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Favourite Anime Music

Guest roffles

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Guest mintaroism

I am totally obsessed with Tsubasa: RESERVoiR CHRoNiCLE and Code Geass + Code Geass R2's soundtracks.
ALL of the tracks. Sigh. <3 

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Ohh man there's so many, but at the top of my head here are some:

- Fairy Tail
ALL OF THE SONGSSS, particularly the main theme. The epic music makes me want to fight people LOL jk maybe...
[OST] Yasuharu Takanashi - Fairy Tail Main Theme
[ED] Glitter - Starving Trancer Remix

- Gintama
[OP] DOES - Donten
[ED] DOES - Shura

I like the arrancar OST's also since they're so fun!
[OP] UVERWorld - D-Techno Life

- Soul Eater
[ED] Abingdon Boys School - Strength

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