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[drama 2008] The Scales Of Providence / God's Balance 신의 저울

Guest huangsy

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Guest babymarzy07

Is it just me, or was there a bit too much man-love between Joon Ha and Woo Bin? :crazy::huh::lol:

I guess they intended to present it that way in order to provide an even starker contrast to how their relationship changes later on.

rofl at that. highly unexpected. :lol:

im beginning to dislike WB. ep 7 & 8 are his turning points.

gosh. i felt bad for him too at the start now his bad side is showing.

though i dislike YJ in a way..

i feel bad when she realizes whats going on..

hmm.. it gets even more interesting now..

thanks cutiepie for the goodies :)

must say the series is very good.

well its similar to green rose in a way too.

but perhaps more suspenseful in a way?

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Ep. 7

At the prison infirmary, Joon Ha kneels before Oh Kang Chul, Eun Ji's brother, saying that Young Ha didn't kill Eun Ji. Her real killer is still out there. Young Ha knew he wouldn't be able to catch her killer, if Joon Ha went to prison, so he went instead, so that Joon Ha could catch the killer. In addition, their mother ended her own life in order to raise the 30 million won needed to pay Young Ha's lawyer. Joon Ha vows to catch the man who killed Eun Ji...who also took his mother's life...and begs Oh Kang Chul to not to hurt Young Ha.

Woo Bin is there with Joon Ha and hears everything.

Outside, Joon Ha tells Woo Bin that Eun Ji murder occured the night he failed the exam - the same day that Woo Bin gave him the stop-watch. The police thought he had fought with Eun Ji because he failed the exam, and there were only his fingerprints at the scene of the crime. JH goes on to say that the killers fingerprints were absent because he had removed the plastic cover of the law book. If only he had known that back then...Young Ha wouldn't have gone to prison.

JH vows to find the real culprit....whether it takes him to the end of the earth...or all the way to hell...he wants to kill that guy.

WB throws up.

Young Joo goes off somewhere and looks at the note that was passed to her. She opens it even though it's addressed to Jang Joon Ha. The note is from an inmate friend of Young Ha, saying that someone is waiting to kill Young Ha when he gets out of solitary confinement.

YJ gives it to Hak Bum in exchange for him telling her what's going on.

Hak Bom gives the note to JH, and he shows it to the guard and begs him to get Young Ha transferred.

At home, WB tells his mother that the person who was imprisoned in his place is JH's innocent brother. Because of him, JH's mother even died. WB's afraid...he should've turned himself in back then. His mother tells him that the incident is in the past. It's not his fault. It has nothing to do with him.

WB thinks he'll be caught and says he it would be better to beg for forgiveness.

Hak Bum tells Young Joo the details of what happened two years ago. YJ finds it hard to believe that so many people involved could have screwed up the case so badly.

Later, YJ sees JH running furiously in the rain and weeping under the statue of Lady Justice. (Loved this scene.)

She feels sorry for him. (and she ought to - she was the one spreading the rumor that JH dumped his girlfriend because he failed the exam and then she committed suicide :fury:)

WB's mother asks him for JH's phone number, under the guise of wanting to take good care of him.

WB takes JH out for a nice meal. WB asks if he has anything that will lead him to the real killer. JH shows him the keychain and says it was specially made. If he can find the keychain's maker, it will lead him to the killer.

JH: Eun Ji is helping me...Eun Ji, who clearly saw his face...Soon, I will see his face, too.

WB overhears YJ asking HB for Young Ha's trial documents and follows her.

YJ says she won't let JH know that she knows, and HB secretly lets her borrow the trial documents.

Se Ra sees WB acting overly nice to YJ.

YJ reviews the documents and finds that the police did a sloppy job. Even though Young Ha's alibi was dismissed because the alibi was an alcoholic, she notices that his whereabouts at the time of the murder could have been easily confirmed if the police investigated his taxi.

YJ tells WB that she saw JH crying in the rain. She says she misjudged him and wants to help him.

WB asks his father what he should tell his "friend" who accidently killed someone in self-defense but someone else was punished for it. His father is surprised/appalled that WB would even have doubts about the right course of action. His father's ethical stance is clear. He would turn in the person, even if it were his own son.

WB tells his mother not to worry. She was right - that incident has nothing to do with him. He's going to become a more successful prosecutor than his father.

