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[Drama 2009] Boys Over Flowers / Hana Yori Dango 꽃보다 남자

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Was fun watching BOF at Netflix party while waiting for Pachinko @Edgar Pordwed @CarolynH @Min2206 @ATW @syntyche @msdot @1ouise   Seeing the arrogant GJP get his comeuppance from littl

cr:  KBS via FanCrops   I think this, arguably, was a favorite scene @CallieP @syntyche @Edgar Pordwed @Min2206 @ATW  .  Hope you can join us next week @msdot and @1ouise.  Some great scenes

I cried visiting this thread.. so so many fond memories. BOF would always be my #1

Guest valmylove






Showbiz Extra 090114 - Lee Minho, Most Promising Star of 2009



Thanks so much for sharing those links!!! He's so charmingin the interview!!!

Easy there. It just finished airing.


Gosh I missed some good 20 minutes at the beginning. I didn't notice the time. <_<

Anyway, allow me to spazz. XDD

LOL. When JoonPyo went to JanDi's house and JD's brother slammed the door on him.

For a moment I thought JoonPyo would cause a scene XD.

JanDi's family were oggling at him while eating. :lol:

Ahhh!! JoonPyo's declaration of their relationship in the cafeteria!!

The reaction of the trio was such a sight! They were literally on the floor! :P

And JoonPyo and his 'amazing' ways.

He would go to the extent of making the fire alam go off just so they would have the mall for themselves.

Woah..the beach they went to. It's New...something (I didn't get the name :sweatingbullets: )

The place is gorgeous! ^^

And it's actually Shinhwa's property.

The fortune teller.. she said JanDi has 2 men in her life. And they're both with her (like at the beach I guess?).

I wonder who among JoonPyo and JiHoo is the husband and the soulmate. Hmmm :unsure:

GaEul and YiJeong's first skinship! :blush:

He looks really worried when he couldn't find GaEul for a moment.

For me, every new episode is better then the previous.

At least, that's what I can see for now. I hope it'll be like this 'til the end.


Can I just say WOAH at the number of viewers in this thread?! :lol:

Thanks, you saw much more than I did!! I missed about 40 minutes into it... by the time I got up and watch it, F4 and the gals were already on their way to New C ---- sometime.... I thought it was Macau but I am wrong.

Thanks for the beginning summary. Skinship???? I wonder what kind of skinship is that???

Though I can't wait to watch when JunGyo comes rescue Jandi and the bedroom scene btwn them.... it looks so enticing!!! wow...he pulled the alarm so they can have the whole mall to themselve????/ That lover boy is good...

wouldn't mind being court by him.... minus all the attacks though when he's richard simmons!! LOL

*it's over 300 peeps on!!! cool*


Okay, seriously... the scenery for episode 5 was BEAUTIFUL.

I had my mouth opened the WHOLE time thinking, "I want to go thereeeee~!"

I was so blown away at how crystal clear the waters were <3


ANYWAYS, segway back to the actual substance of the whole purpose:

I get kind of frustrated with Jandi because I was gawking at Junpyo's awesomeness while she wasn't feeling it at all.

Man, I'd totally want to go shopping (and the fact that Junpyo freakin' cleared the whole place by setting off the fire alarm).

It sucks how Jandi keeps thinking about Jiho. I can't see them together anymore as soon as episode 5 started (when Junpyo was carrying Jandi... gahhh <3 How he smacked the taunting school boys.)

I'm falling in love with Junpyo. He's so charismatic and so... sdufjdskghslfdka <3 lovesit.

Ladies, your English understanding abilities will be rewarded. There is a small segment (really tiny but significant segment) in the episode when that fortune teller lady is telling her about her love life. TWO men? One her husband and one her soul-mate? What the... seriously. Nothing can get more serious and complicated than that....

BTW-- there is TOTAL chemistry between Jandi's bff and that one boy (I still haven't memorized ALL their names yet :X)... but Kim Bum's character. When he ran all the way up the road when he heard her "scream", LOL. I can't wait to see the characters evolve.

Sorry if I sound like a total newb.

I haven't see any versions so this is my first time being exposed to this story line.

