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[upcoming] [drama Japan 2008] Tomorrow

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


* Title: Tomorrow

* Format: Renzoku

* Genre: Medical drama

* Broadcast network: TBS

* Broadcast period: 2008-Jul-06 to

* Air time: Sunday 21:00


Takenouchi plays a surgeon who retired 8 years ago to work for the municipal government. However, he ends up returning to the profession to help a local hospital on the verge of bankruptcy. Kanno plays a co-worker, taking on the role of a nurse for the first time in her acting career.


* Takenouchi Yutaka

* Kanno Miho

* Ogawa Tamaki (緒川たまき)

* Kurokawa Tomoko

* Jinnai Takanori

* Kishibe Ittoku

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Guest plumangel3

Takenouchi Yutaka is one of the favs :) i loved him in Rondo.

its been a while since he's been in a drama so im excited :D

seems lik medical dramas are getting more popular.

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Guest jade_frost



Tomorrow, a medical drama, is about the collapse of local health care. Moriyama Kohei is a former surgeon who gave up his practice and became a civil servant at the municipal office. Loved by the residents, Kohei is, however, scarred by what happened in the past and has become a person unable to open up to others. Then Aiko, a nurse, appears in his life. His meeting with this woman who possess a strong sense of justice and positivity leads him to decide to return to his profession to help a local hospital on the verge of bankruptcy. And then he discovers that "It isn't over when you lose. It's when you give up that it's over."

Official Website



* Takenouchi Yutaka as Moriyama Kohei (35)

* Kanno Miho as Tanaka Aiko (28)

* Ogawa Tamaki as Endo Saya (35)

* Kurokawa Tomoko as Tanaka Nanami (19)

* Edo Harumi as Harada Kazuko (45)

* Muramatsu Toshifumi as Kaneko Ayumu (48)

* Rokkaku Shinji as Yabuuchi Jiro (38)

* Tanaka Minoru as Kataoka Yoichi (40)

* Shiga Kotaro as Kakinuma Kotaro (65)

* Jinnai Takanori as Hasumi Yoji (50)

* Kishibe Ittoku as Sendo Ikuo (59)

* Nagashima Eiko as Tanaka Yoshimi

* Matsuda Miyuki as Yasuda Sanae

* Osawa Akane as Yasuda Ryoko

* Nagata Akira as Kato Keita

* Hashimoto Mami as Sugiyama Mai

* Arimura Miki as Takizawa Nozomi

* Akita Makoto as Mishima Chinatsu

* Ujie Megumi as Hashimoto Satoko

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Guest dadedum

i've been waiting and waiting for my all-time favorite guy's next project. his last drama "kazoku"s good but wasn't much talked about. i hope someone subs this. i've been in love with this guy ever since he came out in hoshi no kinka many many many... years ago. :P

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Guest mookie

That pic doesnt look like Yutaka... this is a must watch for me!

he's my very very very first crush! :blush: AND as a doc.... :wub:

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Guest jade_frost


Moriyama Kohei (35), Takenouchi Yutaka

A municipal staff. He's a young man who is friendly and kind; doesn't dislike his troublesome job and cherishes the present. His hobbies are fishing and photography. When he was young, he admired the doctor who worked tirelessly to save his mother and became a surgeon at a university hospital. However, he, for some reason, felt dismayed with his occupation and resigned. But his encounter with Aiko and Saya causes him to face up to the occupation of a doctor. And he starts taking action to rebuild the hospital but ... ...

Tanaka Aiko (28), Kanno Miho

Aiko often misreads the situation because she jumps to conclusions, but is a sweet natured person. After her mother's death, she has to financially support the family for her younger sister's sake and leads her life with her younger sister placed as her priority. Her mother was a nurse so Aiko naturally chooses to become a nurse too. But her workplace is a municipal hospital that is about to go bankrupt with a 3 billion yen deficit. Aiko is the only one who doesn't resign from this hospital whose days are numbered. She hopes to save patients' lives even if its just one patient. And then she has a fateful encounter with Kohei ... ...

Endo Saya (35), Ogawa Tamaki

A remarkable brain surgeon who believes that money can buy lives. "To receive good medical care, one must be able to accumulate a reasonable amount of money. If that can't be done, then one just has to satisfy oneself with a commensurate level of medical care." That is Saya's belief. She is sent to the debt-ridden municipal hospital to revive it. But she says that she wants to transform the hospital into a highly profitable specialist hospital for celebrities. She clashes with Kohei and Aiko over everything but ... ...

Tanaka Nanami (19), Kurokawa Tomoko

Aiko's younger sister. She was 10 when their mother died and has been raised by Aiko ever since. To Nanami who has been raised receiving all of Aiko's love, Aiko is like an older sister and mother to her. Her dream is to become a lawyer.

Harada Kazuko (45), Edo Harumi

Veteran head nurse. Under the irresponsible director, Kazuko is actually the one managing the hospital. Even the director can't stand up to her. She feels an attachment for the hospital as she's been working there all along. Because she's a senior staff at the hospital, she knows the severity of the situation and cannot be like Aiko. However, with Kohei's apperance, she begins to have hope. Her husband works at a supermarket and she has a daughter in junior high school. She was Aiko's mother's senior and watches over Aiko and Nanami.