WB takes YJ out to the same place they had celebrated when he passed the exam. YJ is disappointed that he doesn't even remember the present that she gave him. He suggests they go get another one made, but the place is closed. YJ says the artist was an elderly man, so maybe he passed away. WB buys YJ an expensive present.

YJ is ecstatic about the gift, but Se Ra is suspicious of WB's sudden change of heart.

WB brings lunch for JH and HB. Hak Bum is in such a hurry to eat before class; he hasn't even gotten his bag ready. WB volunteers to go get it, and uses the opportunity to look for the keychain in JH's room.

YJ returns the trial documents. She feels bad because she was the one to call the police on Oh Kang Chul, which led to him being in the same prison as Young Ha. YJ goes to interview Young Ha at the prison.

YJ wonders at how deep brotherly love can be for someone to go to prison on false charges for the sake of his brother. She finds out from her father that Eun Ji was the girl who frequented their restaurant, and the murder took place at a rooftop room. She goes to see Hak Bum to confirm that it was his old place. He shows her the keychain left at the crime scene by the killer.


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Thanks Luv so much for the links. You're the best! :D

Just finished watching the BTS. What the heck was the reporter talking about how this series has garnered a large fanbase? I guess he was talking abt the Korean fanbase cos it doesn't look anything like huge interest in the English speaking world, at least judging by the pages of this thread or even the lack, or non existent at all of English fansubs.

Look on the bright side, at least they've managed to generate interests on the guys' bed scene. :P Still laughing at that hand in hand running through the field comment! :lol: Although I wouldn't mind seeing a less clothed than usual SCU! :P

And thanks hj for the summary. Makes it so much easier when I finally get to watch the eps! :)

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Guest babymarzy07

thanks hjkomo for the wonderful summary :) gaaahh at the cliff hanger.

im like quick quick i need to see ep 8. hahahha

gaaahh. bad WB.

his mom is just <_<

YJ easily influenced?

wow that HB knows so much.

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Pheeewww! Thanks for the pics and ep 7's summary guys! Good job on keeping this thread alive even though it seems like not many people are into this drama. :)

I usually just watch the eps first without understanding a single word, well maybe except hello and thank you, then I'd calmly wait to read the summary. But this time I'm really anxious to find out what's going on in ep 8. It seems like YJ has found out something abt WB and she's really angry abt it. They sure know how to up the suspense in this ep. Even JH was tentatively eavesdropping on WB's impending answer. Summary please!!! :D

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hjkomo...you're right...Woo Bin is starting to be really... fake & despicable??? couldn't find the right word...

The kiss in episode 8 is just painful to watch...hate those deceiving kisses..

though i dislike YJ in a way..

i feel bad when she realizes whats going on..

hmm.. it gets even more interesting now..

What bothered me even more than WB using YJ,

was YJ's naivete and stupidity. :tongue2: :rolleyes:

Ep. 8

Hak Bum shows Young Joo the keychain and tells her that Joon Ha is sure that it belongs to the real killer. JH came to find HK a few days after the murder to ask if it was his.

YJ, shocked, takes the keychain and tells HK that she'll be right back.

JH tells HK that YJ went to interview Young Ha and wonders how she knew about him. HK tells him that that note was actually passed to her during their prison visit. She was so curious about it, so HB had to tell her. JH's upset that HB even showed her the trial documents, but HB assures him that she's on his side. She was astonished that so many people could have screwed up the investigation and wants to help solve the case.

JH doesn't want Young Ha to be made a monkey (fool). He says he'll take care of it.

YJ calls WB to ask him about the keychain. He acts like he doesn't know anything and maintains that he never went to the rooftop room that night. Since WB says he lost it, YJ wants him to go with her to try to figure out where he dropped it, and how it could have ended up at the rooftop room.

WB tells her not to tell JH. WB says he wants to help, too, but if JH finds out about it, it will just make things more complicated.

JH can't find the keychain. HB tells him that he showed it YJ. She was shocked and asked if it was really found at the crime scene. Then she ran off, saying it'll only take a minute.

WB drops off YJ and tells her that he wants to be introduced to her father right away - tomorrow, after class.

JH sees WB dropping off YJ and asks her about it. She says that she accidently bumped into him.

JH asks her to tell him what she knows, but she evades him by saying that what she knows won't be of any help. It'll just make things more complicated.

