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[drama 2008] The Scales Of Providence / God's Balance 신의 저울

Guest huangsy

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Ep. 11

JH goes to see WB, saying he knows it's WB (who killed Eun Ji). JH makes it clear that their friendship is over.

JH sees YJ on his way back to the school. YJ can't believe that WB would be a rapist and murderer. JH mentions "preceding offense" and "self-defense" and says there's more that they don't know, but WB does. Ask WB what it means.

YJ says she thought YH was innocent, too, but if he was in love with EJ and hid those feelings, then...

JH is disappointed in YJ. Even though she loves WB, JH thought she would have been on justice's side. But now, she's just blinded by love.

JH tells her to stop making excuses. Just admit that she's on WB's side. Then, it would be easier for JH to forgive her.

SR's father wants her to marry WB because he makes a good "match." - at least, that's what he tells SR and her mother. (But I wonder about that sinister laugh.)

HB nearly has a stroke while stressing over the fact that he told Prof. Hong everything about JH, YH, and WB.

JH is shocked to learn that everyone during the mock trial already knew which way to vote and how to act before the trial even began.

There's stiff competition among the students to become a prosecutor.

JH vows that he'll make it on his own.

JH does some legal research. Flashbacks.

SR points out YJ's flaws in the execution of the mock trial, but YJ gets overly defensive about WB.

SR says she wasn't talking about WB...she was merely talking about the trial.

YJ then remarks negatively about SR's father. If SR wants to give her advice, she'd better go give her father advice first.

Prof. Hong has a flashback to Lawyer Noh telling him to take good care of and help WB.

Hong wonders if Noh has intentions of putting WB and SR together, but he dismiss that outrageous idea because hell would freeze over first before Prosecutor Kim and Lawyer Noh would join sides.

SR asks WB what the murder case has to do with WB. Maybe she should ask JH. WB tells her to do that.

SR's mom meets with WB's mom and frankly asks to be in-laws.

Meanwhile, SR tells WB about her father's desire for them to marry. Lawyer Noh and Prof. Kim were classmates.

SR tells WB, frankly, that even though this would be an arranged marriage, it would be nice if it were for love, too, but that's just wishful thinking on her part. She's been watching WB, and her feelings are half-half. She doesn't really care if she marries him, or if she doesn't. So, she'll leave the choice up to him. He doesn't need to reply to her, he can just tell his mother of his decision.

Something's going on (not sure what exactly) with Korea Bank and Shin Myung Law Firm (Lawyer Noh's firm). Prof. Kim tells Prof. Jung that Shin Myung isn't a law firm, it's a lobbyist firm.

All the law students are studying hard for their exam.

JH goes to visit YH. YH asks how YJ did on the test. He thinks she's a good person.

WB's mother calls SR, but she's not there. YJ answers SR's phone. WB's mom thinks it's SR and says she's coming to visit the school today. Shall they have dinner together with WB?

SR comes back to the room and takes the phone. She calls WB's mom "Mother" and agrees to the dinner plans.

SR reminds YJ that she warned her before. She didn't want YJ to get hurt.

YJ asks how long it's been going on...SR tells her not to get the wrong idea. It hasn't even started yet. But, this is reality. People who have a lot (are rich & powerful) do what's advantageous.

WB tells his mother not to rush things with SR. Otherwise, YJ might find out.

WB's mother can't sleep at night thinking that WB would be stuck with YJ for the rest of his life because of that one incident.

WB doesn't think his father would ever agree to this alliance, but his mother says - how long could his father oppose if his son loved SR?

WB says he already met YJ's father with his own father and even set the date for the engagement. She knows why he's getting engaged to YJ. If she keeps this up, it'll make things more difficult for him. Stop making him waiver.

JH overhears WB saying this to his mother.

JH asks if YJ knows about this. WB tells him to butt out and doesn't think YJ will side with him. But JH says as soon as she stops being blinded by her feelings, she'll be the first to run over.

WB calls YJ to meet (and ditched his mother). They drive to a secluded place by the water.

JH calls YJ, but WB turns off her phone and kisses her. (very badly, I might add <_<)

WB and YJ have their engagement.

HB drags JH there.

JH leaves the engagement in the middle. SR picks him up in her car and they talk. She asks if he likes YJ. JH says YJ was a person he wanted to believe in. SR says that's even stronger that liking someone. Then, is it love?

