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[Drama 2009] Boys Over Flowers / Hana Yori Dango 꽃보다 남자

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Was fun watching BOF at Netflix party while waiting for Pachinko @Edgar Pordwed @CarolynH @Min2206 @ATW @syntyche @msdot @1ouise   Seeing the arrogant GJP get his comeuppance from littl

cr:  KBS via FanCrops   I think this, arguably, was a favorite scene @CallieP @syntyche @Edgar Pordwed @Min2206 @ATW  .  Hope you can join us next week @msdot and @1ouise.  Some great scenes

I cried visiting this thread.. so so many fond memories. BOF would always be my #1

Jandi keeps thinking about Ji Hoo. Whenever she faces something, the first person she thinks about is him. Poor Jun Pyo. He is so great tonight. Adorable, caring, and handsome as usual. How could she ignores his feelings by kissing Ji Hoo?

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Guest huangsy


if anyone can go to that website and post the pic here. I want to hear

people's opinion on that picture -_-'' i mean i think junpyo is cool and all

but WTF.


and this couple is just growing on me :)

and I agree with bellaangel012↓

Junpyo already seems to know if you watch the preview closely :( poor man.

The photos are to be found in Photo Lists A to E. Links on 1st post.

No need to repost bec hard to find after the page moves anyway.

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Okay, seriously... the scenery for episode 5 was BEAUTIFUL.

I had my mouth opened the WHOLE time thinking, "I want to go thereeeee~!"

I was so blown away at how crystal clear the waters were <3


ANYWAYS, segway back to the actual substance of the whole purpose:

I get kind of frustrated with Jandi because I was gawking at Junpyo's awesomeness while she wasn't feeling it at all.

Man, I'd totally want to go shopping (and the fact that Junpyo freakin' cleared the whole place by setting off the fire alarm).

It sucks how Jandi keeps thinking about Jiho. I can't see them together anymore as soon as episode 5 started (when Junpyo was carrying Jandi... gahhh <3 How he smacked the taunting school boys.)

I'm falling in love with Junpyo. He's so charismatic and so... sdufjdskghslfdka <3 lovesit.

Ladies, your English understanding abilities will be rewarded. There is a small segment (really tiny but significant segment) in the episode when that fortune teller lady is telling her about her love life. TWO men? One her husband and one her soul-mate? What the... seriously. Nothing can get more serious and complicated than that....

BTW-- there is TOTAL chemistry between Jandi's bff and that one boy (I still haven't memorized ALL their names yet :X)... but Kim Bum's character. When he ran all the way up the road when he heard her "scream", LOL. I can't wait to see the characters evolve.

Sorry if I sound like a total newb.

I haven't see any versions so this is my first time being exposed to this story line.

I didn't even bother to read the manga ^^;;

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Guest aries379

I loved today's episode. It keeps getting better and better. I loved how JP held JD in his arms and said he was sorry when he came to her rescue. He looked so freaking hot then and there. Haha...however I thought he was carrying her too low while walking. Perhaps he was struggling? I can't believe I shed a tear when JD was listening to the teddy bear's recording. I felt so sad for jd and her evil friend. And JP eating unfamiliar food at JD's house? That was hilarious!!!

BTW, HyunJoong did well in the few scenes he had and I'm not just saying this because I'm a fan :P

Now I can go back to sleep happily :P

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Guest Gabriella

OMG, I've watched ep5. It's awesome. I love Ga-Yi scene. But I really don't understand what they said. T^T Can anyone else please trans that for me? T^T I'm talking about Ga-Yi scene. Like what I've guessed, Ga Eul went with them because of Yi Jeong. OMG, I want to know what Yi Jeong told Ga Eul to pull her go with him. PleaseT^T trans for me.

Jun Pyo and Jan Di is so cute. I love the kiss Jun Pyo gave her when she slept. It's kool. And her cruel friend. She is so poor. I like the way Min Ho acted, it's very good. When that girl cried, it seemed Yi Jeong and Woo Bin pay some compassion to her but Jun Pyo didn't. He was very cold. His eyes acted very cold. He is really a good actor.

Ah, it's over but not enough :unsure: I want more T^T I bet that I can't sleep tonight. Oh man, Jandi-Junpyo, Ga Eul-Yi Jeong, I love you all.

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although i like this drama, i really wish i hadnt seen hana yori dango before. i saw the japanese version recently and bc this story is a remake and almost exactly like the japanese one its kinda repetitive for me... ugh. but i LOVE seeing lee min ho and his interpretation of the character. he and goo hye sun have such good chemistry, i like them better than the couple in hana yori dango~

mmm i think it's not remake but more like adaptation from the manga no? remake if there's no comic to based on and there's only HYD dorama as the source.

since all adapted from the manga ofcourse all the story line the same, meteor garden there's add here and there while the japanese one stick to the comic and korean one stick to the comic but there's more exclusive feeling in it and tried to make some scene clear to make it more interesting

now it's just how each PDs and Casts portraying the characters from the comic into real life action, which look more similar with character in the manga i think, i heard even the Author of this manga so impressed by the korean version, i guess she's satisfied lol

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Guest marjorie<3

ooooohhh the fortune teller. says JD's husband and soulamte is with her.

two different men. interesting. and it seems like a dream. and she said something else.

so like JD is a husband? JH a soulmate?



and yes.... cute GaJung momentssssss! :wub:

actually i think that might really happen...

not all SOULMATES ended as COUPLES they can be the BEST OF FRIENDS as some says it happens

but LOVE is for the HUSBAND/WIFE thingy so yeah that might be it ^_^

urgh!!! im so dying for sum1 to upload it hopefully soon hehehe ^^

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actually i think that might really happen...

not all SOULMATES ended as COUPLES they can be the BEST OF FRIENDS as some says it happens

but LOVE is for the HUSBAND/WIFE thingy so yeah that might be it ^_^

urgh!!! im so dying for sum1 to upload it hopefully soon hehehe ^^

i 100% agree with you!

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Guest smalllee

Having watched the all the versions: from the anime to the taiwanese and japanese remake and most recently the korean remake, i can say that this amazing story definitely doesn't disappoint but i have to say that the changes in the korean version kinda undermined the character development of makino, in this case jandi. I felt that the producers conveniently skipped the initial stages of makino's indifferent attitude towards bullies in school or rather she suppressed her anger towards them so as to stay out of trouble with these spoilt, posh kids. In the korean version, strangely enough, jandi foolishly jumps into action without much internal stuggle. On the other hand, Doumyoji aka joon pyo was supposed to be far more sadistic than just pouring juices over people.. i'm sure he can do much better than that. His initial outright display of his angst through violence should be more explicitly shown so as to better contrast with his innocence and unconditional love which are gradually surfacing due to his love for jandi.

Please don't be mistaken, i do love this version as well! and i'm definitely in no position to criticise as i've only watched 2 episodes of it :S Honestly, i'm somehow hooked alr.

ANDD omg don't you guys think that the guy who plays rui looks like bae yong jun??!!! and joonpyo looks like mike he :/

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Haha, so sad that either link above work for me.

I think I'll just wait a bit longer then.

I've already died a lot inside lol, no more harm could be done with more waiting

BTW, the fortune teller part is new from all the version.

And it's sweet indeed. It's hard to have both lover and soulmate at the same time.

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