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Guest raeseddon

hi ^.^

im in need of some help . see when i was surfing fancafes/websites i came across this really beautiful and catchy ballad . i hope someone could identify it for me ?

a couple of songs play at random in the website, this particular song im talking about starts with a narration of a girl

"love, what a sweet little name for you

when im wih you, i wanna fly to somewhere and touch the stars

and i love the way you look at me

feel like im in heaven with thousands of flowers around me

if this is a dream, ill be dreaming with you"

just click and it'll start

keep refreshing until the song with the narration plays ^.^


thank you in advance

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Guest monna


I want to know names of Ballads Video Songs,

Like Eru's Videos for example,

What is best?

Or you can lead to a site that might have a list,

Thank you so much,


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Guest sell19

hi guys i just want to ask where can i download songs of DOREMI OST originally song by Jang Geun Seuk. Please help me I really love his voice..

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Guest lucette351709

^ The song is '우리 사랑 이대로' (Our Love As It Is), originally sung by 주영훈 (Joo Young Hoon).

Once again thank you soo much, I really like this song. :D

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Guest Roxelana

I DL-ed a song from Super junior - First Love, but it doesnt seem to be in their discography, and it doesnt sound like SuJu either cuz i can recognize like all their voices already....

But i really love this song, n even though i took some lyrics out n googled it i still can't find, been trying all day. Can anyone help me find the real Singer(s) n title for this song? Thank you all!

Super Junior - First Love

P.S. Thx to judeism for showing me this thread, n sorry for posting in the wrong place.. :blush:

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Guest alteregos

I took this song off a korean website back in December/January; the site didn't say what song it was, even the track didn't have the title or artist written on it. And I lost the song two months ago so I hardly have much information to give but I'd REALLY love to find this song again!

The song is by a female and I think two males (it could just be one male voice). I don't know if they're in a group together or it's an artist ft another artist. It's a happy song, it kind of reminds me of Wheesung's "Love is Delicious" (just upbeat & happy) The only lyrics I really remember is the girl singing "Saranghae, saranghae, saranghae...." and "Neo molla, neo molla, neo molla..." (this is in the chorus) she says more but I wouldn't know how to romanize it without messing up >< The chorus is catchy. The girl has a good voice, it wasn't too high or too low. I remember the man rapping, but it was a slower rap to fit the song, kind of like the chorus of MC Mong's Ice Cream. Sorry my descriptions are awful, it's been awhile since I heard this. If I remember anything else I'll edit this post.

So if anyone has even an inkling to what this song is, please tell me. It would be amazing if someone finds out the song name & artist(s) and I would love you so much!

v no mizzxangie that song isn't it :(



omg, i'm so happy:w00t::w00t::w00t:

It's Namolla Family ft 태인 & 김경록 of V.O.S - I Love You MV <3

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Guest He's So Azn

@ <3.

Thanks, that was quick!

I think it's that song.

Thanks again. [:

v @ win

To make this post somewhat useful,

that song is Baek Ji Young - Budam.


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Guest ayunda

hi,, i was wondering, does anybody know the song that's in se7en's Sprite TV Commercial, the one that's shotted on a building's rooftop.. i know it's been a long long time, but i still don't know what song it was,,

so,, help, anyone?? n___n

thanks before!!

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Guest apcki

I heard a korean girl that sounded very much like Avril and its been driving me crazy that I can not find her songs. I do not know her name or the name of any of her songs. I know thats pretty vague but hopefully someone is on the same wavelength here. Also, are there any guitar tabs on the site? I've been looking for JYP's I Have a Girl, forever now.

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