JH starts talking vaguely...and says he won't give up. He'll catch that guy no matter what.

SR asks if the rape/murder case has to do with WB. JH doesn't answer.

Hong relays the news of WB's engagement to Lawyer Noh and asks if he still has to help WB.

Noh now wants WB to join his law firm. Hong says WB is most likely headed to becoming a prosecutor.

Hong tries to convince WB to go into private practice instead of being a prosecutor. He says it yields more power and talks about how powerful Shin Myung Law Firm is.

Prof. Kim congratulates JH for doing well on his test. JH can become a prosecutor.

Hong submitted something to prevent JH from becoming a prosecutor.

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wow a lot of caps from this week episodes

does it look like JH fall for YJ??

i thought SR suppose to help JH not YJ

i wonder wats the rating for this week episodes and i cant believe theres only 2 episodes left of this drama, its so sad

Rating for Epi 13 & 14

Epi 13

Nationwide: 11.1

Seoul: 11.6

Epi 14

Nationwide: 13.5

Seoul: 13.7

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Ep. 12

Hak Bum tells JH how he opened his big mouth to Hong. (Am I the only one who finds HB especially annoying when he's about to have seizure? :rolleyes:)

Prof. Kim tells Prof. Jung that Hong would know how he would react to Hong's opposition to JH being a prosecutor. Kim wonders what Hong's motives are and tells Jung to investigate.

Hong tells WB to think over his advice (about joining Shin Myung).

SR visits her father at his office. He's giving out bonuses to his employees - in cash (but they eerily look more like bribes).

SR wants to start her work there, but her father says to wait. He has one more person to scout (which is WB).

HB tells JH to ask for Prof. Kim's help to become a prosecutor, but JH says he can't ask Prof. Kim, when he wants to become a prosecutor in order to catch WB.

SR sees JH doing research. She advises him that - a king's son killing a beggar, and a beggar killing a king's son are not the same. It's a question of who does or doesn't have power. She says he doesn't necessarily need to become a prosecutor to catch the culprit, does he? JH asks if she thinks he can't catch the culprit because he doesn't know who it is. He says he could end it right now, if he puts it on the internet. But that's not what he wants. He wants to win fairly and properly, with justice and dignity.

YJ and WB meet with WB's mother. YJ receives a call from HB about JH, and YJ tells him she'll try to help. YJ wants to ask her future father in law to help JH, but WB's mother tells her that her husband never uses his authority to help in personal matters. WB's mother is very displeased/annoyed with YJ and leaves.

WB also gets mad at YJ for trying to help JH. YJ doesn't understand why he wouldn't want to help JH because JH would then be grateful, and it would clear the misunderstanding between them. WB says what happens to JH is no concern of his.

YJ says she's not doing it because of JH. She's doing it because of YH. YH's only hope lies with JH becoming a prosecutor. WB tells her not to mention JH or YH in front of him again.

JH tries to convince Prof. Hong to retract his opposition, but he refuses.

Prof. Kim and Jung call JH in and tell him that he'll have to undergo an interview. Kim tells him that what he really needs to become a prosecutor is objectivity. He's leaning too far to one side at the moment. Think deeply and answer the questions well. This is his last chance.

JH passes his interview.

WB tells his father that he doesn't want to become a prosecutor. He wants to join a law firm, instead.

YJ also passes as a prosecutor - because WB gave up his spot. YJ tells her father WB did it for her.

Both Hong and WB are hired by Noh's Shin Myung Law Firm.

Jung is pissed, and Prof. Kim is deeply hurt.

SR is angry that her father scouted WB to his firm. She discovers that he already knows that WB killed someone.

JH and YJ are sworn in as public prosecutors. JH visits YH and shows him the certificate.

JH and YJ are assigned to the same office. WB isn't happy when he sees them talking. WB sarcastically congratulates JH on becoming a prosecutor. JH tells him the next time they'll see each other is over the rooftop room murder case. WB says he'll be waiting to see if JH will be able to catch him.

JH summons the two detectives that worked on Eun Ji's murder case. They're shocked to see that he's the prosecutor who reopened it called them in and is looking into the case.

