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[Drama 2009] Boys Over Flowers / Hana Yori Dango 꽃보다 남자

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My favorite song of this drama, not the famous Almost Paradise but the sad song Starlight Tears.

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"killer look" ! just wanted to share this two pics, so natural and beautiful, love their strong personality, natural attitude ! soulmates, lol


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 As "Because i'm stupid" is one of the best OST ever, HYS sang, i think for third time ! ^^

He has a very good voice, but from  my pov he sang very theoretical, while KHJ sang with more feelings ! that's why HJ so good, he sing as he tells a story ! ^^

Heo Young Saeng - Central Police Academy 27th Anniversary[14.09.17]
Because I'm Stupid

20120205 KIM HYUN JOONG Japan Debut Premium Live Aftn ENCORE 내머리가나빠서
Because I'm Stupid

last year
[Fanmeeting Kim Hyun Joong en Perú] Because I´m stupid HD720p

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love these videos !

and this one, so good made !

i wait for his comeback, he wants a rich role but of course not similar with BOF, a sweet flower boy character, neither him can't be anymore Yoon JiHoo, he wants a powerful rich man, keke! i want to see him a rich man with a character as JunTae !

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I have watch Hana Yori Dango and BOF..

I suffered second lead syndrome in both version..

I like Rui and Ji Hoo..

They are so kind and always there for our heroin..

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itemprop="name"Hit manga Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) is getting a sequelHYD_Cover_D2N7aks.png
he beloved Japanese classic Hana Yori Dango, the source material for Boys Over Flowers, will soon be releasing a second "season." This new segment will be called Hana Nochi Hare — Hanaden Next Season, aka Sunshine After Flowers — Flower Boys Next Season, and it will follow a new group of students at Eitoku Academy. The storyline is set to take place two years after the famous F4 graduate, and the original writer Yoko Kamio will be writing this sequel.

Exact details for this new series have yet to be released, but the below poster implies that this manga will follow a new set of flower boys at the same elite prep school. Time will tell if these new characters can live up to the example of their predecessors, particularly that of Domyouji Tsukasa and Makino Tsukushi.


The first chapter of Hana Nochi Hare will be released online on February 15th. And there's awesome news for North American fans: the series will be published simultaneously in English by Viz Media! The English title will be called Boys Over Flowers Season 2 and a new chapter will be posted every other Sunday.

The original Hana Yori Dango was a huge success, spanning 37 volumes and sparking mega-hit Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean dramas. While it's been 12 years since the completion of the original manga series, fans all around the world are still hold this story close to their hearts.


Cr Dramafever

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itemprop="name"Perfect Valentine gifts, K-drama style

With Valentine's day fast approaching Dramafever's Lauren Jinkerson discussed Perfecr Valentine's gifts, K-Drama style


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we thought we'd help you gather some ideas for what to buy the special someone in your life. Inspired by our favorite K-dramas, we've picked some items that will be sure to bring a smile to your face. From high end to frugal budgets, we have something for everyone! What are you hoping for this Valentine's Day?

 A box of perfectly made chocolate truffles


In Boys Over Flowers, Geum Jan Di makes these amazing chocolates for Goo Joon Pyo. If you want to make something really special for your loved one, make homemade chocolates. If you want to go a step further, shape them to look like your sweetheart. Even if they end up looking a bit wonky, the thoughtfulness and effort behind it will be greatly appreciated!

A matching couple outfit


Why not buy a gift for both of you? Pick out a matching couple outfit. You could go the whole shebang, or you could tone it down and getting matching Asics like Cha Eun Sang and Kim Tan do in Heirs. Go for a super exciting color like these pink ones. You'll be sure to stand out.

What's on your wish list this Valentine's Day?

(skipped unrelated)

Cr:  Lauren Jinkerson, DramaFever

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What happened to the child F4 actors from Boys over Flowers?

I'm posting a recent Dramafever article that talked about what happened to the child F4 actors from BOF


The Boys Over Flowers child stars have taken different paths following the show's finale in 2009. Three boys continued their blossoming entertainment careers, while the others possibly returned to normal childhood existence.

Following fan favorite articles The cast of Boys Over Flowers: Where are they now? and the Guest Star edition, let's take a look at what the youngest members of the F4 cast have done in six short years. 

1. Young Goo Jun Pyo (actor Kang Han Byul)


The adorable child star who played a bad boy in training has played in several K-dramas since the hit series BOF ended six years ago. Kang, who is now 12 years old,  has appeared in the following shows: Life Is Good, Happiness In The Wind, Bride Of The SunKing 2 Hearts, Horse Doctor,  Hur Jun: The Original Story, and the Thunderstruck Stationery series.

2. Young Yoon Ji Hoo ( actor Na Da Reum)

Nam scored fifteen dramas and two movies after BOF wrapped in 2009. The 12 year old's most recent role was portraying young Dal Po in Pinocchio. You may have seen him in A Man Called God,Dong Yi, Live In Style and The Suspicious Housekeeper here on DramaFever.

3. Young Yi Jung  and 4. Young Song Woo Bin
Unfortunately, the last two F4 boys aren't recounted as continuing their acting careers after the series. They were extras despite the fact that they played younger versions of the main cast. Yi Jung and Woo Bin's youngest characters aren't listed with the cast at all. Their careers after 2009 are unknown.

5. Junior high-aged Goo Jun Pyo (actor Jung Chan Woo)


The now 17-year-old star is an actor and singer! In November 2014, Jung was chosen to be part of the upcoming YG Entertainment boy goup iKon. The new idol band is expected to make their debut sometime this year.  Since 2009, he has appeared as the younger character of main stars in the following K-dramas: Story of a Man, No Limits, Heirs (where he played a younger Lee Min Ho once again), and Wild Chives and Soybean Soup . He took on the same kind of role in the 2012 movie Gabi.

Cr: Dramafever

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You're most welcome chingu

I'm a new fan of Lee Min ho, Yes, let's keep this thread alive, together.

Have a great day

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Make your own Boys Over Flowers F4 Papercrafts

Recent Dramafever article posted as follows


If you love Minecraft and you love the K-drama Boys Over Flowers, then these new F4 papercrafts are just the thing for you! 

Simply right click to save the images, print them out, cut them out, and assemble them to have your very own F4 crew to decorate your desk at home or work!
Aren't they cute? Plus it gives you an excuse to talk about K-dramas with your curious coworkers and friends!

Cr:   CoCo Kdrama, Dramafever

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Jun Pyo looks so handsome when he's angry
and this is funny 'cause the villain is a vampire

I love it when he says "ash"

Cr: owners

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