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[drama 2002] Miss Mermaid/ Mermaid Lady 인어아가씨

Guest Choi Ji Woo

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Guest Choi Ji Woo
[MBC] Jang Suh Hee, Kim Sung Taek, Woo Hee Jin
MBC daily drama (2002)- 245 episodes as of 6/26/03 For MBC homepage for this drama (in Korean), go to: www.imbc.com/tv/ drama/mermaid/index.html. Aired on MBC in Korea: June 24, 2002 - ___ on Monday to Friday nights at 8:20. Cast: Eun Ariyoung (29): Jang Suh Hee (Her House) Han Kyung-hye (51): Jung Young Sook Eun Jin-jung (53): Park Geun Hyung (Her House/Secret/Delicious Proposal) Shim Soo-jung (49): Han Hye Sook Eun Ye-young (25) Woo Hee Jin Lee Joo-wang (30): Kim Sung Taek Lee Sung-soo (53): Kim Byung Gi Keum Ok-sun (74): Sa Mi Ja (More Than Love/Loving You/Memories) Geum Silla (54): Kim Yong Rim Jo Soo-ah (50): Go Doo Shim (Fox & Cotton Candy) Ma Ma-joon (29): Jung Bo Suk (Beautiful Life) Ma Ma-rin (25): Lee Jae Eun For more information (in Korean) about the cast, go to: www.imbc.com/tv/drama/ mermaid/html/peo_01.html Een Uh Ah Gah Shee- Little Mermaid (MBC) cast: Jang Suh Hee, Woo Hee Jin, Kim Sung Taek, Han Hae Sook, Go Doo Shim, Jung Bo Suk Eun Ah Ri Yung (Jang Suh Hee) is a successful drama writer with a scarred past. When her father had an affair with another lady and left the family, her brother died and her mom became blind. Hating her father her whole childhood, she grows up to plan revenge on her father's new family. Her father's wife, Shim Soo Jung (Han Hae Sook) is a popular actress. Ah Ri Yung writes a drama about the affair and her blind mother, and casts Shim Soo Jung in the role of her blind mother in order so that Soo Jung will feel guilt. Ah Ri Yung also plans to steal her stepsister (Woo Hee Jin)'s fiancee (Kim Sung Taek). A guy she only chose for revenge becomes a guy she truely loves, and that love confuses her feelings for revenge. Soo Ah (Go Doo Shim), her mother's friend, helps in the revenge because she wants Ah Ri Yung to become her son (Jung Bo Suk)'s wife. As one person's plan for revenge starts, many people will become hurt, and the true meaning of forgiveness and understanding is learned. rating: Great comments: Exciting! This is a drama that has turned out much more exciting than expected. The plot and storyline itself is very different and exciting, and Jang Suh Hee's acting is incredible. This drama being Jang Suh Hee's first main role in her 20 year career, her experience in acting makes the drama so much more convincing.
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Guest lovewinter

Here's some pics from this drama..Miss Mermaid is one of the highest-rating K-dramas here in our country!!!






Is the drama worth to watch?

Is it nice?

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Guest Choi Ji Woo

I heard this is worth watching but it's also very very long.

yup, it has 250 episodes..it reached one year when this drama was aired in our country last 2004..

at the start, the lead girl really annoyed me with da whole revenge thing, but the drama itself is really sweet

Ariyoung (Jang Suh Hee's character) really needs to seek revenge due to her misfortunes in life..her father is even one of her frustations..but she realized that what she did was wrong..thanks for the compliment..

Is the drama worth to watch?

Is it nice?

Jang Suh Hee (Ariyoung) got a Best Actress award for this drama..this is one of the highest rating Korean dramas here in our country due to her exceptional performance as both drama heroine & villainess here..

Suh Hee onnie's eyes were very expressive, and she also cries easily & malevolently..she's really pretty, too

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Guest a_lot_dumb

i actually wanna watch this again

it was so beautiful

it was like the first drama i ever watched. I don't watch many, you see.

i'll try to find out more info later...

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Guest SUjjang

oh yeah. i remember this drama. it is madd old.. >.<;;.

i never liked the guy... i don't know why... i thought he was madd ugly --;

haha. but that's just me ^_^;

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i like this drama also. but it would have been better if they just omitted some eps after the wedding.

i heard that although the scriptwriter didn't want to the producers insisted on extending it. hence the prolonged scenes on the honeymoon and those fights with the in laws. these just distracts to the main story.

jang seo hee is amazing here! beautiful and great acting!

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this is the list of the awardees on the 2002 MBC awards where 'Miss Mermaid' got most of the awards

Yun Gi Dae Sang (the highest award): Jang Seo Hee ("Een Uh Ah Gah Shi")

Best Actor (drama): Lee Jae Rong ("Sang Do")

Best Actor (miniseries): Gam Woo Sung ("I Love You, Hyun Jung")

Best Actress (drama): Jang Seo Hee

Best Actress (miniseries): Kim Ha Neul ("Romance")

New Actor Award (drama): Kim Sung Taek ("Een Uh Ah Gah Shi")

New Actress Award (drama): Lim Ji Eun ("Let's Marry", "Hwang Geum Mah Cha")

New Actress Award (miniseries): Kim Min Sun ("I Love You, Hyun Jung")

Most Popular Actor: Kim Jae Won ("Romance"), Yoo Joon Sang ("Fox and Cotton Candy")

Most Popular Actress: Jang Seo Hee

Second Best Actor (drama): Ryu Shi Won ("Since I Knew You...")

Second Best Actor (miniseries): Yang Dong Gun ("Nee Mut Dae Roh Hae Rah")

Second Best Actress (drama): Woo Hee Jin ("Een Uh Ah Gah Shi")

Second Best Actress (miniseries): Lee Na Young ("Nee Mut Dae Roh Hae Rah")

Best Couple: Kim Sung Taek and Jang Seo Hee

Netizen's Popularity Award: Jang Seo Hee

Special Actors Award: Jung Young Sook, Han Hae Sook, Park Geun Young ("Een Uh Ah Gah Shi")

Other awards for MCs, writers, and drama staff were given.

[12.30] Jang Seo Hee sweeps the 2002 MBC Yun Gi Dae Sang

At the 2002 MBC Yun Gi Dae Sang, Jang Seo Hee ("Een Uh Ah Gah Shi") took home six awards. After twenty-one years as an actress, Jang finally received the honor of the Yun Gi Dae Sang, the highest award given to an actor or actress. Along with the Dae Sang, she also received awards for: Best Couple, Netizen's Popularity Award, Best Actress, and Most Popular Actress. Having an average rating of 30%, the cast of the MBC drama "Een Uh Ah Gah Shi" dominated the night, as Woo Hee Jin won Second Best Actress, Kim Sung Taek won Best Couple and New Actor Award, Han Hae Sook/Jung Young Sook/Park Geun Hyung won the Special Award, and Lim Sung Han won the Writer's Award. As a treat, Jang danced with singer Bi to the captivating salsa dance that was portrayed earlier on in the drama.

from soompi news archive

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Guest Choi Ji Woo

thanks to everyone who replied here, especially to gemt!!! we met again in this thread..thanks for the infos!!!

this drama is one of the highest - rating korean dramas here in the philippines, despite of its A.M. timeslot..

to those who praised jang seo hee's acting prowess & elegant beauty, count me in..i'm also one of her fans!!!

to those who find kim sung taek ugly, well..everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion so i respect yours...

but, mind you..kim sung taek is one of the most crushed & most loved k-actors here in the philippines..haha!

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