Kaneko Ayumu (48), Muramatsu Toshifumi

A long-term patient at the hospital. He has become the master of the hospital. Ayumu was hospitalised because of a traffic accident and can already be discharged but he declares that he won't leave the hospital if his whiplash isn't cured because he wants to stay away from work.

Yabuuchi Jiro (38), Rokkaku Shinji

An unmotivated surgeon working at the municipal hospital. He used to be a doctor filled with a sense of mission but he feels demoralised because his hard work goes unrewarded in the problem-ridden modern medical care system. After the hospital goes bankrupt, he even contemplates being an apartment manager.

Kataoka Yoichi (40), Tanaka Minoru

A physician working at the municipal hospital. He is levelheaded and a pragmatist. He's outstanding as a physician. Although he is surprised that Saya has suddenly been sent to the hospital, he feels that the things she says has some truth. And so, rather than taking sides with Saya or Aiko, he remains on the sidelines watching.

Kakinuma Kotaro (65), Shiga Kotaro

Director of the hospital. His retirement will be in a year's time because he's a retired bureaucrat reemployed by the private sector. Because of this, he only wishes to ensure that the hospital functions without problems during his term of office. To put it nicely, he's a pacifist. To put it badly, he fears rocking the boat. Despite the hospital's deficit, he's reassured that he has the city's backing and doesn't feel a sense of crisis. He's impossible to hate but avoids difficult and complicated matters.

Hasumi Yoji (50), Jinnai Takanori

Deputy mayor of the city. He works hard for the sake of the residents and is a good man like the mayor. As the mayor's right hand man, he has the power to govern but also has narrow scrapes with illegal activities in order to maintain the city's public finances.

Sendo Ikuo (59), Kishibe Ittoku

Administrator of the municipal hospital. His wife is a general practitioner who runs a small clinic. They had a son but he has passed away. Because they believe that their son would have been saved if local healthcare makes more progress, husband and wife do all they can to contribute to local healthcare. He enjoys playing shogi (Japanese chess) with Kohei.

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Guest jade_frost

The good news for those hoping for English subs is that Haruspex and Phoenix have decided to sub this. Soft subs will be available. Just check D-Addicts subtitles forum regularly.

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Guest novemberbaby

^ Thanks for the news!

This sounds like a promising drama! Hope it isn't just a medical drama with little romance.

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Guest plumangel3

thanks for the link jade_frost ^^ its kinda different seeing him with short hair. he still looks great :)

around a week left....

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Guest Yvonne

YEAHHHHHHHHHHH...new Yutaka drama!!!

And Kanno Miho is not bad...

I never imagine them to pair up...so this should be interesting!

Can't wait!

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Guest lisaaa

mai hoshimura's "hikari" is being used as the theme song. :) i dunno if i'll watch the series, though. i can't keep up with so many dramas, lol. but it does look interesting.

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Guest jade_frost

Episode 1 Trailer

Moriyama Kohei quit as a doctor 8 years ago. He is now an employee at the municipal office of a once flourishing coastal town. Friendly and kind, he doesn’t mind handling troublesome tasks – a rare thing these days. However, he carries an emotional scar. Having sealed off his past, he is a person who allows no one to get close to him and has shuttered his heart

One day, Kohei encounters a pregnant woman in distress and sets foot in a hospital – something he has avoided all this while. It is a municipal hospital 3 bil yen in the red and seems to be on the verge of bankruptcy. Naturally, there’s no permanent department of obstetrics and gynecology so they are turned away. However, the closest hospital is over an hour away. A nurse, Tanaka Aiko, somehow admits them and looks for a doctor.

Then, Endo Saya suddenly appears and says, “I’ll examine her.” She is an outstanding brain surgeon sent to this hospital to play a central role in the city’s “Hospital Rehabilitation Project”. She seems to have the notion that “life can be bought with money,” and has rebuilt many hospitals so far …

That night, the annual Tanabata festival is held at the bustling fishing port. An explosion occurs in the midst of festival. Those involved in the accident, are brought to the municipal hospital one after another. Aiko and the others do their best to admit the emergency cases but there aren’t enough doctors and nurses. And Ryoko, the pregnant woman that Kohei had assisted is also brought in! Ryoko had been caught up in the explosion and suffered respiratory burns. Mother and child are in critical condition. At that moment, Yabuuchi Jiro, the only doctor giving treatment at the hospital, has his hands full with other patients and is unable to examine Ryoko. A resolute Aiko grips the scalpel tightly.

Guest stars:

Ozawa Akane as Ryoko

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Guest jade_frost

Excerpt from Yomiuri Daily's Televiews, 11 July:

Yutaka Takenouchi and Miho Kanno were great in the first episode of the hospital series Tomorrow (Sundays, 9 p.m., TBS), a drama that looks at how a small town hospital and the national medical system have been allowed to fall into a critical condition. Takenouchi plays a doctor who quit the profession after a traumatic medical experience. Kanno is excellent as a dedicated nurse who is not afraid to challenge the doctors on the patients' behalf. Worth tuning in. Three stars.

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