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Guest babymarzy07

thank you hjkomo!!

omg, i really really hate WB now.

gah. i like WTH.

i hate that WB changed a lot.

and from before being all guilty and paranoid

to some sorta power crazed person.

and prof hong is just :crazy:

awww JH fighting!!

seems like YH likes YJ a lot.

maybe its not JH who likes her?

well YJ is one confused girl as well to begin with.

actually, im not sure to place SR as a baddie.

or just playing along.

gaahhh.. things will be becoming even more

dramatic and suspenseful.

but i hope JH avenges what he is fighting for.

and i hope YH will get out.

plus about the mentally ill land lady's son.


poor YJ that engagement was just..

gaaahh at HB why did he do that..

and HB can so <_< sometimes..

i wasnt entirely sure before if JH could trust him..

i love the mock trial episodes btw.. so interesting..

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Thanks hjkomo ^^ I became clear now why Prof. Kim very sad after hearing the word from WB... so he is joing his father "enemy" :P

Hope YJ soon realize that she just being use by WB & the mother >_<

Better d/l eps 13 again because it just stuck in 99% :( hate when that happened >_<

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Just like what babymarzy07 said, I also think Prof. Kim doesn't know yet because the one who know is his wife. I'm kind of curious how was his reaction when he knew that his son is a murderer and his wife also knew about it. He is the one who knows nothing *poor Prof. Kim* I mean he always doing things in the name of justice.

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Finally finished eps 14 ^^ Oh My... that was an intense eps of all ^^ love it :wub:

Se Ra seems liking JH but to bad JH already falls for YJ :P because he said YJ always believe in him and YH also like her :P

Before Se Ra give the CD (evidence of her father's crime) to JH, she said if she's the one who stand by his side and leave her father for JH? (something like that) that was kinda confession to JH about her filling for him I think :P

I like when YJ meet WB in a cafe, she's trying her best to push her feeling in front of WB while she said about the case being closed? because they have capture the culprit. Poor YJ because she finally realize that WB just make a use of her for his own benefit >_<

I saw the preview of next eps when Prof. Kim finally know about his son being a murderer *poor him* but the wife still saying that it wasn't WB fault. How ironic it is, when Prof. Kim really is believe in justice and really honest people while his son is a murderer and a lier >_< also lawyer Noh who doesn't know who is stubbing him, no other is his daughter. Woaaaa can't wait for 2 latest eps ^^

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I think Professor Kim personality is so that he will not allow his son to live his life as a muderer. He will not sweep it under the rug but rather make his son stand up to his actions. I wonder if he would divorce his wife. I would. I would not want to live with someone capable of destroying other peoples' lives just to cover her reputation.

She and WB always make me feel like argh :crazy: whenever I see them on the screen.

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Ep. 13

JH calls in the detectives from Eun Ji's case. They wait while JH chides another detective for carelessly only investigating one suspect on another case. They listen in angst and fear as JH tells the other detective that if he only goes after one suspect and the real culprit is caught, the detective will also be in the hot seat.

JH hasn't officially reopened the case but asks the two detectives a favor - to search through the database for rapists in the area that didn't have an alibi on that night.

Eun Ji's brother is out of prison. JH calls him to meet, but he wants to know the identity of Eun Ji's killer, since JH knows who it is. JH tells him that handling it his way (with his fists) will only get him hurt. Oh doesn't care. He reminds JH that he'll need his help (family of the victim's permision) to reopen the case.

Kim Hyuk Jae assembles a "dream team" of prosecutors. (I think this has something to do with the Dae Han Bank and the Blue House. Can anyone please shed some light on this?)

Lawyer Noh meets with Yoon Tae Sub - Blue House Chief of Staff. Noh tells Yoon to relax. He's got a weapon to control Prosecutor Kim Hyuk Jae.

SR has been trying to call JH all day, but he's been busy. She wants to meet to discuss Prof. Kim's new appointment.

Hong and WB run into SR. Hong scolds her for not coming to work. SR says she's already quit the firm.

WB asks SR if she has feelings for him. She says she can't stand people who commit a crime and act like nothing happened. SR warns that her father is still interested in WB. He will make sure that WB breaks off his engagement with YJ and marry SR. SR says she despises WB. WB says he told her he wouldn't put up with her for a third time. SR asks if he still thinks that YJ, foolish to love WB, still trusts him. WB follows SR on her way to meet JH. He grabs her arm and says - Do you want me to do it? Per your father's wishes, do you want me to make you my woman? SR shrugs him off - What to do? I already love another man.

