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[Drama 2009] Boys Over Flowers / Hana Yori Dango 꽃보다 남자

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subs are not out yet i dont think

but i know korean ahhaha so i dont need subs

*(>.<)* just for the sake of this drama, i should be taking korean classes instead of japanese !!!!!!!! hahaha

........... i guess i'll just have to wait.... it sounds like ep 4 really fixed the huge miss that ep 3 made.

also... no subs for sangx2 plus?..... ahhhhh this really sucks


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Was fun watching BOF at Netflix party while waiting for Pachinko @Edgar Pordwed @CarolynH @Min2206 @ATW @syntyche @msdot @1ouise   Seeing the arrogant GJP get his comeuppance from littl

cr:  KBS via FanCrops   I think this, arguably, was a favorite scene @CallieP @syntyche @Edgar Pordwed @Min2206 @ATW  .  Hope you can join us next week @msdot and @1ouise.  Some great scenes

I cried visiting this thread.. so so many fond memories. BOF would always be my #1

anyway about the storyline... meteor garden followed very closely the manga.. hyd didn't followed closely because it will look like they copy from meteor garden so they change/twist their story a little bit..

it looks like they followed meteor garden since the PD of korean version really wanted to stay closely to manga.. but the truth is they followed the manga.. one thing that has the manga that the other BOF version never had is the scene where domyouji(junpyo) straighten his hair then back to curly again.. in MG domyouji stays with straight hair and in hyd, he never got a straight hair..

Ah, I see. Thank you for the explanation. Yes, well, Dao Ming Shi was ridiculous with the Pineapple hair, thank god they made him let down his hair. I'm hoping the same wouldn't be for Junpyo tho. His curly hair is a trademark, it would be weird without it. Anyways, I need to get my butt down to read the manga soon.

BTW, from the preview, does Jihoo now like Jandi? With the plant, and the love thing :unsure:

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Episode 4 was really enjoyable to watch, eventhough I didn't understand Korean ... I really like the fact that it's moving forward in a fast pace manner, unlike MG which was very draggy ... like 10 episode of it should have been cut and tossed in the garbage. Min Ho with his hair straighten resembles the ever handsome Jerry Yan ... loved it. Although, I was glad that it went back to being curly cause that's just sooo Domyouji and because Min Ho looks gorgeous in it. The date scene was cute ... loved how Joon Pyo looked like a homeless guy with all the layers of various cheap scarves and blankie on top of him ... it was too adorable. The classmate friend appears sooo innocent yet is soo evil in her intent to get Joon Pyo ... the actress sooo has that look. F3 looks too cute for words, strutting down the hallway in their school uniform ... an awesome scene.

btw: I'm not missing the other F4 since he left... heehee =)

p.s. Min Ho still rule the screen in this episode. (ok ok ... I'm Domyouji biased ) :w00t:

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Guest katekimx

im on the megabus right now ;)

where can i download ep 4? i need to watch but the bus blocked youtube lol

i dont need subs but are there any websites i can download from?

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has anyone seen the ep 4 ratings yet?

nationwide 21.4% (4th)

seoul 21.6% (3rd)


OMG! keep it coming. LOL.


i love love JUNPYO's straight hair. AND OMG. they wore uniform!!!! *sniffles*

i thought i`d be seeing it towards the end *dies of happiness*

hahha you can actually tell how excited he is to bragg his hair to jandi. LOL






AHKSJAASASKJAS! he's like a total different person




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Guest heliane_maine22

i love there version of korean hana yori dango like MG they followed the manga so its interesting but i really didnt like the end of manga

so i would love if they followed a real beautiful ending like in J-hana yori dango....

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they definitely toned down the drama and junpyo's attempts to kiss jandi is somehow always unsuccessful (as observed in preview for epi 5) By that scene at junpyo's house in epi 5, junpyo's character should've kissed jandi on the mouth for the third time according to the manga. i guess the script writer deems smooching too often inappropriate for a teen drama and reduced it to a minimum.

I wish they had used the elevator for the scene where they are supposedly trapped. The smaller space and the fact that they would've had to sit sprawled on the floor would have made it a bit more romantic and also dangerous for jandi. Whatever jandi was wearing when she was unconscious at the hotel looks more like a summer dress with straps to me. They should've chosen something totally white which would better resemble an inner dress like what the japanese version did. I kinda missed having funny parts in this last episode. And goo hyesun should still tone down a bit on the exaggeration. And yes, the drama is definitely going at a fast pace. and i'm very happy about the ratings that is still increasing.

i think kim joon is playing is character pretty well, he looks his part.

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Hohoho ^^ I'm so excited for episode 5 XDDD So glad that Jandi was cleared from the scandal, can't wait to see the Jandi/JunPyo relationship progress in the next eps (goodnight kiss!!XDDD *spazzzz*).. but aigoo~goo, Jihoo's coming back.

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