia and on our cable we have KBS. anyone here knows what time or when will BOF will be airing on KBS on channel 303?

BOF will only be airing on 303 on 16th February, Monday and Tuesday, 9pm Msia Time :sweatingbullets:


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Guest dada.love.is

i am sooo loving the Yi Jung Ga Eul interactions, i cant help but think how lucky Ga Eul is hehe!! i used to like kim bum but after watching a couple episodes of BOF i think im falling for him he is sooo cute and suave!! awwwies and when he smiles!!

i really liked what Ga Eul was wearing the red jumper thing with the ruffle collar shirt sooo cute!! all the outfits r cute and stylish and for majority of the times the casts do pull it off, OTHER than that dress jandi wore for the holiday, that brown green (kinda reminds me of a tree or for some reminds them of a burger) but i guess since jun pyo choose it then maybe its suppose to be slightly weird coz hes not a fashion designer i guess.

BOF seems to be getting better i am getting more excited hehe cant wait for tomorrow

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i realized throughout the thing that she sort of went along with it, she could have been grateful and everything but overall, i completely agree with you. He never got affirmation from her and it was completely one-sided.

can i say that im totally looking forward to the showdown btwm JP and JH and JD becoming aware of her feelings for JP. Everything else is secondary.

You're right, JD is sort of going along with everything with just a little resistane. When JP announced to the school that she was his gf, she only looked at his friends and told them it wasn't true. My heart is already hurting for JP, but I can't wait to see the showdown between JP and JH.

I think I have become too addicted to this drama, I woke up early US time even though I didn't have to work today just so I ould catch it RAW on KBS Able. :wacko:

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Guest flower pot

OH MY EFFIN GAWD! (Channeling Ginger here)

What was supposed to be a one hour episode of Kkotboda Namja turned out to be 2 hours for me, since i kept on replaying and replaying some scenes from this episode...


I've been a big fan of the Taiwanese Meteor Garden and i'd forever be thankful to it for opening my doors to the world of Asian Dramas... but even if this version did some revisions from the TW one and there were a few deviations from the manga... I'm LOVING EACH AND EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF IT! (and i don't even understand a single word of Korean!)

Jun Pyo playing that video game and Jandi covering the screen, Jun Pyo hitting the fire alarm of the mall so they can shop alone, Jun Pyo throwing the coin to get Jandi's attention... These scenes are not really a major part of the series and yet the impact on me was quite huge... I LOVEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDD IT!

Everything seems brand new to my eyes and my senses even if i've watched both Taiwanese and Japanese versions countless of times...

In this episode i cried, i laughed, i giggled like a schoolgirl, i sighed and i spazzed non-stop over JunPyo... HOW PERFECT IS THIS GUY? JUNPYO SARANGHE! :wub:

I love the backdrop of all the locations that this episode was shot in... I can never get enough of the grandeur and opulence and luxury of the life that F4 lives... Everything just reeks of MONEY... No offense to the Taiwanese and Japanese production since i love it the same way, but this F4 made the others look like middle class citizens! :D

This series really caters to every woman's fantasy... THAT TO BE LOVED WITHOUT PRIDE, WITHOUT MEASURE and UNABANDONLY by a Tall, super handsome, filthy rich guy who will give up everything just to be with the woman he loves... and it is working... I am officially IN LOVE WITH JUN PYO (and MINHO too!)

I can understand Jandi's fascination with Ji Hoo though... in her heart, he is her savior... the person who sheltered her at a time when she needed it most... and i think, i will just be a teeny weeny bit disappointed if she immediately switches her attention to Jun Pyo just because he's being kind to her...

However, as she gets to know Jun Pyo better, i can also see her initial perceptions about him changing... her feelings wavering as she begins to weigh if what she felt for Ji Hoo was love or if she's feeling something more for Jun Pyo...

I think this version will present an even greater dillema than that of the previous versions when it comes to that love triangle since it seems like Ji Hoo had admitted to Jandi from previews that he is beginning to like her too... (Isn't it so that in the TW version Lei said that "he wishes he can like San Cai instead" when they kissed which means that he's still hung up on Chin and just seeking comfort from San Cai but in the Kversion Ji Hoo is already asking himself out loud, how he had begun to like a girl like Jandi which is almost an admission...)

Lei/Rui in the previous versions was more of a friend... somebody who kept his feelings for San Cai/Makino locked inside himself but with the complete and utter understanding that it is Dao/Doumyoji who really owns her... I wonder if they'd make this version any different...

As for the real actors, Kudos to Hyun Joong since he is slowly improving... I can see him growing more comfortable in his role and more relaxed now that he's not so dark and broody... I am looking forward to future episodes wherein he'd get the chance to let his character shine...

As for Minho... BRILLIANT ACTOR! I love his facial nuances, his gestures, his walk, his swagger, his arrogance and his soft side... the tenderness that he has on his face whenever he looks at Jandi makes me believe that he is really soooo much in love with Hye Sun... He is really JUN PYO come to life... I thought the same thing when it was Jerry Yan but he brought something else into the role that was also different from those who had previously done it...

He is sooooo believable as the heir of a worldwide conglomerate that i feel a sense of awe whenever he's onscreen... like i would like to genuflect or bow from my waist when i see him... hahaha!

Anyways, sorry for the long post but i think I have already found my most loved series for 2009...i know it's too soon to tell but one thing's for sure... I AM AT THE EDGE OF MY SEAT WAITING FOR EPISODE 6 tomorrow...

Sharing caps for today's episode although in LQ






I am also starting to like the Yi Jung - Ga Eul pairing... Unlike other series where my interest for secondary pairings are just that... SECONDARY... I have the same amount of interest over the development of this relationship just as much as i have with the Jun Pyo - Jandi - Ji Hoo love triangle...

Also, I was not really a Kim Bum fan when i first watched the series (i thought he looked too much of a nice boy...) but i am starting to see why a lot of girls fall for him... HE IS GOOD LOOKING and his smile is KILLER!

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Guest flower pot

^^^TheSnowQueen... He just looked so seductive while he was doing that striptease that i just had to cap it...

My gosh! That naughty smile Minho had on his face while he was unbuttoning his shirt sent goosebumps running up and down my spine... i thought i was gonna pass out from too much spazzing...

*stares at Minho's picture again and dies*

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Is there KBS world in the US or you have to subscribe to it? thanks! :(

In the LA area there is KBS America they usually broadcast at night. It either channel 14 or 44.

And you can get KBSWorld from cable and direct satellite companies.

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lmao, i was spazzing when minho was stripping too xD

dangggg why did they have to stop it there e.e

god, i cant wait til tomorrow for episode 6

but then i have to wait until next monday ;___; NOOO

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thanks for uploading the episode guys,

omg thank god they have this show monday and tuesday. i could not have waited another week for it.

now back to the boys,

OMG, lee min ho.... he's so freaken adorable you can't help but smile when you look at him. I'm so excited to watch the whole episode subbed. ahhhh....

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