JH is on his way out to meet SR, when he sees YJ helping out a boy who's gotten in trouble. YJ is happy that JH spoke to her because it means he's not as mad at her anymore. JH remembers YH saying that YJ is a good person and to take care of her.

SR tells JH that her father knew about WB's crime but still scouted him and that Prof. Kim's appointment could only have happened if her father didn't oppose it. She warns that JH is not just going up against WB. Her father is WB's protector, and sooner or later, he will strike JH.

JH tells SR to leave him alone. That's how she can help him. SR hugs him from behind and basically confesses her feelings to him.

Both YJ's father and WB's mother ask their respective children when they're getting married. Both kids push the matter aside...

SR asks her father to free someone from prison (YH) in exchange for coming back to work for him. Noh adds additional conditions - get a signed statement from JH that he won't mess with the rooftop murder case, and work things out with WB (i.e. get together).

JH thanks SR for her good intentions but refuses her offer.

JH visits YH and asks if he would want to be released by Christmas, but it would mean that they would give up catching the real murderer. YH reminds JH he's innocent. It's not a question of getting out sooner. They have to catch Eun Ji's killer.

JH meets Oh at Eun Ji burial site. He asks Oh to submit the petition to reopen the case. Then he can begin the investigation, starting with the landlady. Oh wants JH's promise that he'll catch the killer before getting YH out.

HB invites JH and YJ to the grand opening of his and Min Tae's law office. HB asks how YH's case is going. JH tells them how he looking for the rapist. JH says that there were definitely two different assailants - one who assaulted her, and one who killed her. YJ is surprised to hear this.

The two detectives tell JH that they were unsuccessful in finding the rapist. It's been to long since the incident to try to confirm their alibis.

JH is about to ask YJ for a favor, but WB call her. YJ asks WB to come pick her up at 12, but he lies, saying he's at home and too tired (WB's actually meeting with Noh and SR).

JH's working on a case where a doctor allegedly assaulted his wife. JH wants to do a thorough investigation, but the woman's mother wants it settled immediately. After meeting with the woman's friend, JH discovers that the doctor was falsely accused by his wife's rich and powerful family. Realizing that JH is a prosecutor with integrity, the wife's friend gives him information that will help with Prosecutor Kim's case. It's a breakthrough.

Kim asks JH to join his team.

Kim tells Jung to put YJ on YH's case.

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I think Professor Kim personality is so that he will not allow his son to live his life as a muderer. He will not sweep it under the rug but rather make his son stand up to his actions. I wonder if he would divorce his wife. I would. I would not want to live with someone capable of destroying other peoples' lives just to cover her reputation.

She and WB always make me feel like argh :crazy: whenever I see them on the screen.

Agree with you gerryg I also hate the mother >_<

cute girl thanks for the subs ^^ and hjkomo for the enlightens ^^

I really can't wait for the last eps ^^

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Ep. 14

YJ asks JH if he asked Prosecutor Kim to put YJ on YH's case. JH says that he had hoped that YJ would be put on the case but, no, he didn't ask Kim to do that. YJ says that she knows too much about the case and maybe someone more cool-headed who doesn't know about it, would be better for the case. JH says that's exactly why he wanted YJ to be on it.

JH gives YJ the trial documents, the book used by the killer to block Eun Ji's hits, and his own notes on how he would have proceeded in the investigation. He reminds her that she must think of the assailants as two different people in order to find the true culprit. JH gives her the keychain and tells her not to forget to follow the truth.

Lawyer Noh discusses Pax (Pox? Parks?) Investments over dinner with SR and WB. Noh's not worried about Kim Hyuk Jae's investigation of Dae Han Bank. SR asks WB if he knows why her father scouted him...WB rebutts with asking her father if he can have some authority over SR since they'll be working together.

SR gives JH a ride to YH's prison. She scoffs when JH tells her that YJ is taking on YH's case, saying that YJ's so blinded by her love. JH tells SR not to criticize YJ - she's going to suffer a lot when she discovers the truth. SR gets jealous and says that YJ is on WB's side. JH tells SR not to attach herself to him - using her own words, they're from different worlds. SR steps on the gas and speeds.

JH tells YH that YJ's on his case now. YH's a little concerned, but JH reassures him.