I didn't even bother to read the manga ^^;;

It's okay..... I am a newb myself as I am just a lurker...sometime it's hard to contain it to oneself so I think it's okay to come on to spazz...as it's my first time too since I actually go to watch it streaming live the last 20 minutes only.

I know me too!! I gawk at the scenery!!! Though it was buffering.... the ocean front where Jandi and JunPyo had their lunch was beautiful.... even from the airplane it was beautiful....what a great way to have a girl fall in love in paradise... I wouldn't mind it at all....but then I agree....and JunPyo doing all this for her....she's constantly thinking of Jihoon. I guess we should cut her some slack as she "likes" him first as she met him first???? who could forgot their first love???? but I am sure Jandi fell in love with JunPyo now if not before. She is just confuse.... though with the fortune teller.... I don't know!! LOL!! Was is a dream or was it real???? Anyone would like to tell? (it was buffering so I couldn't tell) Thanks.

I loved today's episode. It keeps getting better and better. I loved how JP held JD in his arms and said he was sorry when he came to her rescue. He looked so freaking hot then and there. Haha...however I thought he was carrying her too low while walking. Perhaps he was struggling? I can't believe I shed a tear when JD was listening to the teddy bear's recording. I felt so sad for jd and her evil friend. And JP eating unfamiliar food at JD's house? That was hilarious!!!

BTW, HyunJoong did well in the few scenes he had and I'm not just saying this because I'm a fan :P

Now I can go back to sleep happily :P

I can't wait to see the actual episode w/o buffer later too!! I am sure he looks like the knight in shining armor coming to rescue the damsel in distress....by him!!!! But I am glad he's making rather showing his effort in remedy for not beliveing in her.... though he gets jealous and hot head quickly.... who woudln't want that kind of bad boy????? (though sometime enough is enough, LOL)

Happy Monday.....can't wait until tomorrow morning!!!!!

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Guest valmylove

Hey u guys. Does anyone know where I can watch ep 5, with subs?

It won't be for a couple days as it just airred in Korean. Though u can watch it raw and read summaries.

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Guest mimo310

i watch this because of kim bum, what a killer smile ^^ neiwei, I still expect more from JH in his role as Rui, i don't blame him though, he is new to acting and oguri Shun is an excellent actor, he kind of left a trademark for Rui so i will be patient ...

I love to have a Sou X Yuuki ending but from the way i look at it, Yi Jung and Ga Eul are not the Sou and Yuuki i know, Yuuki should be someone who is strong within, whereas...er..Ga Eul is like another version of Jia Di ( not as rough..but still)..changes are good but I think the producers should be faithful to the original personality of the characters from the manga.o

that's what i think though, no offense, seriously :)

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i've watched episode 5~!!

i reallly like the scene where jun pyo came to rescue jandi at the beginning of the ep.

he's gettinng more handsome...

and when jun pyo kissed jandi'd forehead before he left the room..

ahh~ so sweet

i just wished that i was in jandi's place..

i'm also getting annoyed because jandi keep looking and thinking of ji hoo and she doesn't seem to appreciate jun pyo's effort towards her...

but at least she knew that jun pyo takes care of her when he called her parents,right?

about Yi Jeong and Ga Eul..

kyaaaa~ i just hope both of them ended as a couple..

bum is sooo cute with his smile~ such a precious smile!

Hey u guys. Does anyone know where I can watch ep 5, with subs?

the sub of ep 5 isn't out yet..the episode just aired..

soo.please wait for a few days..

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rofl. Do not expect subs after an hour of the airing of episode 5 of BOF in KBS. Subbers don't have super powers, you know. Please be patient. For sure, everyone are working so hard in subbing the episodes.

I've watched the episode 5 using TVants. ^^ I really love this episode and made me love the character of Jun Pyo and Yi Jung ^^ This episode show how caring and loving Jun Pyo to Jandi. (and a lot more very memorable scenes ^^)

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Guest susiiieee

how come the torrent file doesnt work for me? it keeps telling me that its not a valid torrent file and when i dl it onto my desktop its only like 18KB...is that right? someone help me out! i dont think i can wait or Harue today... she doenst even have any parts out yet :(

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