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Guest adikkeluangman

I need to know the songs title for SG Wannabe and Sung Si Kyung for Music Is My Life Part 2 [single]. In Korean/Romanization/Translation. It had bugged me eversince I DL both mp3 n MVs.

Thank you. :sweatingbullets:

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Guest Mardi09

I need help to identify the video and the music of a song...

I don't remember who sang it but here are some descriptions

-male singer (s)

[not sure if it was a soloist or a group]

-it is a few years old, i'm pretty sure

video contained:

-a guy carving/making a doll of this girl he liked

-she was in the building and he would see her daily

-i think he eventually made the doll his girlfriend....

I don't know..something like that...sorry the descriptions are so vague

this has been bugging me for years.

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hey i have a question to ask.

(im really OCD about media player and stuff)

so what is actually the official title of the song wonder girls now use for the song 미안한 마음

(if you dont know what i mean, for example, snsd released the song perfect for you in their first single, but then later performed as Honey)...so whats the case for wonder girls? like what title did their use when they performed this live.

is it:

1. It's not love (미안한 마음 )

2. 미안한 마음 (It's not love)

3. 미안한 마음 ~tears~

which one is it!?!? im so confused..........

please help thanks.

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Guest xxiiyabbyxx

Im trying to find the title of these songs.


2. 2nd one is by someone named Alex and his MV is about a mermaid.. idk if it was korean song but i do know that the actress who plays the mermaid is Yoon Seung Ah

3. last is about a video of two guys who are best friends and a girl.. both of them fell for the girl but the girl only chose one and then the other one became a thug and tried to kill his friend but the girl ends up shooting him in the end.. im sorry if im not making any sense but i have a pic of one of the guys.. he's the one who got shot in the mv.


Please help.

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Guest saltnpepper


1. 포지션(Position) - 그대가 이세상에 있는 것만으로(With only the fact that you are in this world)

the poster of the video wrote it in the comments somewhere.

unfortunately i don't think Position has a thread on soompi.

the song was track 6 on his Renaissance (Remake 2005) album, released 2005.10.18

2. is it these mv's? there's 2 parts, 1st song titled Very Heartbreaking Words 2nd one is I Love You.

Alex & Jisun - 너무 아픈 이말... (Very Heartbreaking Words)

Alex & Jisun - 사랑해 (I Love You)

3. it might be The Trax - First Rain, based on the description..

but the pic of the guy's not in the mv, is that why you posted him? x.x

The Trax - First Rain (this link is only to part 1)

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Guest Mardi09

^ This may not be the one you're looking for, but it's worth a shot :)

Jihoon ft. Shin Hyesung & Kangta - Doll (Inhyung)

(I love this trio<3)

dude.....it totally is this mv!~

thanks so much~

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