YJ calls in the two detectives, Kang and Jo, and tells them there's only one reason she's on the case - there mustn't be the creation of an unjustly treated person (hard to translate ;)).

The detectives never interviewed the landlady's son. They said he was clean. YJ asks - then why did the landlady change her statement? In her first statement she says she called the police because she saw JH running suspiciously away. The next day, she changed her statement saying that she heard fighting upstairs and went to investigate.

Cut to: Eun Ji's brother rough-housing the landlady for being inconsistent with her statement to the police about that night. The landlady confesses something (in his ear) about when the previous tenant lived there.

YJ gives the detectives various instructions on what to investigate. She reviews the pictures from the crime scene.

JH, Pros. Kim and Jung discuss their case. Jung tells JH that Pros. Kim was the one who put YJ on YH's case because he thinks she'll do a good job.

Eun Ji's brother goes to Hak Bum and Min Tae's law firm and tricks them out of information about WB. HB nearly has another seizure. :rolleyes:

SR tells WB the real reason her father manipulated the situation to have WB's on the Dae Han Bank case. (? Pax Investments is acquiring Dae Han Bank. - ??) With WB working with Pax Investments, at the last minute, Lawyer Noh will be able to force Pros. Kim's hand because Kim will have to let Dae Han Bank go in order to save his son (??). And Lawyer Noh will also get to force WB and SR's marriage.

SR informs WB that the rooftop murder case has been reopened, and the prosecutor is YJ.

Eun Ji's brother calls WB and gives him a scare.

YJ interviews the landlady. Detective Kang comes in and confirms that the landlady's son was accused twice for rape and four times for attempted rape, but the landlady settled with the victims every time.

YJ calls JH. He comes to the station, and YJ tells him about Im Duk Soo - he graduated college and was taking the civil service exam. He kept failing, so his girlfriend dumped him. She ran met someone else and moved to the U.S. Im Duk Soo jumped off a building and damaged his brain.

YJ shows Im Duk Soo a picture of WB, and he confirms that WB is Eun Ji's killer.

Eun Ji's brother goes to WB's house. His mother sees him and asks who he is. He says WB's did something very bad and to tell WB that a woman from the nether world sent him. WB's mother is so scared, she drops her groceries.

WB tells his mother not to worry. No one can strike him down.

YJ remembers all of WB's signs of affection/manipulation towards her. She can't believe it's WB and thinks to herself, unconvincingly, that he wouldn't do that. She turns around to face JH and tells him that the keychain was too similar in color to the stairs leading up to the rooftop apartment, so there's no way that Eun Ji could have seen it at night and picked it up. YJ asks JH if he ever showed the keychain to WB before he suspected that WB was the culprit (but she already knows the answer). JH stays silent as YJ cries.

The Kim family listen to news about the Dae Han Bank case while eating. WB's father asks WB if he's going to continue working at Shin Myung. WB asks if there's any reason why he should quit. He says he's on a different team than the one going up against his father, so he has no intention of quitting.

YJ goes to meet WB at a cafe. Before she goes in, a flashback of her asking JH for some time. He says he can wait, but YH can't - YH said that, to a prisoner, the hope of being freed is torment.

WB asks YJ about her case. She says that it will be soon be closed - Eun Ji took a picture of her killer with her cell phone (a bluff). She says the killer's face isn't clear, but you can see something black on the side of his head...a hat. It wasn't even very cold then...didn't you wear a cap that night? WB lies and says he wasn't wearing a cap.

JH has pictures up on his window. SR comes to his apartment. She has something to tell him. She asks JH if she can become someone living in the same world as JH if she gives up her father. She wants to be on JH's side. She gives JH a disk containing emails between Pax executives and Shin Myung. With this, can she be on JH's side?

Lawyer Noh is furious when he reads the newspaper, and he goes to see Kim Hyuk Jae. Noh tells Kim to stop, but Kim refuses. Noh says, then, he'll have to use his special card. Kim isn't surprised that Noh is hiding a card up his sleeve. Noh asks Kim if he loves his son.


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Guest babymarzy07

^ thank you hjkomo!!

btw, is this just gonna be 16 eps?

wont it be sorta cut short though?

since there would be a lot still to reveal?

and the story is just getting juicy..

plus the love triangle part?

sooo exciting!!

so twisted i wonder what prof kim will do!!

i hope he wont tolerate that kind of lying and murder.

even if it wasnt intetional.

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