JH tells her that the real killer has knowledge of the law and is very smart. He took the plastic cover off the law book to leave no traces of his presence.

JH thinks she knows the owner of the keychain. YJ says sorry and walks away.

YJ discusses the case "hypothetically" with Se Ra using a necklace as the item in question. Se Ra says either the killer brought the necklace with him to the scene, or the victim was the one who picked up the necklace and brought it back.

YJ is ecstatic to figure out that it must have been Eun Ji who picked up the keychain, since WB dropped it.

YJ tells HB to tell JH to wait just a little longer. She just need one day to confirm something, and she'll tell JH all.

One day is like an eternity to JH.

In class the next day, YJ texts WB not to worry. Just trust her, she'll solve it.

JH asks WB about him meeting YJ last night. YJ knows the owner of the keychain. Did she tell you anything?

WB tells JH that she didn't say anything about it. WB says he'll ask her about it for JH.

The class takes a field trip to visit the courthouse. Their first case will be a rape/murder case.

Professor Hong asks Se Ra why her father wants to see him. She doesn't know.

Min Tae overhears, and Se Ra asks him to keep her identity a secret.

YJ takes a picture of WB with HB's phone.

Se Ra's father meets with Professor Hong and ask him a favor - something to do with Kim Huk Jae (WB's father).

At lunch, the class discuss cases where the assailant asks the victim's family for forgiveness. JH and Se Ra have different opinions, but Prof. Kim seems to side with JH.

YJ goes to visit Young Ha again. She confirms that Eun Ji came outside to see YH off at his taxi (and thus, could have picked up the keychain on her way back to the rooftop).

The picture she gave him was of Madagascar because if fits all three of his wishes - he had said he wanted to visit Africa, the ocean and an island. She promises to visit there with him some day and offers to make a pinky promise so he won't forget.

YH asks about JH and asks her to watch out for him/keep him company occasionally.

YJ goes to the area where WB could have dropped the keychain and reviews the timeline of that night. She runs into "Yogurt" boy who tells her that Eun Ji used to drink all five at once. He says he saw who killed Eun Ji, but no one bothered to asked him about it. He tells YJ that he saw WB (the guy who always came with YJ - tall and good-looking) running away from the scene. YJ shows him WB's picture. Yogurt boy comments on WB's suit and her badge. YJ is then relieved, thinking that Yogurt boy is mistaken because he's retarded. She gets up to leave, BUT, then yogurt boy says that WB was wearing a black cap that night. YJ remembers WB in the black cap.

WB goes to see YJ's father, who doesn't know who he is. (YJ's father thought YJ's boyfriend was JH.)

YJ asks Se Ra if she really thought WB's change in behavior towards her was too sudden and strange.

WB asks YJ where she went earlier. She says she went to see Young Ha. WB yells at her for going to see that rapist and murder again.

JH calls YJ to meet.

YJ asks WB again if he really didn't go to the rooftop room that night. Why did WB suddenly change towards her? Why did he suddenly ask for forgiveness, etc?

YJ wants WB to answer her. WB tells her to forget it all (their relationship).

YJ says, then, is it okay for her to tell JH...that the keychain belongs to WB?

JH overhears.

No preview??? :(

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Guest lucky_moon

UPDATE - Sep 29, 2008:

I want to tell those who still want to watch it with English subtitles that me & my group will continue subbing the drama if everything works fine this week we might have a releases next week, I want to Thanks senalee (translator) cuz she will do the whole translation for the drama.. please support us & more translators are welcome
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Guest BluOltremare

UPDATE - Sep 29, 2008:

I want to tell those who still want to watch it with English subtitles that me & my group will continue subbing the drama if everything works fine this week we might have a releases next week, I want to Thanks senalee (translator) cuz she will do the whole translation for the drama.. please support us & more translators are welcome

Thanks, many thanks, cute girl.

I am very happy, because The Scales Of Providence deserved to be translated.

The first episode was really very good. :)

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That's great news, cute girl! Of course we will support you! FIGHTING!!! :D

It's really tedious to watch the eps without understanding a darn thing so hopefully you guys can keep up the subbing. Thanks alot! :D

And also big thanks to hj for the summary as well. Really useful in keeping me up to speed! :) But I'm not thanking you for bringing back the man-love, though. :P

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